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iOS Board Games

Among the best things in life is playing printed games in person with family and close friends. When those are not convenient we like iOS Board Games. News, reviews, previews, and opinions about board gaming on iPhones, iPads, iPods and even Android devices. (iPhone board games, iPad board games, iPod board games, Android board games)
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iOS News Bits: Kanji Battle Released, Ascension Lite Pulled, RoboArena, Puerto Rico Submitted, Hunters: Episode One Update, Cabals Coming, Tikal Update Submitted, Ghost Stories Released, Reiner Knizia's BattleLine Updated

Gabe Alvaro
United States
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• Kanji Battle Released
• Ascension Lite Explanation
• RoboArena Development Update
• Puerto Rico Submitted
• Hunters: Episode One Update
• Cabals: The Card Game Announced
• Tikal Update Submitted to App Store
• Ghost Stories The Boardgame Released
• Reiner Knizia's BattleLine Updated

• Kanji Battle Released - July 19
Kanji Battle is an iOS implementation of the board game of the same name published by Edge Entertainment. In this educational game, you take the role of a Japanese mage, battle others that long for the power the Kirin confer to their lords, and use spells binding the power the kanji (Japanese characters) give to the cards. You combine Kanji to make "spectacular attacks" and obtain Kirin cards to give you the victory. It's a game for learning Japanese. This release is only in the Spanish App Store. It is priced at 1,59 € and appears to be Universal.

• Ascension Lite Explanation - July 22
George at Incinerator Studios got in touch with iOS Board Games to let us know that Ascension Lite was indeed intentionally pulled from the App Store. The reason was because some "issues" with it were discovered. Incinerator is concentrating on the next steps for Ascension and will return to Ascension Lite in the future.

• RoboArena Development Update - July 23
I gotta hand it to Stephen and the guys of Bravado Waffle. They really know how to draw out a lead up to a release. Stephen posted a new development update about their upcoming release of RoboArena. They are hard at work developing the game and are close to having a beta version ready for their private testers. Developing and training of the intelligent AI is also happening. They report that the UI has been updated significantly, including something called a "prediction cam" that lets you see briefly into the future. It appears to be fairly innovative kind of mechanic for a strategy game. A September/October public release is planned.

You can catch all of the latest for RoboArena at Bravado Waffle's blog.

• Puerto Rico Submitted - July 23
Everybody probably knows by now that Codito Tweeted their submission of Puerto Rico for the iPad to the App Store over the past weekend. We have since learned from some of Ravensburger's helpers that a release date of August 4th is expected if Apple can get them through in a timely manner. Details on price have not yet been released, but confidence about the app abounds by all who seem to be involved with it. We've also heard tell a rumor that Puerto Rico designer Andreas Seyfarth himself will be involved in some of the promotion-related activities for the app.

You can expect to be hearing more about this app and its release here just prior to the projected August 4th release.

• Hunters: Episode One Update - July 25
People have asked why we mention Hunters: Episode One by Rodeo Games. We thought it was obvious that the top-down, turn-based, action-point-driven tactical game play shares a basic genre similarity to games like Space Hulk and X-Com. So we let you know about it. Here's more:
Rodeo Games wrote:
What's new

Fixes the Field Medic talent.
Fixes broken Game Center Leaderboards.
Fixes AI walking in odd diagonal patterns.
Fixes a crash when Hunters with the Martyrdom talent are killed.

iPhone -
iPad -

• Cabals: The Card Game Announced - July 25
Small, indepedent Finnish game studio, Kyy Games, announced on that their upcoming game, Cabals: The Card Game will be released in late Summer 2011, which to me translates to "no later than September 22nd", but we'll see.

Cabals: The Card Game is an upcoming online trading card game (TCG) that will opt for a freemium business model and so will be free to download and play. It will be available for iOS, Android devices and browsers. Here's more from the developer:

Kyy Games wrote:
In Cabals: The Card Game the goal is to win either by storming the opponent's Stronghold or by dominating the game board.
Each player is armed with a unique deck of cards which they have constructed, filled with units and actions and represented by a hero.

Cabals: The Card Game re-invents the genre with a gameboard that brings a whole new tactical dimension into the game. Optional ways to win, four Cabals with their own distinct playing styles, and different board layouts make sure that no two matches play alike.

Kyy is expecting the app to be in Beta next week and hopes to "release sooner rather than later." Sooner? As in the early part of Summer rather than later? Hmm. There's only a week until the dead middle of Summer. Just sayin.

You can find out a whole bunch more about this upcoming app at

• Tikal Update Submitted to App Store - July 25
Codito posted early in the week about a long overdue update of its Tikal app to version 1.1 that was just submitted to the App Store. There's quite a bit that's new:

Codito wrote:
- Eliminated memory leaks that were causing crashes
- Online moves are sent individually rather than batched for online games (to avoid network issues causing games to hang or get out of synch)
- Eliminated unintentional touch after pinch zooming

- Added confirmation messages for moving explorers
- Restore each player's last zoom level
- Selected leader or worker "pulses" for easier identification
- Added support for "table games" for iPad (select which side human players are sitting on; UI rotates to face players)
- Adjusted iPhone player display when fully zoomed out so entire board can be viewed
- Allowed extra scrolling space on iPad so tiles can be placed more easily
- Created default game setup for fresh installations
- Allowed game music to be restored after selecting iPod music from Options
- Added GameCenter direct launch buttons for leaderboards and achievements
- Added "Undo" and "Restart" for online games (these have also been clarified in the menu to "Undo Action" and "Undo Turn")
- Added "Next Game" button for online games

• Ghost Stories The Boardgame Released - July 26
After months of speculation, chance sightings and general mysteriousness, Repos Production finally released their iPad version of Antoine Bauza's cooperative game, Ghost Stories. The app is available now and priced at $5.99. It plays 1-2 players (though its expected to eventually support 4) and like the print version, is proving really challenging to beat!

• Reiner Knizia's Battleline Updated - July 27
Rational Brothers LLC has updated Reiner Knizia's Battleline to version 2.0. It's a big update in a small announcement. The biggest improvement by far is that the app now has online multiplayer, both realtime and asynchronous. Here's what's new:

What's new

Online multiplayer - both synchronous and a-synchronous.
19 Game Center achievements.
Pass and Play tabletop experience improved.
Flag claim on tied troop formations fixed.
Many other fixes, improvements, and refinements.

Shots of the new online play interface
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