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Beta update - Gone Cardboard, design changes

Rustan Håkansson
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Each of your hands controls a hero!
Dungeon Rush: Kill the monsters, grab the loot, level up, fight the boss in 5 minutes!
As note in we have now passed 1000 reports, thanks all! Special thanks to:
Stephan Rothschuh
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Alex H.
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United States
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Delay and design
Sorry for the delay in getting this update out, we are trying to keep a regular schedule. We are however still not fully up to speed with getting any of the released systems completely fixed and in a state for another round of tests as there is more to handle in total than anticipated. We have also reprioritized and are changing some design things, the first round of changes just went live on the beta. Please select "Focus: Design changes" when reporting on this.

Focus: Gone Cardboard
The new system to test this week is Gone Cardboard, everything about how it works and how it can be accessed.

Focus: Design changes
The design changes is not a new system, but please test and comment on the changes done now during this week. There will be further design changes.

This week we did a lot of tweaks on the overall design of the site. You will see that the pager is now less round, and more spaced. Gradients have been removed in some places, more specifically the front page, forums, avatars and any header. White space has been reduced in many places. The gray background is gone leaving a full white, this is in preparation of further design changes. Borders have been made lighter in most places, and the geekmail look has been upgraded.

Remember: Plays system is not implemented yet.

Thanks for your help!

Some of the issues that were fixed during the last week. Please check, especially if you reported it.
Geekmod tries to enlarge picture. Fixed.
Geekmod - clicking on image in "expanded preview mode" dumps to pending approval screen. Fixed.
No easy way to exit picture preview in GeekMod. Fixed.
Error in direct link to sorted forums on game page. Fixed.
GamesForumsPlus sorts & filters after loading. Fixed, but please check that everything works with this.
Game forum item is below Threshold error. Fixed.
Report Rules Violation broken. Fixed.
From forum, cannot click directly to last post. Added.
Pictures within quotes are not resizing. Fixed.
Some smileys do not work properly. Fixed.
Open Game Forum Modal Windows Doesn't Redirect. Fixed.
RSS Feeds not populated. Fixed.
Forum sort keeps reverting back to Recent. Fixed, but please check.
Game Forum: cannot change sort to "hot". Fixed.
Hot, Active, etc forum views don't work. Many fixes.
Default for Responses should not be subscribe. Fixed.
Group Thumbs and Thumbs given buckest for profiles. Fixed.
Unable to change domain filter on profile media bucket. Fixed.
Avatar menu item: Hide User's posts does not work. Fixed.
Search type choice does not update or clear after change. Fixed.
Gone Cardboard appear on the browse nav on videogames. Fixed.
Styling needed for Recent Activity bucket for user profile. Fixed.
Avatar menu does not work. Fixed.
Can't view anything I've gotten thumbs for. Fixed.
I miss the direct link to display a user's collection as thumbnails. Fixed.


Tested and complete

Tested, needs bugfix
Front Page - Inc. customization
Image upload
GeekItem Creation

Current testing
Gone Cardboard
Design changes

Advanced Search
GeekItem Admin Queue
GeekItem Admin Tools
Browse Page
Image Page
Video Page
File Page
Default Home
GeekGold (Give/Browse)
Tags (including browse/edit)
Collection (only board games)

Not working/not existing/do not use
Collection Portability
GeekItem Accelerator
Homepage Banner Rotator
Flag/User Browser
Publisher Sorted Geeklist

Changing Domains
If you want to change domains you click on the images on the footer of the page, the URL won’t change but until you do something to change again you should still be on the new domain.

New Global Forums
Although there are three “domains” to the geek, in the end it is only one big site, instead of a simple network of sites. In face of that there has been a change to the organization of the forums. The old GeekDo News got some new friends, and they are now visible on the Forum list under “Global Forums”. The new forums are:
- How to Geek;
- Geek Bugs;
- Geek Suggestions;
- Complaints Department;
- RSP;
- Spam;
- Testing;

When we launch (but not before as this change would affect the live site as well) threads that are now on the equivalent domain forums (for Geek Bugs it would BGG Bugs, RPGG Bugs, etc) will be moved to the Global Forum. Also, a new forum, again only on launch, will be added to each domain called “Domain Discussion”. This forum will be a catch-all type to encompass domain specific bugs, suggestions and how-tos. These will become rarer as time pass, so it should be easy to manage only one. The Off-Topic forums (Arcade, Chit Chat and Tavern) will be kept separated and will be moved from the Everything Else header to the DOMAIN Related header. We have not decided on the Creative Fodder yet.

Empty pages
Some pages, especially things that are sorted by Hot might appear empty the first time you check. If you recheck it after about 5 mins it should show correctly. This is because you might hit a cache that is not created yet. And after the first hit it is created.

Other known issues
Geeklists are getting reworked. The functionality is there, it works, but it will be changed in layout.

The customization has changed completely. You can click on customization on the bottom of the navigation panel and change what block of information to show, and edit the details of each one.

Checking your geekmail or a subscription might not correctly mark it as read, so there might be a difference between the beta and the live site.

Image caches have not been regenerated. This means that for example the hotness images look very odd.

The laurel image on the ranks is a placeholder.

If you change the page or filter on the hotness and hit the back button it opens the hotness on the center bucket.

The “Next Unread Item” might hit an error page. That is because some of the subscription types have not been converted yet, so if you hit one of those it won’t work.

Most of your old quickbar links should be converted, although there is a bug where the pages are shifted 1 to the right (so your first page is now page 2). They are not synced with the live site and will be converted again before release.

The site loads slow from time to time.
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