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United States
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Rise, Men of Sherwood, and Play Games!
Heroes can, on occasion, be made of plastic...
EDIT: I don't know if you ever saw my old post in response to your mail, but it is below. I wanted to thank you again for excellent choices all around for our family gaming. I did want to ask you for some information on the last order that arrived from HABA USA (Animal Upon Animal), it was apparently sold by Maukilo on Amazon but shipped directly to us. Unfortunately, the box was shipped in a bubble mailer instead of a box as the other two items were. It was crushed on all four corners and the box is completely smashed inside the shrink wrap. I was wondering if you could send us an order number as there is no available contact information for the seller and Amazon will not follow up without an order number. Sorry to bother you, but I didn't want to post on my look what Santa gave me item but still want the seller to make it right.

Don't worry about any of this, we were finally able to track down the retailer and request a replacement box. Thanks again for everything.

Thanks again and have a wonderful holiday season, whatever version you celebrate.
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