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I say hey...
Hi! My name is Ryan and I like to play all sorts of games. My primary gaming interest in this time of my life are roleplaying games, specifically ones with the opportunity for world-building and rules that can be modified easily for your campaign's needs. At the moment, my personal favorite to fit that is the Cypher System by Monte Cook Games, as well as varying degrees of involvement in the OSR and Pathfinder communities. At the moment, I cannot have a regular in-person or even virtual tabletop campaign, so play-by-post, specifically through Discord, has been my go-to for still having my fix. I'm currently in one ongoing Cypher System game.

Additionally, I've recently gotten the itch to check out historical wargaming. Maybe it's a sign of age?

My family, including my delightful wife who longsuffers my hobby, and adorable daughter (read: toddler roleplayer-to-be) currently live in the Twin Cities area without any set gaming groups as yet, but I am working to make that a thing whether at a game store or through friends at church. We are devout Christians and I'll happily extrapolate that in a future post, or you are free to message me with questions.

...what's going on?
* I have been told by local game store Lodestone Coffee & Games that the copies of The Great War Centenary Edition and The Great War: French Army Expansion I special-ordered are on the way!
* I backed the second printing of Monte Cook Games' No Thank You, Evil! earlier this year and hoping to see that delivered before end of year or early the next.
* I am attending the first annual Bold North Conference in Saint Paul this weekend. This will be my first reformed theology-centered conference I'll attend in person. I suspect it'll be pretty low-key in presentation, but rich in content.
*Star Citizen's Alpha 3.3 patch release to live? Not definite, but the recent updates on the release roadmap suggests it'll be ready soon. I'm a day one Golden Ticket backer of that project and I'll happily unpack that at at later date.

What to expect
Inevitably, some slice of life posts, but centered on all aspects of gaming.

I've got a few ideas to produce some very affordable RPG products to distribute on DriveThruRPG as a 3rd party self-publisher! No idea when, but I hope to document this journey. And my wife is also interested in contributing to it as well. It will also be a fun way to stretch my design muscles outside of the regular 40 hour work week grind.

As mentioned above regarding The Great War by PSC Games, I plan to paint the miniatures! And I'll be showcasing my process as well as showing an unboxing video when the time comes, as well as impressions about the rules and scenarios.

Rule of 'law'
Here's a rule that might possibly break some people's brains: On this blog and the Twitter account I've established that ties into it, I will use the Edit button liberally. Whether it's for annoying typos I find later, or to correct a thought I had after the fact, I'll do it. I do not so much mind corrective-history when it comes to my own stuff here. If there's a potential problematic portion of a post that I've edited, I'll retain a note to list what I changed and why as a footnote to that post. I'd like to think of this blog as not so much progressive in a time sense, but retroactive and referential, somewhat like a wiki. So expect links and callbacks to previous posts in-frequently where there wasn't one the first time you read it.

All the things
My primary hub of info for all gaming can be found in one place, as I found it perplexing to drill down all the usernames and handles across all the various sites and games imaginable. At the moment it's very lacking in a graphical theme, which pains me as a designer, but I'll get to it when I get to it. In the mean time, check it out and feel free to add me if you like. I do have some ads there which I wouldn't bother with if I didn't think they were worthwhile products.

I'll post these up in the mornings, probably every few days, sometimes consecutively. Some will go long, others shorter, to which I'll split out into a series. Either way, your best case scenario is to subscribe. I hope this will amount to something and worthwhile to myself and to you, the reader. Game on, and...

Steady tides be with you!

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Fri Nov 9, 2018 2:00 pm
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