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The Thursday Thing #1, July 1, 2021

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Allen Park
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That's probaby some crap over there.
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The Thursday Thing might be a new feature depending on how people feel about it. The goal of The Thing is to highlight contests and other interesting things on RPG Geek.

From gallery of sdonohue

24-hour contests are nothing new to the 'Geek, but this one is new. The maestro of the 24-hour creativity challenge is
Robb Minneman
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Jackasses? You let a whole column get stalled and strafed on account of a couple of jackasses? What the hell's the matter with you?
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and he's created a new contest to make maps in a day. If you want to get the detail or enter, here's the link:
Announcing the 2021 24 Hour RPG Cartography Contest

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Each week, we'll try to draw attention to an exciting review written by a member of our community. This week's review isn't so much an item as a tool of our trade.
The Bo Derek of Polyhedra

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Session reports detail what's happened in someone's game. You can use them for inspiration, steal ideas, or just enjoy reading them. Each week we'll try to highlight an interesting session report written in the last week.
Pt 3. Heart of Glass

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Every day there's a new Question of the Day. Most of them are game-related but once in a while we get one that'a more geek-related like favorite movies or books. The question changes every day and you can even suggest a QOTD. When you check out this week's Question of the Week, you can see a link to all the old questions and the chance to suggest a question of your own. Here's this week's QOTD:
QOTD JUN 25: Do you prefer that GMs and other players use genre sounding names, or are you okay with Kevin the elf ranger?

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This section will talk about something you might have missed or promote ongoing contests and events. This week, it's the venerable RPG Geek Review Contest. The contest has changed form, but it started in 2011.
2021 Annual Geek Review Challenge

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First off, let's clear the deck with this statement: I don't know everything about using the 'Geek. I kind of thing no one does, probably not even Aldie. This section will talk about something that I've either seen recent questions about or think could use some attention.

This week, it's Geekmod. Geekmod is short for Geek Moderation and it's basically a tool that allows the members of the community to decide if content is worthy of inclusion on the 'Geek. Back in the old days, most things were approved by admins and things took a lot longer.

Any community member can help moderate the content of the site. Community members are asked to evaluate Images, Videos, Links (usually of pictures to items or people), Articles (session reports and reviews, and Data (representative images).

To access geekmod, use the Community menu at the top. Click on community and you'll see a dropdown menu; at the top right will be the word Geekmod. Click that and you'll go the geekmod section.
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Once you click, you'll got the Geekmod page. It looks very different than the normal 'Geek page; the topbar and sidebars go away and you're left with this:
From gallery of sdonohue

Across the top is a list of things you could geekmod. In the blue box next to the item is the number of things you can moderate in that category. If it's a 0, there's nothing for you to see. If you've submitted something, you won't be able to vote on it and the number will be non-zero. The page includes instructions on how to geekmod.

For most things, you just vote yes or no, but a few things will have a spot where you can Decline, Approve or Approve with Thumb. For articles (session reports and reviews), you can also choose how many geekgold you think the person deserves for their contribution. This geekgold comes from the site, not your personal account, so a little generosity won't hurt you.

I think that's it. When you're done, click on the Return to RPGG link at the top right.

From gallery of sdonohue

I kind of hope this will be a section that's open to anyone who'd like to have something show up in the news. The idea is to have people talk about things that are important to them or that they think are important for other users to hear. If you want to contribute, please send me a message.

The first one is from me, since I didn't do much planning to get this started.

Everyone needs to understand that their opinion matters. Whether you've been playing for 40 years or 40 minutes, we'd like to hear your thoughts and opinions. We're all different and, despite what you might think, none of us are really experts. Sometimes when you read a post, it will seem like someone knows more than you. It doesn't matter. Most of the 'Geek is about what you think. The tapestry of the community is way better than the voice of a single person, no matter their expertise.

One thing I always try to remember is some wisdom I heard a long time ago about planning things in Scouting: "You might be smarter than any of us, but you aren't smarter than all of us".
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