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The Thursday Thing #2, July 8, 2021

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Allen Park
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That's probaby some crap over there.
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The Thursday Thing might be a new feature depending on how people feel about it. The goal of The Thing is to highlight contests and other interesting things on RPG Geek.

I moved "In My Own Words" up to the top so people won't miss it after the rest of the wall of text. I also added some links to popular items at the bottom.

Suggestions are still welcome.

From gallery of sdonohue

Solo Gaming
Hello! Hello!!!

I'm Eric Miller (govmiller here and other places) and I'm the current Manager/Chief flunky in Charge of the Solo Roleplaying guild: (Solo Roleplaying)

Why Roleplay? The stories! The settings! The characters! And Dice! (I like dice, but they don't like me...) I've been dabbling in various RPGs since the late 70's. Started with D&D, but soon branched over to Traveler for a bit. The one I really got behind was The Fantasy Trip. Why? Two things: It is a simpler system than D&D... And...

It had solo adventures.

These were mostly Choose Your Own Adventure (CYOA) games, but with all the familiar Fantasy Trip stuff.

These solo adventures meant I could play when I wanted and I didn't have to set aside any other games I was in. So I could play D&D/Traveler with friends, and I could then solo TFT in and around my other commitments.

I could make up the stories- add to the dialog and settings. I was not only the player, but also the GM setting the world. I could sit back and build worlds (or at least Fantasy Trip dungeons) and then go through them. I'm not sure which I enjoyed more- the building or the playing! And that's still true today!

And today, there are SO MANY more RPGs to explore! And there are so many tools to help out! We have lots of lists and links over in the Guild- there really are too many to list here. Some tools are geared more toward some types of games, others are much more generic in nature. So I can take one of these 'GM' systems and play Pathfinder. Then switch and play Starfinder. Or I could go 'old school' and play D&D, or something newer in Savage Worlds or FATE.

Even now, I'm in PbF game of Empire of the Petal Throne, and I can do some Top Secret: New World Order on my own.

Lastly, if I really want to get into the storytelling/journalling part, there are a number of games that use dice or playing cards to provide prompts. I can do a haunted house, go to space, etc. all with pen & paper and deck of regular playing cards. These are really nice options when I don't feel like doing much work as GM and would rather be the player. Most of the 'GM' systems/emulators really don't require much work- there are cards or tables to use, and many of the results are flexible. YOU choose what/where/why/how to keep the story going!

Why Roleplay? The stories! The settings! The characters! There are no limits when going solo....!

So give solo roleplaying a shot. There are monthly geeklists where folks post/share their stories and adventures.


Solo RPG Links (there are a lot, these are samples):
Solo RPG on Your Table - July 2021
Solo Roleplaying

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In brainstorming some new content for RPG Geek, the idea of featuring specific games or items comes up often. If you'd like to join the discussion, check out this thread:
Interest Check: RPGG Item Spotlight Series

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Each week, we'll try to draw attention to an exciting review written by a member of our community. This week's review is of one of the entries in our recent 2021 RPG Geek 24 Hour Supplement Contest
The Short Version? Among the Archives is an interesting game, but it's not really a supplement.

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Session reports detail what's happened in someone's game. You can use them for inspiration, steal ideas, or just enjoy reading them. Each week we'll try to highlight an interesting session report written in the last week.
Raven's Purge Campaign - Session #14: Fly, you fools!
We could definitely use more session reports!

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Every day there's a new Question of the Day. Most of them are game-related but once in a while we get one that'a more geek-related like favorite movies or books. The question changes every day and you can even suggest a QOTD. When you check out this week's Question of the Week, you can see a link to all the old questions and the chance to suggest a question of your own. Here's this week's QOTD:
QOTD JUL 5: Is Romeroading any better than railroading? Do certain types of games, e.g. investigation, require Romeroading?

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Here are some things you might have missed that could be of interest:
Community Goals could let you help chart goals for the future of the community.
RPG Geek Birthday List lets you get included in the world-famous Geek History Column

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First off, let's clear the deck with this statement: I don't know everything about using the 'Geek. I kind of think no one does, probably not even Aldie. This section will talk about something that I've either seen recent questions about or think could use some attention.

This week we're going to talk about a feature of the site which could probably help most of us: Guilds are smaller discussion groups for subjects of interest to its members.

You can access them from the Community Menu:
From gallery of sdonohue

Once there you'll be at the main Guilds page. Unfortunately, there isn't a way to search them that I know of, so you'll just have to take a guess and find the guild you want. You can also create a new guild.

My advice would be not to select "View All" as there are a lot; try to choose a category and look for it there.

The big thing is that if you Create a guild, you get a lot of control over what happens in the guild. You can pin posts, create events, and do a ton of other things to customize it for your interests and to serve your group.

From gallery of sdonohue

Here are some other things you might want to check out.
Behind the Screen is an archive of advice by and for GMs written by members of our community.
Geek of the Week Month is a chance to learn more about our community members.
Contest Subscription Thread os where we go to find contests on the RPG side.
US RPG Chain of Generosity 2021 is where people in the US swap things they don't want for things they do.
Kickstarter RPG Game Books - 2021 is updated with all the latest RPG offerings.
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