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Upcoming Releases (Aug. 22, 2013): apres le deluge

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Gen Con has come and gone, and with it many of this year's most anticipated releases have finally seen the light of day. But the stream flows ever onward, and we've also heard some more details on forthcoming products...

Paizo Publishing announced two more big items for their Pathfinder Roleplaying Game (1st Edition), both debuting at Gen Con 2014. Their major hardcover rules release will be the Advanced Class Guide, which will feature (amongst many other things) ten new base classes that essentially combine two other base classes (much like the magus combines the fighter and wizard). These will include the war priest (combining the cleric and fighter), the slayer (ranger and rogue), hunter (druid and ranger), and the shaman (oracle and witch). There will be a public playtest for some of these classes this fall. You can read more in this thread.

Paizo also announced that next summer's Pathfinder Adventure Path series will be Iron Gods and will explore the faded technology of Numeria. (Not to be confused with the faded technology of Numenera, of course....)

Fans of the Dust Tactics minis game have reason to celebrate: Modiphius Entertainment and Chronicle City have announced plans to bring that world to the next level in DUST Adventures, an RPG based on the skirmish game. The core rulebook and setting guide will be released in spring/summer 2014, with supplements to follow. They are promising to incorporate missions for the minis game into the RPG adventures as well.

In case you missed the initial announcement, Wizards of the Coast has announced that they will close the public playtest of Dungeons & Dragons (5th Edition) in September. They will continue focused playtesting and plan to release the game sometime in 2014 (though they have carefully avoided any firmer timetable).

Bully Pulpit Games announced (and in fact distributed a few copies of) the next supplement for the indie mega-hit Fiasco. It is "a second curated PDF collection of playsets , called Run, Fools Run fairly soon, all of which focus on organized groups of ne'er-do-wells." See this thread for some discussion. (There will also be a Japanese translation of the game coming soon.)

Our intrepid reporter, RPGG Newscaster Bruce, checked out the Pinnacle Entertainment Group seminar and learned:: "Big announcements were for a sci-fi setting (Last Parsec) [for Savage Worlds, of course] that will be a four book Kickstarter project with a Star Frontiers feel and that Necessary Evil 2 will be coming out (Christopher McGlothlin is the lead designer)."

Robin D. Laws gave a not-so-subtle hint (via Twitter) that we'll get an announcement for a 2nd edition of Feng Shui next month (see this entry from Bruce for more details).

Thanks to RPGG Newscaster Bruce (brumcg) for contributions to this article!

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