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News Bits (Nov 10): the OGL is coming, International Games Day, hot games, and strange news

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This Saturday is International Games Day! This is a special day organized by some library associations to encourage people to play games in their local library. Some game companies donate materials (though it looks like the list of sponsors only includes board game publishers), and lots of libraries already have game collections. You can check out whether your library is involved with this cool map. And if you organize an RPG session, let us know!

I mentioned this long ago, but an interesting resource for tracking the top RPGs is EN World Hot Games list. The site scrapes data from several forum communities (including our own) and nearly 1000 blogs to track how much discussion different RPGs are getting. They've recently added a couple of publisher websites as well (though they are tracked separately). Currently at the top of the heap are Dungeons & Dragons (5th Edition) and Fate Core.

EN World is also reporting on an important issue for Dungeons & Dragons (5th Edition). One of their lead designers, Christopher Perkins, apparently said at a seminar at GameHoleCon that "It is our intention to bring back the OGL. We just don't know when we are going to do it yet." The Open Gaming License will allow other publishers to produce supporting products for the game and implies a good portion of the ruleset will be open as well. (We'd previously heard that WotC was working on something, but this is the first time "OGL" has been that named as that something.)

Perkins also had some positive news about the impact of the release. EN World quotes him as saying, ""There isn't a New York publisher that wouldn't pass out if you told them the number - it's impressive." Also, "...people at Hasbro that never cared about D&D before, care about it now; Hollywood is fighting over it" See more on Perkins' comments here.

In other licensing news, Monte Cook Games has released their fan and commercial licenses for their new RPG, The Strange. Unsurprisingly, they are very similar to those for Numenera.

Monte Cook Games also has a cool giveaway going on for participants in NaNoWriMo (i.e., National Novel-Writing Month). If you sign up and finish your novel (or at least write 50,000 words of it!), MCG will send a free copy of The Strange to the library of your choice. You can see details here.

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