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Post-Gen Con News Bits (Aug 7): Gen Con, V:tM 4th Edition, DSA 5E in English, new Savage Worlds and Delta Green games, legal stuff, Paizo RPG Superstar

Kai S.
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Drama Llama Roleplaying Society
Hello and welcome to the post-Gen Con Edition of the Industry News. Sorry for not posting last week, I wanted to wait until Gen Con was over to give you a complete overview of all newsworthy bits, but then was swamped at work. So without further ado, let's dive right in:

As this is the post-Gen Con edition of the Industry News, let's start with news about GenCon itself. Gen Con LLC announced a record attendance of 61,423 unique individuals for its 2015 show - that’s a 9% increase over last year’s attendance. The number of exhibitors topped 400 for the first time ever. Congrats!

Quite a few announcements of new games or editions of classic games came out of Gen Con as well. The presumably biggest of these came from Onyx Path Publishing who announced Vampire: the Masquerade 4th Edition, which also included the announcement of the current Vampire 20th Anniversary Edition coming to an end. It seems the new edition will be designed by Eddy Webb and will include a major overhaul of the rules (which differentiates it from V20 which retained the original rules).

After the new Torg edition from a few weeks ago Ulisses Spiele had another announcement to make: the new edition of german fantasy mainstay Das Schwarze Auge (a.k.a. The Dark Eye) is currently being translated by Shane Lacy Hensley and will get an english release in 2016. Thank you to wusselpompf for bringing this to my attention.

Even more new games were announced by Pinnacle Entertainment Group: they will adapt three licensed comic properties into Savage Worlds roleplaying games: The Goon (battles against supernatural pulp monsters), Fear Agent (space battle against aliens who destroyed Earth), and Flash Gordon (who hopefully doesn't need any introduction). There will also be a new edition of the Deadlands core rules.

Not satisfied yet? Alright, here's another one: Arc Dream Publishing is currently working on a stand-alone version of Delta Green: The Role-Playing Game, due later this year.

In our regular "Obligatory Dungeons & Dragons (5th Edition) News" column, this weeks first news bit is only casually related to the rpg itself (yep, scraping the bottom of the barrel this time): the ongoing lawsuit between Hasbro and Sweetpea Entertainment has been settled and the planned D&D Movie will be made by Warner Bros with involvement from both Wizards of the Coast and Sweetpea. The film is going to be set in the Forgotten Realms and will be based on a script by David Leslie Johnson, based on Chainmail of all things. As part of the settlement, WotC will regain all rights to future Dungeons & Dragons productions.

More D&D 5E news come from Mike Mearls and Jeremy Crawford from WotC. Both were interviewed by The Tome Show during Gen Con. While I'm not going to summarize the complete interviews (which can be found here and here), here are some of the more interesting parts: the Fantasy Grounds: Virtual Tabletop for Pen & Paper Role-Playing Games D&D 5E license is not exclusive, which means other companies might get one as well; they're also working on a 3rd Party License, but it's not ready yet; their goal is to offer fewer options for the game, but those options should matter.

Even more news coming in from our court reporters: the Villains & Vigilantes creators Jeff Dee and Jack Herman have won the copyright for said game on appeal. The Appeals Court also ruled that the lower court’s decision to issue a default judgment in favor of former Fantasy Games Unlimited owner Scott B. Bizar on defamation and commercial disparagement claims was correct, including awarding Bizar over $ 52.000 in damages. The question of who owns the trademark will have to be decided by the lower court.

Want to become a famous rpg designer as well? Paizo Publishing is holding the annual RPG Superstar competition again, allowing up and coming designers to show off their ideas to the world and (for the winner) write a Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Module, that'll be published as part of the game line. Interested? Head over to their website, this year the contest is starting early!

And that's it for this week's coverage. As usual, if there's anything that I got wrong or stuff I might have overlooked, feel free to comment below.
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