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#ThirstyThursday :: Mythic Minis 63 - Planetouched Feats II

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Welcome back to #ThirstyThursday, the second in a hopefully on-going series where I find a RPG product, water-centric if possible, and spotlight it! Last time we took a look at 5 Control Water Spell Feats for Pathfinder. I invite you go back there for a little background of why I started this as well as taking a look at a pretty cool 3rd party supplement. By the way, Owen K.C. Stephens replied back regarding the Super Genius Games website link in that product. He indeed verified my suspicions that the domain was completely out of his control but would pass it on.

Let's get on to this week's product, shall we?

Mythic Minis 63 - Planetouched Feats II

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[ DriveThruRPG link ]

The Mythic Minis series by Legendary Games is not something I'm that familiar with, mainly due to my inexperience with Pathfinder's mythic options. I will keep my comments regarding those rules to as brief as possible so as not to embarrass myself in front of those of you hardcore mythic fans.

Mythic brevity
The pitch as I understood it when Mythic Adventures (MA going forward) and it's product tie-ins released went like this: high level play in 3rd edition D&D was something few got to experience, as either the campaign finished early or the game broke apart for various reasons. So how do you essentially make your player character Thor-like with strength and power that far exceeds the everyday adventurer? You add an extra layer called mythic tiers which overlap and supplement the classes you're already playing. There's much nuance to that, but I will be focusing on that today.

What is to be focused on are the feats this particular product puts emphasis on.

Feats of elemental strength
This tiny three page PDF gives air and water-based options to player and gamemaster to enhance their game. In addition to Mythic Adventures, Advanced Race Guide (ARG going forward) is strongly recommended either in book or PRD form to get full effect and playability out of this product, as all nine of these feats work off of their originals referenced in the ARG.

A certain air about it
Why cover air? This blog is about water! I came for water! Yes, but when I read the Airy Step, something came to me which I'll unpack below.

Airy Step (Mythic)
Airy Step from the ARG, which requires the character's race be Slyph, is a feat improves the saving throw bonus, plus a little extra for when one decides to freefall. Buzz Lightyear would be all on top of this if he could.

The understanding of this feat is it derives from walking along electrical current in the air, but what's stopping that from being the moisture in the air if you have water control? A homebrew game could easily augment the standard and mythic versions of this feat for the aquatic-centered player. Something to consider there, eh?

Cloud Gazer (Mythic)
Not normally the eyes-and-ears of the bunch? No worries, this one takes the awesome that is Cloud Gazer, and makes it communal. Very nice!

Inner Breath (Mythic)
I can't imagine saving yourself and an ally from suffocation and other toxins in the air from being a bad thing. Situational, but slyphs may want to have a looksee.

Wings of Air (Mythic)
Like Airy Step, this feat could pass for water-centricity over electricity. But instead of walking, the concept is about flying, wherein this mythic version builds on.

Undine wishes
Now for the straight up water-centric feats.

Aquatic Ancestry (Mythic)
Cranks up your swim speed and darkvision. A no-brainer to me, especially if you're concept makes sense to have it.

Hydraulic Manuever (Mythic)
Few feats' names sound as cool or fun to say as Hydraulic Manuever! This synergizes with Hydraulic Push, which you probably will want to have in your build anyways. As the name in implies, this gives you some CMB fun. Combat Maneuvers are a sub-system my friend Carlos over at Something Clever Games is a big fan of, so I wouldn't be surprised he builds an Undine PC someday just to have this!

Steam Caster (Mythic)
Like synergy with fire magic? So do we. Especially AoE's. Full steam ahead!

Triton Portal (Mythic)
The standard Triton Portal is interesting, especially for those wanting to mimic an Aquaman-like character. The Mythic version of this underwater-only feat, which like Hydraulic Manuever, also builds off of hydraulic push, takes cues from dimension door and shadow walk. Quite a powerful benefit.

Water Skinned (Mythic)
Use of this kinda power screams substitution of Diplomacy or Intimidation skill to me. Characters who show the opposition this kinda power just by walking through an obstacle unscathed just before a fight or flight situation oozes flavor to me. I dig it. Side comment: I spotted a typo in the Benefit section.

Suffice to say...
...this product is awesome. If you're homebrewing it, don't fret about the slyph and undine race requirements, especially if you don't want to play those. Work with your gamemaster on that. At $1 USD, it's a no brainer if you're playing one of these races in a Mythic campaign.

Do let me know what you think of the product or if you have suggestions for others to look at, specifically water magic related. Know of an existing product that has synergy with these options? Share in the comments below!

Thanks for taking the time to read this. Please share it with a friend if you found it useful.

Steady tides be with you!

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