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Con of the North AAR 1/5 | #Numenera is weird ya'll

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Over the next series of posts, I present a series where I unpack the highlights of a fun-filled weekend of exploration, and some personal triumph!

For those unitiated, AAR is short for After Action Report. As far as I know, said report can be done anyway you like for reporting your games. Please correct me if wrong, but this will be high level, mostly for time, but I'll definitely be diving in for the finale post regarding my return to Pathfinder Society. Stay tuned later this week for that.

Today, we delve into the weird.

Into the night
On Friday, I joined the second event of my Friday schedule, featuring a Numenera adventure called Falling Into Golden Skies gamemastered by Jenifer Doll. As far as I know, this was her own adventure, but again, correct me if wrong.

This particular adventure focuses on a planetoid, or more accurately a star called the Swarmstar. This is described in the fantastic setting book, Into the Night, which I strongly suggest those running Cypher System games in space to grab, including the upcoming The Stars Are Fire supplement.

Numenera is a setting that I'm not entirely on board with, and I think the devs would be okay with that. I've seen it described as a setting that always cranked up to 11, with the intention that you as the GM can crank the dial back down to where you're comfortable with. That is where I personally am with sci-fantasy. I like pulling it back down to more of a Star Wars-like volume, as it were.

All that said, the descriptions of places and things is impeccable. You cannot knock the setting for not being descriptive enough, yet it leaves enough alone for you to fill gaps for the story you need to tell. So the fact it does get really weird lets the imaginations of gamemasters and players alike to run truly wild. I thought as our adventuring party moved from room to room, Jenifer did a fine job describing each and every POI, making the puzzles and situations we found ourselves in believable enough to not feel confused or too-limited to know how to progress. If she chooses to run it elsewhere or you get a chance to play it, I put my stamp of approval on it. It's quite fun!

Tune in tomorrow morning for pt 2 of my AAR.

Steady tides be with you!

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