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Con of the North AAR 2/5 | Into the #BattleTech grinder

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Previously on Con of the North AAR... Pt 1

Rompin' stompin' mecha! That has been the central focus of a now thirty-five year intellectual property, steeped in lore and unfortunate lawsuits by greedy real estate companies. Yes, real estate companies. But that is now all behind us (for now) as we look onward at the current tabletop version of BattleTech.

When the video game developer and publisher Harebrained Schemes announced a Kickstarter campaign for a new turn-based strategy game set in the original 3025 era of the BattleTech universe, my attention, they got. I have long seen this old game on the game shelves... but didn't give it its proper due. Much of that for my part has been because of complications and handling of the tabletop franchise. I won't go into that as its multifaceted, but I will say it hasn't helped the average tabletop enthusiast's perception these last few years. I much prefer the aesthetic, however, of that universe over Warhammer or the like, so I've kept an eye on it.

But in either case, tabletop wargaming was a genre I avoided because of financial and spacial restrictions. There's ways around it, like with X-Wing Miniatures, but that style of wargaming-lite can still eat your pocket book if you aren't frugal with your budget. And we here at Inscriptions on the Aqualith 100% support you in having an appropriate budget! [/wink]

Oh yeah, this was an AAR, wasn't it?

At Con of the North this year, I had the opportunity to sign up for one (or more) 2 hour blocks to try out either classic or Alpha Strike variants of BattleTech. I went with the former as, while it's more complicated, oft needlessly so, I wanted to get to meet the guys who locally play and gauge where things were around the Twin Cities area.

A Catalyst Game Labs rep, who I unfortunately forgot his name, was managing the table of this eight player 'Mech grudge match. The objective was to pick a light 'Mech and survive. If you died, you'd get a medium, then a heavy, and so on. If you know anything about BattleTech Classic, 2 hours won't get ya far, especially with newbies. So I think we saw maybe two mediums hit the table before the next slot had to start.

I ran with a Stinger, equipped with two medium lasers. He surprisingly held his own and didn't get too beat up, even after a successful Death From Above hit in round 3 which could of crippled it pretty quickly. There was another well placed hit towards the end that did a lot of internal damage, but it still remained standing.

Unfortunately we ran up on time before more than five or six rounds could be done, but it gave me a good taste of the rules. I got lost in the bonuses and penalties, but I have the PDF copy of the BattleMech Manual to consult and study before I play again (whenever that happens).

Aside from asking questions of the game runnner, I had the pleasure to meet Joey, a guy sitting to my left who gladly helped me with the rules. He told me about the local group which mustered on Facebook. I told him that in regards to the group which I would of gladly joined for info's sake, but I ditched Facebook for certain reasons and happily signed up for MeWe instead. He's since joined MeWe and created a mirror group there. I highly suggest joining if you are in the area and want to try the game out.

Next I'll be sharing my take on the con as a whole, with two more AAR's to follow. Stay tuned and thanks for reading.

Steady tides be with you!

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