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Con of the North AAR 3/5 | Volunteering some thoughts

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Back in February, I started a five part after action report detailing my first attendance of Con of the North. I had to put that on pause for a bit while a lot of real life priorities unfortunately took me away from contributing to this blog. That was not to say that work on Aqualith slowed down. Quite the contrary in fact. I am pleased to announce that development and pre-production on my first release has begun. It is too early to give a release window at this state, but I'm blown away at the interest and support I am getting just from casual conversation regarding it. Stay tuned, true!

Now, lets get this series of AAR's back on a roll. But before I do, I gave Pts 1 and 2 a proper remaster, so do take a look at them again if you forgot or never read them. It's been awhile: Pt 1, Pt 2

Volunteering your time was something strongly suggested in the Con of the North handbook and website, so I thought, why not give back some time, right? It was a great way to meet the leaders and acquaintances. Also, I got to go home with a few more CotN-branded d6's to add to my collection, which is never a bad thing.

Friday night after my Numenera one-shot, I got a bite to eat, then headed to the registration desk in the lobby and just up the stairs from the corridor that lead to Pathfinder Society. For about an hour or so, I got to stand behind the desk and help late Friday arrivals get there folders containing event tickets, badges, and the like. At first a little intimidated that I'd possibly have to work the storefront, thankfully other more qualified volunteers addressed my concerns quickly and I simply got to smile and help direct people to their next game.

Saturday afternoon, directly after my BattleTech grinder, I was given the honorary "pick up tickets" duty for that time slot. So when you go to Con of the North and you signed up for an event ahead of time, your aforementioned envelopes included a ticket for that specific event. This is pretty standard for a lot of conventions from what I understand. GenCon 2009 had something similar, but I've not been back since. When you arrive at the event, the coordinator, gamemaster, referee... whoever is running must retrieve this ticket from you so that the runner of that slot can swing by to pick them up and put them in a container for record keeping. I was that runner. And I went everywhere. This hotel has the weirdest set up. I can clearly tell it was designed over time. To add to the confusion of the place, there's the 2nd floor which runs over the top of the level 1 with the lobby. Then there's the basement or ground floor below it. Except there are two separate ground floors. On the same level. Read that again if you need to. I'll wait.

Yeah, that confusing. I think I got it down by Saturday evening, but I'll likely have to relearn it again. To me, it's the most confusing when you need to search for the restroom. Now that I think about it, for tabletop roleplayers, figuring out the labyrinth that is Crowne Plaza Minneapolis West may just be part of the gaming experience. Regardless, it was cool to wave and give a nod to those I got to play with or volunteer with up to that point. I love small cons for that as you begin to form bonds over the weekend.

Next post in this AAR, we get a little old school.

Steady tides be with you!

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