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...tracking bulls in the Forest of Thraa...

Alexandre Correia
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Day 828. April 8, 2019. Lagos...

On the road to Mirfield, the nearby hamlet, Posco and the others run into Evos. A guild master of Dorantia, the biggest city on the east coast of An-Mór. Evos' traveling with several bodyguards, and when asked why all of the armed escort, he shares with them the rumors circling this region. An half-men, half-bull creature is attacking the travelers on the roads crossing the Forest of Thraa. He doesn't know whether the rumors hold any truth, but he's not one to take any chances. The guild master is even offering a reward, 300 gold coins, to anyone who brings the rumored bull's head! The road through Thraa is frequently used by the merchants going to and from Dorantia. And the powers that be in the capital city, don't like interference in their city's money machine.

"Great!" Posco and the rest say. "We'll give you the bull's head! All we need is its stomach!"

The party decides to split. The forest is a too big a challenge for Ardigus, the alchemist. More a man of books and brews, than a woodsman! He and the two halflings will continue to Mirfield and wait there for the ogre and the monk. Glug, who has been in the forest before, and Jio will try to track down and hunt the beast.

Outside for a change.

Glug heads to the southwest corner of the forest. He's seen a fog loving wyrm before in one of the ruins scatted throughout the woods. Maybe the big serpent and the bull have some sort of arrangement. Jio heads northeast instead and agrees to meet with Glug somewhere in the center of Thraa. The monk is also privy to some information. While he was dead, the monk saw animal spirits of all sorts moving to and from the plane of the living. Among these, he saw a boar spirit taking residence in the forest. Perhaps the good spirt can help them in the forthcoming hunt.

One year ago: ...Zeus, God of Leporidae and Lavandula...

Photo & Image credits: Andrea Sfiligoi, psdelux,
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