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This Week in Geek History October 20 - 26

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October 20
1874 - Composer Charles Ives mb
1882 - Austrian actor Bela Lugosi mbmb
1927 - Pop psychologist Joyce Brothers mb
1931 - Hall of Famer Mickey Mantle mb
1944 - US forces under MacArthur (finally) return to the Philippines mb
1950 - American rocker Tom Petty mb
1955 - Tolkien's final Lord of the Rings volume Return of the King published mb
1958 - American actor Viggo Mortensen mb (Kismet!)
1967 - "Bigfoot" filmed in Northern California (probably was just kuhrusty) mb
1977 - Lynyrd Skynyrd plane crash, killing 3 members (6 total died) mb
1979 - American actor John Krasinski mb

October 21
1520 - Ferdinand Magellan's fleet become 1st Europeans to sail into the Pacific mb
1772 - English poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge mb
1805 - British Admiral Horatio Nelson defeats combined French/Spanish fleet in the Battle of Trafalgar (he was shot and killed in the battle) mb
1833 - Swedish chemist and industrialist Alfred Nobel, inventor of dynamite and founder of the Nobel Prize mb
1917 - Jazz trumpeter John "Dizzy" Gillespie mb
1956 - American actress Carrie Fisher mb

October 22
1811 - Hungarian composer Franz Liszt mb
1903 - American comedian Curly Howard mb
1938 - American actor Christopher Lloyd mbmb & British actor Derek Jacobi mb
1952 - American actor Jeff Goldblum mb
1964 - French philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre refuses Nobel Prize for Lit mb

October 23
1869 - Pioneering college football coach John Heisman mb
1925 - Late night TV staple Johnny Carson mb
1940 - Brazilian soccer player Pele mb
1942 - American author Michael Crichton mbmb
1959 - Weird Al Yankovic mb
???? - Amata_Tonks

October 24
1632 - Pioneering Dutch microscope maker Anton Van Leeuwenhoek mb
1648 - Treaty of Westphalia ends The 30 Year's War; Switzerland independence recognized mb
1830 - Attorney Belva Lockwood, the first woman candidate for U.S. president, nominated by the National Equal Rights Party mb
1893 - Film producer-director Merian Cooper ("King Kong") mb
1901 - Annie Edson Taylor is the first person to go over Niagara Falls in a barrel (on her 63rd birthday) mb
1947 - American actor Kevin Kline mb
2008 - "Bloody Friday" ~ Many world stock exchanges experience worst decline in history (many around 10%), one of many events leading to the 'Great Recession' mb

October 25
1415 - Battle of Agincourt: The longbows of Henry V defeat the larger force (and armoured knights) of the French mb
1854 - The infamous 'Charge of the Light Brigade' during the Crimean War* mb
1881 - Spanish artist Pablo Picasso mb
1888 - American aviator & explorer Richard Byrd mb
1912 - Comedienne Minnie Pearl mb
1978 - John Carpenter's 'Halloween' premieres mb
1983 - US invades Grenada mb

October 26
1492 - Lead (graphite) pencils first used mb
1881 - Shootout at the OK Corral mbmb
1916 - French President Francois Mitterrand mb
1945 - American actress Jaclyn Smith mbmbmb
1946 - TV Host Pat Sajak mb
1947 - Hillary Rodham Clinton, former 1st lady, Senator, Sec of State, Presidential candidate mb
1949 - US President Truman increases minimum wage from $0.40 to $0.75 mbmb
1951 - Funkman Bootsy Collins (Parliament & Funkadelic) mb
1962 - English actor Cary Elwes mb
1984 - 'The Terminator' premieres mb

I'm sure this list is incomplete. Feel free to offer suggestions for this and upcoming weeks. If you want your birthday included just add it to this geeklist: RPG Geek Birthday List
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