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Chris White is an artist who has contributed cover artwork for popular The Avalon Hill Game Co board games such as Magic Realm and Dune and various Iron Crown Enterprises role-playing game books.

Some of his specific art credits include the following:

Board Games

  • Amoeba Wars (Avalon Hill) -- front box cover
  • The Barbarians (Yaquinto) -- front cover
  • Bull Run (Avalon Hill) -- front box cover
  • Circus Maximus (Avalon Hill) -- back box art
  • Dragonhunt (Avalon Hill) -- front box cover, logotype, and game board
  • Dune (Avalon Hill) -- front box cover and logotype
  • Gunslinger (Avalon Hill) -- cards and tokens
  • Heroes of Olympus (Task Force Games) -- front box cover
  • Lost Worlds, Sir Percival (Chessex) -- front cover and interior artwork
  • Magic Realm (Avalon Hill) -- front box cover, logotype and cards including berserker, captain, dwarf, magician, and wizard
  • Neck and Neck (Yaquinto) -- front cover
  • Snapshot (Game Designer's Workshop) -- front box cover
  • Sports Illustrated Status Pro Baseball, 1988 (Avalon Hill) -- front box cover
  • Sports Illustrated Status Pro Football, 1988? (Avalon Hill) -- front box cover
  • Titan (Avalon Hill) -- interior artwork
  • TV Wars (Avalon Hill) -- back box art
  • Wizard's Quest (Avalon Hill) -- game board
  • Wrasslin' (Avalon Hill) -- front box cover

Role-playing Games

Other Games

  • House of Horror (Task Force Games) -- front cover and interior artwork (Unpublished?)
  • Steve Jackson Games product, cover art (spaceship hurtling towards supernova-engulfed planet)
  • Through the late 1990s and into the 2000s, he has done work for hobby companies such as Polar Lights and Moebius.
  • He also has done work for computer games.

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