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Pete Fenlon
Alternate Names
Peter C. Fenlon
Peter Fenlon
Peter C. Fenlon, Jr.
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Peter C. Fenlon, Jr. (born 1955 in Japan) is a game designer, game developer, game company executive and founder, attorney, cartographer, graphic designer, and publisher who is probably most famous for being the former president and one of the founders of Iron Crown Enterprises, one of the original creators of the Rolemaster role-playing game system, and later as a CEO of Mayfair Games. He has also been the vice president of Castle Hill Studios, a software company based in Charlottesville, Virginia.

He has also worked with Hero Games and Eidolon Studio. Most of the detailed full-color Middle-Earth maps in the MERP (Middle Earth Role-playing) game modules were also created by him. He has worked in the field of gaming since 1980. He joined Mayfair's management team in 1996 where has served in the roles of shareholder, counsel, studio director, chairman, and CEO.

Fenlon obtaining a degree in history and anthropology at the University of Virginia and earned a law degree at the College of William & Mary. He has lived in Charlottesville, Virginia, and has previously lived in Tachikawa, Japan; Omaha, Nebraska; Washington, DC; Wiesbaden, Germany; St. Louis, Missouri; Midwest City, Oklahoma; Alexandria, Virginia; and Williamsburg, Virginia. He became friends with Klaus Teuber when he discovered that they shared similar experiences as both had lived in Hesse with Fenlon living in Wiesbaden while Teuber was living in Darmstadt. The castles that he toured in Germany may have influenced his Rolemaster architectural drawings. Both of his parents eventually served in the United States Air Force. His father, also named Peter C. Fenlon, was an air force colonel while his mother was an army combat nurse who served with Patton's army in North Africa and Italy.

He has been married to fellow game designer Olivia Johnston.

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