The Hotness
Legacy of Dragonholt
Kids on Bikes
Book 05: City of Thieves
Mythic Game Master Emulator
Eldritch Cock
Kids on Bikes (Free RPG Day Edition)
Waterdeep: Dungeon of the Mad Mage Map Pack
The DarkStryder Campaign
Lex Arcana
Tales from the Loop
Genesys Core Rulebook
Top Secret: New World Order
RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha
Waterdeep: Dragon Heist
Dungeon Crawl Classics Quick Start Rules & Intro Adventure (Free RPG Day 2018)
Gamma World
The Black Company
Book 37: Dungeon of Fear
Book 1: The War-Torn Kingdom
Dungeon Crawl Classics Role Playing Game
Horror on the Orient Express (2nd Edition)
Player's Handbook (D&D 5e)
The Two-Headed Serpent
Realms of Terrinoth
Blessings Unheralded
A Cable's Length From Shore / On a Bank by Moonlight
Tomb of Annihilation Map Set
Monster Cards: Challenge 0–5
Monster Cards: Challenge 6–16
The Shab Al-Hiri Roach
Book 10: House of Hell
Book 18: Rebel Planet
Marvel Super Heroes Advanced Set
Guardians of the Caerns
Middle-earth Poster Maps
Book 3: Over the Blood-Dark Sea
Book 4: The Plains of Howling Darkness
Book 5: The Court of Hidden Faces
Happy Birthday, Robot!
Tomb of Horrors
Trouble in Freesboro
The Dragon's Den
Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Beginner Box
Dungeon World Roleplaying Game
Star Wars: Edge of the Empire Beginner Game
Star Wars: Edge of the Empire Core Rulebook
Scarlet Heroes
Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set
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Podcast: Gaming and BS
Episode: 196 Run Away or Surrender ( 49.98 MB / 68:21)
There’s a time and a place that’s good for your player character to either run away or surrender in your rpg. Or is there? dot dot dot Announcements Gamehole Con submissions for events is open! Evercon submissions are open! Free RPG Day Random Encounter Jim Fitzgerald tweets Thomas Hook emails us on Tweaking Monsters Blake ... Read more196 Run Away or Surrender The post 196 Run Away or Surrender appeared first on Gaming and BS RPG Podcast.
Episode: Episode 222 – The Dwarf Government ( 0 MB / 0:00)
It’s time to battle! Small service professionals, inanimate objects! Only the most intimidating villains for our heroes!
Podcast: +1 Forward
Episode: Making MC Moves ( 26.45 MB / 43:21)
Timecodes 1:53 - What are Moves? 4:50 - Move Triggers 5:17 - Trigger 1: Failed PC Moves 7:38 - Trigger 2: The Players' Expectant Look 15:40 - Trigger 3: The Golden Opportunity 19:00 - Choosing Moves from your Big List 25:22 - MC Moves and Planning Ahead 29:03 - Move Stockpiling? 31:40 - What to Do When You Can't Figure out What Move to Use?   Links Our website   Our Patreon   Follow us on Twitter @GauntletRPG
Podcast: Big Gay Nerds
Episode: Big Gay Nerds: Episode 80 (Monsterhearts 7.5) ( 65.55 MB / 59:52)
Mark gets some quality education and starts planning for his future while Pennyworth decides who his real friends are and promptly tells them what's what, but Jessamine is the star of this episode. Watch as she squirms out of one awkward social situation into another and takes advantage of someone else's thirst to quench her own!
Episode: #1: Waterdeep Dragon Heist & Dungeon of the Mad Mage ( 52.95 MB / 77:06)
In our first ‘real’ episode we take a look at the two upcoming official D&D adventures - Waterdeep: Dragon Heist, and Dungeon of the Mad Mage. We cover the weekly RPG news, including the Diana Jones Award nominees and the Origins Award winners, play our favourite game in all the world, “Guess The Kickstarter From Just The Title”, talk a little about Free RPG Day, answer your GM Advice queries, and introduce for your bafflement and mockery our take on Monty Python’s “Cheese Shop” sketch. Plus a contest, where you might win a shiny copy of Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes. Enjoy! Show Notes ——————————- Caught Our Eyes Lands of Erehwon RPG on Indigogohttps://www.indie [...]
Podcast: Total Party Kill
Episode: 140: Bob to the Third Degree ( 48.78 MB / 70:27)
Gamma World, Part 1 - Out of the post-apocalyptic wastes comes a brand-new band of adventurers — and a stream of mysterious, destructive robots, threatening the town of Town. Professor Rat sends a new team of interesting people (and a couple of interesting robots) to discover the source of the threat. Host Tony Sindelar with Erika Ensign, Brian Hamilton, Aleen Simms and Mikah Sargent.
Podcast: Shuffle Quest
Episode: BONUS EPISODE: Ep. 26 Reactions with Cody Melcher ( 22.94 MB / 34:20)
WARNING: DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS BEFORE EPISODE 26!! Last week, Episode 26 introduced a pretty big change. We released this episode to our Patrons to let them get a bigger view of what happened, why, and what's next. Now, it's available for all. Listen to GM Tom and Cody as they discuss all that needs discussing. We hope this helps!  SITE: FB: TWITTER: PATREON: DISCORD: EMAIL:
Podcast: Warda
Episode: Winds of Change - Chapter 11 ( 45.82 MB / 49:53)
Sandir, Quillathe, and Griff make their way back into the city, heading for the Chundhali School of Staves as their next hideout. Iggly, now face-to-face with the notorious Royland Ponce, finds that there is more than just Quillathe's little bit of drama happening in the city of Ammingrad right now.
Podcast: MegaDumbCast
Episode: [Pg 128] Whosoever Holds This Hammer, Should He Know Science… [Week 22] ( 10.11 MB / 7:07)
Wherein we discuss the dumbest thing about the Analyze & Operate Devices skill in the Hardware section of Palladium’s Heroes Unlimited RPG.
Podcast: RPPR Actual Play
Episode: Monster of the Week: Cobra-Matic ( 68.93 MB / 0:00)
A group of dedicated protectors has been hunting down a collection of cursed artifacts. The latest is a record player that summons monsters based on the music played in it. When an unlucky radio DJ tries it for a spin, it unleashes hell upon a small city. Can the team find the artifact before it’s…
Podcast: The Dice Vault
Episode: Ep 25: Out Riding- Chapter 3 ( 59.76 MB / 58:56)
Planning for the inevitable arrival of the mysterious Riders, the party prepares their battleground and escape route. Danilo finds himself relegated to the background. Chesell learns what it means to face real danger. Elaine gets herself caught between protecting her allies and sticking to the plan. Glimmer puts himself directly in the path of danger and remembers why he hates doing that. And the whole party faces odds they never expected as they try to steal a simple spear.
Episode: IWVt Ep. 51 – I Am A Furball ( 97.49 MB / 70:59)
It’s post griffon hunt and the party’s back on the road. Tune in for some wicked side eye, horse names, and possibly the best NPC voice yet. Let’s hit it and crit it. Follow us on all the things: @IWVTcast Review us on: Everything! Support us at Gamers Against Alzheimer’s: The Long Game Music … Continue reading IWVt Ep. 51 – I Am A Furball
Episode: The Curse on Slainbury Hill, Part 5: This Cave Is Haunted By a Failure ( 52.94 MB / 57:50)

Welcome back! In this first sidequest episode of our midseason break, we return to the tale of mystery and spookiness that is The Curse on Slainbury Hill! Our heroes have entered the tinker's cave and journeyed through the Twilight Door. Along the way Gandolph exposes some fearfulness, Parm shows off her skills, and Dirk Hamlin continues to be chillbro city, as per uzhe. And they meet a ghost!


Closing Song: "Heavy Heart" by Kevin McLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License


Get involved! Contact us:


By email:

or Twitter: @EIAPodcast

Use the hashtags #shatteredworlds or #SWRPG


Like our Facebook page - Shattered Worlds RPG

Podcast: K Band Radio
Episode: The Repossession Mambo? ( 83.79 MB / 91:30)

In episode 2 of K Band Radio, we wrap up our first jump point. After escaping Collective forces from the Shenendoah Hangover space station, the team struggles to decide what to do with their cryogenically frozen passengers and find a place to repair Hoglund’s Sedition. After sorting that out, they meet their new boss, Maximum Space Head, and learn how terribly they screwed it all up. When did Frank 421 become the voice of reason?

We would like to give a shout out to for listing our show. With over 300 rpg related podcasts listed, the site is a great resource for finding new shows, and it focuses on podcasts featuring women, non-binary people, LGBTQ+, and people of color. Check it out and expand your horizons!

Episode: Star-Fall Episode Twelve ( 56.43 MB / 48:38)

Hey, folks sorry that the into was so short as you can tell I have a cold. In this episode of Star-Fall Actual Play Podcast, the players get to fight space pirates. 

  • How nasty is an UBer Skrup Nasty 
  • What is the Lizard Lounge 
  • What T'lee had for dinner 
  • Who is the fifth crew

We also get to learn some of the mechanics for the combat system. This episode is not as fast-paced as some of the previous episodes but I'm sure that you are going to like it.

For those of you who are wondering why I gave the players a pirate ship. There is a reason for it and I'm not telling you. YET 

Podcast: Dum Dum Die
Episode: 2:10 - You're going to let your whole crew die! ( 89.17 MB / 48:42)
Our adventurers are lying prone, but the battle rages on aboard the Ladee Starla A home-brew actual-play Dungeons and Dragons 5e podcast. All female. All awesome! Music by @vid-gobac Tweet us @dumdumdie or email us at Want to check out some of our funny Dnd videos of Dnd In real life? Click here: Download your own Dum Dum Die RPG Paper Minis for free here, thanks to our awesome friend at Papercraft Dungeon:
Episode: Eclipse Phase - Take a Piece ( 0 MB / 177:20)

The Drunk & Ugly's Travis Gasque leads us through an Eclipse Phase adventure, investigating New Shanghai on Mars, where people are missing parts of their minds, even when they resleeve...

Greg - Rodrigo - Argonaut Psychosurgeon
Adam - Mateo - Oversight Auditor
Laura - Tonja - Martian Ranger

Episode: Episode Ninety Eight ( 48.37 MB / 70:25)
After a lengthy explanation of human behavior and imperial tactics to the Verpine, the boys take a moment to relax before heading off to face Inquisitor Sadet. THE DUNGEON DOME CARD GAME Back here!
Podcast: Join the Party
Episode: Afterparty: Bachelorette Party IX ( 58.55 MB / 31:59)

Planning out a city, looking back on the arcs, and never forgetting about Alonzo. This is the Afterparty, where we sit down after every episode to break down our game and answer your questions about how to play at home.


Find Us Online

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Cast & Crew

- Dungeon Master: Eric Silver

- TR8c (Tracey): Brandon Grugle

- Inara Harthorn: Amanda McLoughlin

- Johnny B. Goodlight: Michael Fische

- Creative Contributors: Connor McLoughlin, Julia Schifini, Heddy Hunt

- Multitude:


About Us

Join the Party is a collaborative storytelling and roleplaying podcast. That means four friends create a story together, chapter by chapter, that everyone from seasoned players to true beginners can enjoy. Where else can you get adventure, intrigue, magic, drama, and lots of high fives all in one place? Right here.

After each episode we sit down for the Afterparty, where we break down our game and answer your questions about how to play Dungeons & Dragons and other roleplaying games at home. We also have the Punchbowl, an interview series with people pushing D&D forward creatively, communally and socially. It’s a party, and you’re invited! Find out more at

Episode: Have Spellbook, Will Travel - Actual Play 7-3 ( 0 MB / 28:01)
Thiiiings are gettinnnngg prettttttty CRAZY over at definitely-not-Jurassic-Park! New dinosaurs, new mayhem, and new "begging Gary not to kill everything" in this actual play of the Tearable RPG!
Episode: Episode 21 – Night’s Black Agents RPG (with Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan) ( 48.9 MB / 0:00)
Download Episode INTRO (00:00) The GROGNARD files finally sells out to one of those new fangled games. There’s a new iTunes review too, that compares us to Ridley Scott’s Hovis advert.  OPEN BOX (with Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan) (0:07) We are joined by Gar who tells us about his formative years in RPGs, his role in relaunching … Continue reading Episode 21 – Night’s Black Agents RPG (with Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan)
Episode: Star Trek Adventures - Intergalactic - S01E02 - Time and Again ( 143.29 MB / 161:10)

Sponsored by Archer straight up commits genocide, and the show never addresses it again


So, we are at Time and Again. The first few episodes are kinda dull, and really stilted. I think we start to hit our stride here and play it more fast and loose with the format. Oh also there’s a season long arc in the background to make the season 1 finale have some kind of arc or payoff, because Voyager’s Season 1 finale was about making a fat blue guy run laps.


Go watch Season 1 Episode 4 “Time and Again” and then this SfDebris review to catch on up. Oh man how are going to pull off Tuvix? Star Trek Adventure’s troupe style play will actually help enable that episode pretty well.

Episode: PaizoCon2018 024 – Horror In RPGs ( 47.37 MB / 0:00)
Welcome to the Know Direction podcast network’s PaizoCon 2018 seminar coverage, brought to you by the Roll For Combat Starfinder Actual Play Podcast! Below you will find links to all of our PaizoCon 2018 Seminar Recordings. 024 – Horror In RPGs Undead, gigantic spiders, soul eaters, and worse (XP loss?)! Learn key narrative devices and […]
Episode: PaizoCon2018 023 – What’s New with Legendary Games? ( 71.21 MB / 0:00)
Welcome to the Know Direction podcast network’s PaizoCon 2018 seminar coverage, brought to you by the Roll For Combat Starfinder Actual Play Podcast! Below you will find links to all of our PaizoCon 2018 Seminar Recordings. 023 – What’s New with Legendary Games? Meet the Legendary Games team and see highlights and previews for upcoming […]
Episode: PaizoCon2018 022 – What Makes a Great Dungeon ( 51.61 MB / 0:00)
Welcome to the Know Direction podcast network’s PaizoCon 2018 seminar coverage, brought to you by the Roll For Combat Starfinder Actual Play Podcast! Below you will find links to all of our PaizoCon 2018 Seminar Recordings. 022 – What Makes a Great Dungeon We take an hour and design a mini-dungeon scenario–with your help! Learn […]
Episode: PaizoCon 2018: Roll For Combat/Know Direction/Order of the Amber Die Q&A Session ( 50.4 MB / 0:00)

Recorded live from PaizoCon 2018, Jefferson Jay Thacker (a.k.a. Perram) from the Know Direction Podcast interviews the Roll For Combat crew along with the Order of the Amber Die. Find out why the Roll For Combat crew doesn’t have a healer? Learn about the time the Order gamed so hard they ended up in the hospital. …

Continue reading "PaizoCon 2018: Roll For Combat/Know Direction/Order of the Amber Die Q&A Session"

The post PaizoCon 2018: Roll For Combat/Know Direction/Order of the Amber Die Q&A Session appeared first on Roll For Combat: A Starfinder Actual Play Podcast.

Episode: e42 - RP by Day, Mechanics by Night ( 92.69 MB / 126:30)

WARNING!! This episode, we get into the weeds on player mechanics and level-ups! If that's not your jam, we totally understand as this is a long episode.

Also note, that we do have a ton of fun going through and realizing the highs and lows of our game play, so if you do listen, we really hope you enjoy.

Next week main episode we will be back to telling the story you love.


The quest carries on with Nulara Moonbrook (Carla Johnson), Thia Amastacia (Amy More), Flint Firebeard (Tom Laird) and your Dungeon Master (Russ More). 


Dumbgeons & Dragons is an Actual Play D&D 5e podcast released every other Wednesday.

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Character Art on done by Juggertha - The Art of Ed Foychuck.


Music; "Nowhere Land" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License.

Episode: Volume 14 Issue 2 - A Game of Crowns ( 54.71 MB / 59:45)
Episode Notes

This is Volume 14 Other Worlds. Issue 2 of 2.

As our heroes find themselves in a world of might and magic will they be able to defeat the dark wizard and ultimately whatever villain has inhabited this virtual reality game?

Introduction voiced by Peter DeGiglio All music was composed by Jim Malloy Masks: A New Generation is a game by Brendan Conway and published by Magpie Games

Additional Musics for this episode were "Cambodean Odessy" by Kevin MacLeod

This podcast is created thanks to the financial support of backers on Patreon Join us at in our Discord or follow us on twitter @ProteanCity Subscribe to Protean City Comics on iTunes or anywhere podcasts are found.

Join us next Wednesday to find out what thrilling adventures lie ahead!

Find out more on the Protean City Comics website.

Podcast: Tavern Tales
Episode: Dungeon in a Box – The Caravan of Peril – Episode 4a ( 69.46 MB / 77:29)
Welcome to a very special Tavern Tales Presents, a curated actual play 5e Dungeons and Dragons game set in the…
Episode: Episode 161: A Feast for Odin, Railroad Revolution and The Fear of Missing Out ( 107.72 MB / 188:55)
Tony T is back from Europe and talks about some of the crazy things he's gotten into, the gang talks about a bunch of older games they've been getting into lately. Then the Founders review A Feast for Odin and look back at Railroad Revolution. The Tony T is back in the new anchor chair and the gang chatters in the background. The finally, the guys discuss FOMO, The Fear of Missing Out.
Podcast: Bored Ghost
Episode: Ep114: Terminal Interment, pt2 ( 88.77 MB / 48:13)
“I have come here from my city,
I have descended from my nome;
I have built a house, set up (its) doors,
I have dug a pool, planted sycamores.
The king praised me,
My father made a will for me.
I was one worthy ---
One beloved of his father,
Praised by his mother,
Whom all his brothers loved.
I gave bread to the hungry,
Clothing to the naked,
I brought the boatless to land.
O you who live upon earth,
Who shall pass by this tomb
Going north or going south,
Who shall say: "a thousand loaves and beer jugs
For the owner of this tomb,"
I shall watch over them in the necropolis. 
I am an excellent equipped spirit (akh),
A lector-priest who knows his speech.
As for any man who enters this tomb unclean,
I shall seize him by the neck like a bird,
He will be judged for it by the great god!
I was one who spoke fairly, who repeated what was liked,
I never spoke evilly against any man to his superior,
Never did I judge between two [contenders]
In a manner which deprived a son of his father's legacy.
― Miriam LichtheimAncient Egyptian Literature: Volume I: The Old and Middle Kingdoms

 A sealed inter-dimensional way-station has become nothing more than a tomb.

To learn more about how The Skeletons is played check out our primer episode.

The Tomb:

A Winding affair beneath the surface of a vast desert. The only visible surface element is a massive black cube. In the heart of the tomb is a sphere of glossy black rock, hovering and rotating slightly in place.

The Characters:

Arrow-Shield (Ken Breese) - The warrior who still stands guard.

Headless (Kelsey Dionne) - The religious leader of a cult forgotten.

Tattered Cloak (John Holt) - An acolyte of the keepers of this place.

Find Kelsey Dionne on her adventure website The Arcane Library and on Facebook.

Find John on twitter @LordJoho

Find Ken on twitter @Berlingsbeard

Follow us on twitter @boredghostworld

Our Bored Ghost theme song is by the amazing Pat Cupples, see his band website Hotels and Highways.

Bored Ghosts we hope you found some distraction from your eternity in the void this week!

Episode: Episode 14: So Much for the Light of Helia ( 4.23 MB / 35:44)
We continue to explore the fall of Kunradis. Mesic finds an ancient prophecy and begins to ask questions.. Blasphemy and heresy are on the rise on all sides. Twitter @esmereldapod Downfall by Caroline Hobb
Episode: Rebellion Episode 13: Jetpack Kick Jamboree ( 72.36 MB / 52:40)

Please fill out my survey for the Acutal Play Podcast School:

@SilZeroChris and @SilZeroMatt for Twitter

@ingdaydreams for Twitter 

Podcast: Nerd Poker
Episode: Episode 19 - Guardians of the Cloak ( 63.35 MB / 69:12)

As the underground trials continue and a Twee of increasingly ambiguous morals lights a cigarette, our crew meets the three trials of the cloak head on. Clearly this artifact was never meant to me uncovered by the foolhardy, or people who hate riddles. Hopefully everyone will make a patience saving throw against that goddamned riddle from last episode!

Podcast: Roll Out!
Episode: Blades In The Dark: Rise Of The Sun #2 ( 43.64 MB / 47:41)

Our score phase of Blades in the Dark. Note: We encountered problems with the recording which has resulted in losing our finale.

Podcast: Tavern of Heroes
Episode: Episode 6 - The Blackblades: Part 2 ( 25.28 MB / 41:18)

Michael Stagliano (Story Master) takes Lauren Kelly (Vi) and Belle Adams (Miriam) through the second of half an adventure, where the heroes attempt to save a little girl from her kidnappers.



IG: mnightbringer

Twitter: mnightbringer

Facebook: tavernofheroes


Creative Attribution:

-“The Driving Force” by Jingle Punks

-“Warrior Strife” by Jingle Punks

-“Extinction Level Event” by Jingle Punks

-“At Odds” by SYBS

-“Echinoderm Regeneration” by Jingle Punks

-“Elegy” by Wayne Jones

-“Touching Moment” by Wayne Jones

-“Epic TV Theme” by Audio Nautix


-“Hero Down” by Kevin MacLeod



-“Feral Chase” by Kevin MacLeod



-“Final Count” by Kevin MacLeod



-“Adventure Meme” by Kevin MacLeod



Episode: RPPR Episode 156: Origins 2018 Wrap Up ( 47.57 MB / 0:00)
News: BACK PARTY FOWL NOW! Synopsis: Caleb and I (along with Sara who is not on this episode) went to Origins for the first time. Caleb ran Red Markets and Party Fowl while I just attended as a carefree con goer. We both had a good time, bought way too many games, and learned how…
Episode: Ep 013: The Floating Tower ( 0 MB / 52:13)
After making the ill-informed decision to jump into a magical chest portal, our heroes end up in The Astral Plane... maybe. With one of our friends missing and some dragonborn asshole breathing down their necks, the team is going to have to figure their way out of this one. Plus, with time passing all Willy Wonka around here, they are going to have to do it fast.
Episode: Know Direction: Beyond 16 – Envoy Class Feature ( 23.14 MB / 0:00)
Always there to raise everyone’s spirits and replenish their stamina, the Envoy is one of Starfinder’s most popular classes. We break it down in the next Know Direction: Beyond. Listen Now (mp3)  
Podcast: The Mortal Path
Episode: 15) Under The Altar ( 63.81 MB / 55:45)

Our three “heroes” pick themselves up and dust themselves off after the unpleasant encounter in the Temple of Roosa and find a few moments to catch their breath. But moments of quiet rarely last long, and Natalia, Nerium, Taro, and Findex have a lot to learn about each other…


See also: On-the-go world building, spoiling punchlines, Doone, simply fools and horses, a little bit of woo, a little bit of wah, backstory time, and meditation. 

Episode: Episode 46 - This Episode is Just Right! ( 36.24 MB / 49:24)
Join the Crew this week as they entertain a dragon! Check out the Called Shot Community here: Discord:
Podcast: The Infinite Bad
Episode: The Ruins of Kharajah - Part 8 ( 39.6 MB / 28:49)

Our heroes return to their mission, physically intact at least. The promised city of Kharajah cannot be far now, and with it the hope of a cure for Joy's supernatural condition. But the revelations are not over, and our heroes are not as alone as they think.

Episode: 133 - GM-Less Monster Of The Week with Cole Burkhardt ( 71.09 MB / 93:05)

An equinox approaches; the time when fey magic is at its strongest. A time of change among the courts, a time of turmoil and revolt. And with turmoil, with revolt, comes... violence.








THEME SONG: Mega Ran feat. D&D Sluggers, "Infinite Lives," RandomBeats LLC,




Episode: RQG 95 - Apophis Awaits ( 76.79 MB / 55:56)

Join Alex, Helen, Lydia, Ben and Bryn as we finally find out the secrets of Hamid's past.

Hamid spills his dark and dirty backstory including Gideon and death, and the party go to meet Apophis to plead for Sasha to get the Heart of Aphrodite.

Thanks to this week's Patrons: Michael Rojo, Heath Carter, Katherine Arthur, Kristóf Angyal, Kay Moore, Kirin Tsang, Sara Spielvogel, Pam Winkler, Chris Lawson, Chris Sims.

Editing this week by Ed von Aderkas, Ian Hayles & Alexander J Newall


SFX this week by wolfrfe, royal, efecto-fundador, yuval, reinsamba, jmbphilmes, nebulousflynn, leonelmail, johnnypanic, icmusic, ayliffe and previously credited artists via


If you'd like to support us, head to


As always, today’s game system is available for free at


Like what you’re hearing? Let us know! Tweet us at @theRustyQuill, drop us an email at or comment on our dedicated Forums available at

Episode: After The Bomb - Team Explorer ( 142.85 MB / 312:03)


Now with 100% more Kankoran!

We’re testing out After the Bomb again, as a more exploratory set of characters put together to help Corneria after the human’s attack on the city. Strange creatures abound out in the wilderness, but our lynx, fox, and mole are….up to the challenge?



Episode: Desert of the Demilich Episode 25: The Trudge ( 60.2 MB / 99:08)

The gang goes trouncing across the desert. Starring:  Chris as Mur’Dar, Winston as Muffuns, Tony as Plick-Pluck, Bobby as Cramwell Eeemelnuoun, and Clark as the DM   Also, check out our new friends from the podcast How the Quest Was Won! at

The post Desert of the Demilich Episode 25: The Trudge appeared first on The Legion of Renob.

Episode: MMP#313 – The Return of the Bed Episode ( 51.43 MB / 112:20)
Hey Folks. Phil and Chris are in a bed together…again. It’s another bed episode and we go into the lounge where we talk about games we’re playing, media we’re consuming, […]
Episode: Random Encounters: Norhall Academy for Adventurers and Heroes – Episode 47 ( 67.23 MB / 73:26)
Meat Grinder of Corrupt Prison Guards!  This is a 5e Dungeons & Dragons adventure set in Northwestern Drunkeros and DMed by Tim Lanning. This is all possible due to the wonderful folks who support our Patreon. Thank you! This week we are joined by  Matthew Morris (@matthewmmorris), Courtney Spurlin (@C_A_Spurlin), and Matt Spurlin (@punk1290), Josh Scalf (@jwscalf) …
Podcast: System Mastery
Episode: Albedo: Platinum Catalyst – System Mastery 124 ( 60.29 MB / 0:00)
Behold a galaxy of unchecked exploration and progress, as made by very fussy little animals that don’t like to be touched.  It’s sort of like if the Wind in the […]
Episode: Season 10 Episode 12 - Good Doggie ( 91.63 MB / 0:00)

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