The Hotness
Legacy of Dragonholt
The Orc in the Well
Waterdeep: Dragon Heist
Legend of the Five Rings RPG: Core Rulebook
Overlight Rulebook
Tales from the Loop
Legend of the Five Rings Roleplaying – Beginner Game
RuneQuest (2nd Edition)
Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Core Set
Hero Kids Fantasy RPG
Keeper Rulebook
Vampire: The Masquerade 5th Edition Core Book
Villains & Vigilantes (Boxed Set)
Delta Green
Book 1: The War-Torn Kingdom
Dungeon World Roleplaying Game
Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set
Player's Handbook (D&D 5e)
Kids on Bikes
Sigmata: This Signal Kills Fascists
Pathways (Issue 81 - Sep 2018)
RuneQuest (1st Edition)
In The Labyrinth
B4: The Lost City
X2: Castle Amber (Château d'Amberville)
Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook
The Great Pendragon Campaign
Alone Against the Wendigo
Adventurer's Vault 2
Heart of Ice
Rise of the Runelords Anniversary Edition
Everything is Dolphins
Star Wars: Edge of the Empire Core Rulebook
Fate Accelerated
Shadows of a Black Sun
Princes of the Apocalypse
Cthulhu Confidential Core Rulebook
My Little Pony: Tails of Equestria, The Storytelling Game
Mythic Britain: Logres - Lands of the Saxons
Genesys Core Rulebook
Knights & Legends
Masks of Nyarlathotep (5th edition)
The Fantasy Trip: Legacy Edition
Creature Codex
CCC-GSP01-01: A Dragon's Breath
Theme Generator
Monster Manual (AD&D 1e)
Player's Handbook (D&D 4e)
Dungeon Master's Guide (D&D 4e)
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Podcast: Radio Grognard
Episode: Episode 131 - Pregens...Again ( 12.02 MB / 11:18)
Thanks to Colin's voicemail I finish up my talk on finding/making/using pregens. Become a supporter of this podcast:
Episode: Episode 36: Shady Dealings ( 76.74 MB / 55:53)
Bill reveals newfound powers and decides to dig further into his Mythos, Ren does some hacking, Fae starts on a path of shady dealings to protect her new charges, and Esther tries to conceive of a way to put her refurbished bar in the black. Support us on Patreon:
Episode: 81. The God of War (Part 1) ( 42.75 MB / 46:29)
Lord Haldir Loran and Eriska Taine close in on the lair of the God of War
Episode: Episode 222: So Help Me God ( 27.24 MB / 29:45)
The boys fight.
Podcast: Quest Friends!
Episode: The Cookie Crew, Part 3 ( 38.67 MB / 41:38)
The crew puts together a plan to pawn off terrible cookies and save a mild acquaintance.  Listen as they: SING sweet songs! TUNE into action! ASSURE you that backup is coming, no seriously, we promise!   Purchase Quest Friends stickers/shirts/posters here:   Follow our other accounts! Website:  Facebook:  Instagram:  Tumblr:  Twitch:  Twitter:  YouTube:    Music/Sound Effects "Great Fun" by Antarctic:   "Western Story" found via Motion Array: "City Jaunt" by Jay Man/OurMusicBox: "Lobby Time" by Kevin MacLeod: (Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License "Ride the Lighting" found via Motion Array: "Halloween Heroes" found via Motion Array: "G13.1-22-Old Car on Rough Road.wav" by craigsmith: "Dark Outlaw Rock" by Voidcore: "Car Engine, Exterior, B.wav" by InspectorJ: "Engine running w/sounds of rain and wipers (new title test)" by Maurice_J_K: “Village Consort” by Kevin MacLeod: (Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License "Goof Music" by Liam Priestnall:  "Road Trip" by SKANDR: 
Episode: Luume Ep. 47 Kingdom pt. 3 The Fuse ( 71.17 MB / 77:44)
Hello and thank you tuning in to the Exalink nightly news. Coming up, our headlines. But first a word from our sponsor: Elder Tower and their Golden Brew sun tea maker. Remember, anytime is a good time for sun tea. Our main story tonight: The planar incursions from the Feywild still continue. Though they have not begun manifesting west of the river, officials have been meeting to address the problem. In related news, civil unrest east of the river still continues to rise, as The Sands party is projected to sweep the available seats in the next election. What kind of effect could this have on the relationship between the Guilds and parliament? We’ll explore that next, but first, Karen with the weather. Karen?The movers and the shakers of the city gather to try and right the ship, but as water keeps filling it, are they up to bailing it out fast enough?You can check out our new website at and find us on Patreon at
Podcast: Force Majeure
Episode: Shadows of the Jedi S02 E09 - Reza's Heel ( 26.16 MB / 36:16)
Break time is over for our hapless heroes, and the end of the goal is in sight - Reza's Heel, the golden Hutt statue and the potential super-weapon are just over the next sand-dune. But first, an awakened Imperial droid presents a quandary both ethical and physical! Presenting Episode 9 of the Shadows of the Jedi! Sponsor: This episode's sponsor is the outstandingly good Redemption podcast. Leaders in the field of what makes a great show, and thoroughly lovely people to boot, you should definitely give them a listen! Follow us on social media! Twitter: @forcemajeurepod Facebook: Instagram: forcemajeurepod Online: Email: We have a Discord! Come and join us!  If you like what we do and have some spare money, we have both a Patreon and a Ko-Fi account. We are extremely grateful for your support in bringing you our humble story.  Additional Music: "Floating Cities" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License For full credit and links please see the Credits page of our website. Hope you enjoy the show! If you do, please consider leaving us an iTunes review - that would be pretty darn cool of you :D
Episode: CoS - House of the Rising Spoops: Episode 44 ( 56.69 MB / 61:56)
So begins the battle of Berez. Let's see if we can avoid it, shall we?    Feel free to drop us a review on iTunes and cast Message to us over social media. It's only a cantrip. We'd love to hear from you! Also, we have a Patreon. Hop on over and see if you'd like to support the show. You can get your name on our website, access to bonus episodes, the chance to ask us questions for "Talking Initiative" and mailbag episodes, and our main episodes early!   Check out Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms on Steam and use the code at the beginning of this episode to unlock a free gold chest!  The code is good from 12:30am PT on 10/15/19 to 12:01am PT on 11/01/19.  You can find Idle Champions on Twitter at @idlechampions.  Let them know we got you a gold chest with the hashtag #TakingInitiativeChampions.   The next "Talking Initiative" episode is 10/19/18 at 11pm ET and can be found at the Twitch link below:   "Taking Initiative" is a podcast on The Spark Network. You can find us at: Website: Twitter: @TI_Pod Twitter (The Spark Network): @The_Spark_Net Patreon: Discord: Twitch:   The original artwork for the logo was created by Kati Kawaguchi (@_KidKati) from the "Nerds on a Roll" podcast.   Music credits for this episode: -Neil Martin (@BardicMartin) of "The Lucky Die" for the theme song -"Oppressive Gloom," "Blue Feather," "Despair and Triumph," "The Escalation," "Welcome to HorrorLand" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License   All mentions to Dungeons and Dragons (D&D), including the 5e ruleset and the "Curse of Strahd" module refer to the property owned by Wizards of the Coast (WotC). We do not own the rules or module. We just enjoy playing!
Episode: 056: Edrassferatu ( 108.68 MB / 88:24)
Our adventurers set off in search of Null-9 to keep her and her crew of cultists from opening the gateway to the Stellar Degenerator. Going down...!
Episode: S1E44 - Blown Apart - Part 1 ( 31.03 MB / 22:19)
The DFWTF's finest try to take the night off, but unfortunately crime doesn’t check the PTO calendar.
Episode: Episode 28 – The Hole Quest ( 58.69 MB / 64:06)
The fellas examine several methods for filling a vacancy. Shabba stacks stones. Azlo musters a magical minion. Tokas unleashes his gnomish fury.
Episode: Episode 39: Arrow's Edge - Part Eight ( 57.29 MB / 62:34)
The Championship game of Arytissi Trekis has taken quite the unexpected turn, as the Crown of Prudence sits snugly within the claws of an enemy unlike any other they have faced before. Show time.Like our stuff? Leave us a review on iTunes! Fan of the show? Consider helping us grow! Even $1 goes a long way! YMIATavern Merch!: Connect with us! Twitch: Podcast Discord: by Post Discord: @YMIATavernPhotosofYourFood: Music by the great Jacob Priddy (@PriddyJacob).
Episode: City of Mist #2: The Good Book ( 27.65 MB / 30:12)
It's the second episode of our miniseason with special guests, Victoria Rogers( and Tracy Gibbons ( from The Broadswords (! Our investigators go to church! And by that, we mean... they break into a church to steal a bible. Find out more about the show at our website: Support us on Patreon: Follow us @VRECast
Episode: The SkullCast Episode 5: Sup, Witch! ( 90.97 MB / 91:44)
Our heroes spot a caravan of spiders with suspicious cargo at the end of their short rest! What secret corner of these treacherous woods are they heading to, and will the party make it there in one piece? Quincy brandishes his Mace-and-Chain of Many Names, Pam displays clever cantrip control, Dire is very thankful for his dexterity bonus, and Draven hands out some helpful hexes! The SpellCast D&D brings you a spooky tale of chills and thrills! Join Adam Brooks (Dungeon Master/Storyteller), Kelsey Hogan (Pam Spellzing), Pierre Viola (Quincy Ænglethörpe), Mike Vides (Feren “Dire” Basker), Gerald Acevedo (Draven Stock), and Sam Ortiz (Miao Zhao) as they take a haunted jaunt to Hullack Forest and the village of Ashford! (Music by Nicolas Gasparini (Myuu)) (Music License) (Art by Rob Robbins)
Podcast: Dungeon Drunks
Episode: Dungeon Drunks Ep 138 We're Alive Let's Party ( 54.28 MB / 55:30)
The Heralds spend the day letting their friends know they have returned from the Feywild, and figured the best way to do it is a party! Special thanks to Polymorph Crafts for sponsoring this episode ( and to Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms for the free Gold Chest! ( Find out more about our show at Follow us on Twitter: @DungeonDrunks  Look at our pictures on Instagram: If you like what we do leave us a review and consider supporting us on Patreon: Dungeon Master: Lauren Urban (Twitter: @OboeCrazy) Burnice Q. Burns: Julia Rogers (Twitter: @Guilia_Rossa) Quarlton Tanks: John Sedlack (Twitter: @that_film_guy IG: @that_film_guy) Jonathan The MagiMuscular: Jonathan Serna (Twitter: @road_block, IG: @roadblockactual) Travancore: Jack Edathil (Twitter: @jackedathil; IG: @jackisglib)  Art by Luke McKay (, music by Linnea Boyev ( with oboe performance by Lauren (OboeCrazy) Urban (, and Dungeons & Dragons 5e system by Wizards of the Coast (
Episode: Episode 215 – The Backstory Tale ( 39.08 MB / 42:41)
Ben is joined by Heroes Kristine and Leslie to talk about character backstory and motivations. From informing the characters actions to providing hooks for the Game Master to propel the story along we dive deep in these concepts. Things talked about in the show: Kristine Leslie West Marches Fagin Tony Toponi Princess Bride Leverage Critical … Continue reading "Episode 215 – The Backstory Tale"
Episode: 085 – Let’s Talk About Shadow ( 44.19 MB / 64:17)
In this episode, we recap the entire plot of the game Shadow the Hedgehog. It will leave you begging for death!  We started a Patreon! Check it out at and listen to all four of our new pilot episodes! Leave us your feedback, and help us decide what will get made into a new series.
Episode: TWBD 35: Genitals McReady ( 141.67 MB / 180:00)
We think we found the fat Lizard Folk. We were wrong. Oh how we were wrong.
Podcast: Ten Cent Heroes
Episode: Episode 32 - Casino Fatale - Chapter 10 ( 73.61 MB / 68:41)
After Reyseria breaks the news to the gang about her recent discovery, things get NSFW as our heroes head to the Blooming Orchid to free Io from their debt. Canon visits the library to get some book-learning, and a certain stranger comes knocking at the party's door.
Episode: [Paladin] "The Gardens of Fortune" (Anno 775) ( 99.81 MB / 173:51)
We raise a glass to Greg Stafford and his legacy at the top of the session, then take on the final act of the the first adventure out of the Paladin Scenarios book, "The Gardens of Fortune." Support our Patreon! Follow us on social media! Facebook Twitter Google Plus Featuring: Jen Jade Des David S. Renae And...Edie the Dog
Episode: Episode 7: Highway Robbery! ( 30.62 MB / 44:30)
The girls are on the road to find the ever so ellusive mushroom for Tam's cousin! What sort of shenanigans will they find on the road this time?
Episode: 165: Fountain of Youth (feat. Sam & Birdie Bolin) ( 81.23 MB / 44:21)

DMs Mitch & Neal sits down with Sam and Birdie Bolin (oh and Curt, but yeah he's not important right now) from Dungeons & Dragons & Daughters for a discussion about DMing, D&D and just about everything else.

Dungeons & Dragons & Daughters


@DMs_Block Facebook Stitcher iTunes

Intro/Outro Music: Hip Hop Rap Instrumental (Crying Over You) by Chris Morrow 4 (Royalty Free Music) ·

Episode edited by: Mitch Connelly

Episode: Episode 48: Thought & Memory ( 0 MB / 73:22)
Arrnodel finds herself alone in a realm of shadows. Can she fight her way through the lost city? Will she be able to escape from Dendar's Grasp? What price must our warlock pay? Fan of the show? Consider helping us with a Patreon donation at Facebook: Twitter: @venturemaidens Instagram: @venturemaidens Music By:
Podcast: The Mortal Path
Episode: 2) Intruder or Visitor [An Indefinite Inheritance] ( 65.74 MB / 67:35)

Join us once more on our wild romp through wilder times on our beloved Alfallen! After dealing with Halbane's sudden assailant, our three adventurers enter the town of Midlen. With mostly friendly residents and mystery at its heart, what is "Sustain", and who is its keeper? War is on the horizon and Ludicrous, Sigrun, and Halbane must delve deeper to uncover the truth here...

See also: Sorry armadillos, lovely tents, what fuels the flames of your desire?, do a violence, voice troubles, renfaire ryanair, pain noise, and the taint.

Episode: Inkwell Ideas After the TPK; Modern; & Lovecraftian Sidequest Decks Plug ( 1.86 MB / 0:00)
Wherein Mawdrigen tells you about a lovely kickstarter you might want to support if you have contrary players like his! Check out 3 New Sidequest Decks: After the TPK; Modern; & Lovecraftian by Inkwell Ideas on @Kickstarter Kickstarter
Episode: Arc 2: Episode 49 ( 97.84 MB / 135:24)

"Lost in Thought" 

Group B take radical steps in order to try and bring their friend back from the dead. 


Alex - "Braylon"

Ian - "Kalden"

Jamie - "Tatiyana"

Karen - "Kallie"

Valerie - "Elena"

Jamieson - “Larg”


Check out the "Pub Crawl Anthology" here!

Send us an email at   

Visit for more info.

You can help support us on Patreon and help unlock awesome stuff for the whole community.   Some music for the show was kindly provided by Brandon and Derek Fiechter. Find their work here


Episode: Metagaming Moments XXXIII - Player Tips for Rollplay ( 18.96 MB / 26:01)

This is a fun episode where I am joined by my nephew Howard to help me give some tips for roleplaying as a player.  There are more players then DMs in the game. Good player rollplay will make the game great. Finally, this was just a hair over 26 minutes.



“PC Pearls” on DriveThruRPG

Episode: Dice Funk S5: Part 05 - Butt Perverts ( 159.18 MB / 114:02)

Great strides were made towards peace with the illithids. Now it's time for the team to spend some downtime on Gloria before starting their next mission.


Captain Liamoira Melbeck carouses at a local watering hole. Dr. Olivia Adler leads a therapy group. Dregg pulls off a heist. Sasha Grier goes on a cryptid hunt.



Austin Yorski: @austinyorski

Chris "RolloT" Larios: @rollot

Conrad Zimmerman: @conradzimmerman

Laura Kate Dale: @LaurakBuzz

Lauren Morgan: @rawrglicious





Michael "Skitch" Schiciano: @skitchmusic

Overclocked Remix: 

The Musical Ghost: 



Episode: Season Two: Episode Fifteen : This is why you don't split the party ( 98.45 MB / 43:01)
Podcast: Hyper RPG
Episode: Bloodcurdling Tales From the Loop | Volume 1 | Episode 3 ( 64.54 MB / 111:33)

The world has been changed, strange things happen and weird creatures roam about, teenagers try to solve the mysteries in our Bloodcurdling Tales From The Loop RPG Show!

Background and all art for the RPG by: Simon Stålenhag - RPG: Tales From The Loop (Free League Publishing / Modiphius) -

Subscribe on YouTube ► Watch Live Wednesdays at 5pm PT ► Join the Thumper Army ►

HYPER RPG Twitter - Facebook - Instagram - Merchandise -

GM Cameron Rice -

PLAYERS Emily Rose (Ellie) - Janel SantaCruz (Leanne) - Jessica Verdi (Chrissy) - Scott Rubin (Ricky) -

PODCAST iTunes - Simplecast -

P.O. BOX Attn: Bloodcurdling Tales From The Loop PMB 412 8309 Laurel Canyon Blvd. Sun Valley, CA 91352

-- Hyper RPG is a gathering place for friends, centered around video and tabletop gaming, comic books, movies and more. We push the boundaries of collaborative storytelling and shared gaming experiences across the web and around the world!

Podcast: Chaotic Adequate
Episode: CHAOTIC ADEQUATE – The Talulah Adventures Pt. 3 ( 59.63 MB / 58:03)

While we record Season 2 of our main storyline, a chance to catch Talulah the Halfling and a cast of vicious soldiers as they take on a special mission in the Short Races vs Long Races war. With special guests and an extra-special DM of the highest quality.

In part three our heroes have made their way into Castle Devilpoop, with a plan to kill the Orc High Command. But something wicked this way comes...

Chaotic Adequate is a comedy fantasy roleplay podcast from the people behind Science Showoff, Jack Left Town, Bright Club, Masterpiece Bookshelf and more. Join three professional comedians and a real-life scholar of horror for adventures in an incredible world of goblins, elves, magic and bickering.

This episode of Chaotic Adequate was written by Steve Cross and produced by Gregory Akerman. This episode stars Steve, Kimberley Freeman, Angus Dunican, Faz Alam and Mirri Hengeveld. It was recorded by Steve Cross.

Chaotic Adequate theme by Ian Bowkett.

Chaotic Adequate logo drawing and artwork by Kimberley Freeman.

We play Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition, dnd5e and the podcast features actual play.

We’re part of the Smart Material Collective,

Podcast: Mud & Blood
Episode: Coriolis AP: 1-1 Out of Stasis ( 126.95 MB / 55:27)
In session 1 of our Mud & Blood Plays Coriolis series, host Matt introduces the players to the new campaign, "Fear and Loathing in the Third Horizon", as they wake up out of stasis on board their new ship... Intro and Outro music is the track Valravn by Danheim, and ambient music is provided by 2018 ENnie award winning Tabletop Audio. To chat to the players, connect with them on Twitter at: @AdamAttley (Adam / Caliyah), @FoxFyre22 (Charlotte / Lunah), @ScriptandVerse (Nathan / Zanafar). To get in touch or discuss the show, connect with us on: Discord (, Twitter (@mudandbloodcast), Facebook (@mudandbloodcast), Google+ (, MeWe (, YouTube ( or Twitch (
Episode: AFTS DW-ANF20 - That’s My Worst Stat! ( 37.46 MB / 68:42)

AFTS Cast: Chris, Bridget, Mike and Joe

We’re back, and we’re finishing our side adventure in Parandisi with Mike as Laramie, Chris as Uriel, and Bridget as Lenore.  Joe helps guide the story to find the defected paladin and the missing demon bones in the castle ruins. Enjoy the podcast!

Like or Share episodes, news and more on our Facebook page: Adventures from the  Shed

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Podcast: Zero Fortitude
Episode: ZF #6 – House of Danger ( 27.77 MB / 31:56)

We review the choose your own adventure board game called House of Danger from Z-Man Games. We start off the

The post ZF #6 – House of Danger appeared first on ZERO FORTITUDE.

Episode: C2 Ep 13 Campaign Finale l Sweet Rolls: A Dungeons and Dragons Podcast ( 0 MB / 46:41)
Campaign 2 Episode 13 - THE CAMPAIGN FINALE! Thank you for listening! :) You can find us on Twitter, iTunes, Facebook, Sticher Radio and Castbox:- Twitter - @SweetRollsDnd iTunes - Stitcher Radio - Soundcloud - Castbox - Facebook - Please help us and support the channel by liking, leaving a review, sharing, commenting and subscribing! Every little helps! Thank you and enjoy!
Episode: Designing Scenarios ( 50.68 MB / 69:32)
Episode 83 - Designing Scenarios Scenarios are what it's all about! Thanks to glorious supporters on Patreon, The Smart Party have pumped out a couple of adventures - one whimsical from Baz and another more gritty from Gaz. This week the lads chat about the process of designing their own scenarios and some of the tips and tricks they've learned from their own writing and reading (and playing) other peoples'. Struggle to write your own stuff? Wonder what goes on behind the scenes? This podcast is for you! Want to discuss further? We're now on MeWe (the popular destination for those leaving G+). Find the lads via Facebook, on the Twitters: @the_smart_party or email the guys directly! Encourage the guys to pump out more content by becoming a Patreon supporter, this leads to the aforementioned scenarios, fanzine and more!
Podcast: The Smart Party
Episode: Designing Scenarios ( 50.68 MB / 0:00)
Episode 83 – Designing Scenarios Scenarios are what it’s all about! Thanks to glorious supporters on Patreon, The Smart Party have pumped out a couple of adventures – one whimsical from Baz and another more gritty from Gaz. This week the lads chat about the process of designing their own scenarios and some of the…
Podcast: Swordnut Radio
Episode: 151 D&D5e - A Fistful of Glass 2 "Chekovs Arcane Device" ( 43.86 MB / 47:46)

We play Dungeons And Dragons by Wizards of the Coast

Iron Company Adam - Gonk "Keys" - Kobold Rogue - Company Scout Biddy - Rickmar "Beaky" - Aarakocra Fighter - Company Archer
Kate - Aubrey "Tink" Spitz - Drow Barbarian - Company Choppysparkydeathkill Paul - Tab "Fishsticks" Quillwell - Human Wizard - Company Chef Dave - DM

Title music "Shards of Glass" Louis Barrabas and the Bedlam Six Blooper music. "Re-ignition" Bad Brains
Sound effects and music:
Battlebards at Alex Mason

Episode: [Live. Love. Die.]: RESE Mission 3 ( 110.36 MB / 160:44)
The final episode of our mini playtest with Alex and Ryan. This week we telegraph hard that our desire to explore one of the death moves, and we do deliver. Our pilots run their newly improved mechs through their paces. The ground crews engage in some bonding. And then everything burns.
Episode: Episode 233 – End Of The World – Beefy Beef Beefburgers The Beef Burgers With Beef – Session 3 ( 88.28 MB / 0:00)
Sykeara might have distracted most of the zombies with her Robin Reliant and Shakespeare but the gamers still need to escape from Reading. Is a trip to the Police station something they should be contemplating or is it likely to result in yet more death! Wiill they escape reading, or will the Beefy Beef Beefburgers […]
Episode: Episode 54: Greatest Characters Never Played ( 38.28 MB / 0:00)
In this episode we talk about the greatest characters we've never played and the greatest campaigns we've never played.
Episode: 210 Herald: Fistful of Dholes pt 2 [Herald: Lovecraft and Tesla] ( 29.9 MB / 65:20)
Having discovered that they might be the real monsters, with the possible exception of the other actual monsters, our heroes must find someone who knows what they’re talking about to come up with a new plan for stopping the mysterious killings.   GM: Megan Players: Aser, Matt, and Mike. System: Herald: Lovecraft and Tesla (Savage Worlds)   Thanks to Ravendesk Games for providing us with this scenario and rulebook to play!   Music by Kevin MacLeod, "Hot Swing." ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License   For more information visit us at The Redacted Files. What to help us out? Check out our Patreon
Podcast: Brainwaves
Podcast: Brainwaves
Episode: Episode 15 - Community Chest ( 40.52 MB / 35:24)

Welcome to Brainwaves a fortnightly podcast bringing you the best in Boardgame and Tabletop Gaming News. In this episode Catan gets seedy, Evil Dead 2 rises once more (sort of), a whole truck of deliveries turns up for RPG corner and the guys discuss the difference between standalone games and community games. 


Catan Crop Trust -

Seedbank -

Evil Dead 2 and Jasco -

Hasbro Self Parody -


CEX taking boardgame tradeins -

Leagcy for kids -

RPG Corner

Android book for Genesys -

Fria Lagan Merger -

Judge Dredd -

Smart Party Interview -

Cthlhu Mythos for 5E -

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Podcast: MegaDumbCast
Episode: [Week 38 Megasode] How To Make Superpowers Boring ( 81.4 MB / 58:45)

In which we discuss the dumbest things on pages 222-227 of Palladium's Heroes Unlimited RPG, which include The Super Sleuth character from the Special Training power category, a meandering introduction and definition of terms to kick off the Super Abilities section, and random tables for selecting super abilities.

Episode: DPR Live 05 - Scatman Begins ( 100.21 MB / 101:20)

Join the cast of Dice Paper Role in their 5th Live Show at Storyville, Melbourne. Danny is in the hotseat as DM and decides to punish himself by taking audience suggestions instead of writing an actual game. Dickhead. Tune in as the party navigate a series of literally random encounters from extinct creatures to the worlds worst tinder date.

Artwork & Credits:…5-scatman-begins/

Podcast: Der Eskapodcast
Episode: Folge 105 – Unfassbares Grauen: Cosmic Horror ( 42.35 MB / 43:03)
Das Nischen-Genre Cosmic Horror bedient existentielle Ängste und startet gerade möglicherweise voll durch. Gruselige Unendlichkeiten, grässliche Endlosigkeiten, grausige Ewigkeiten: Was ist so faszinierend daran, sich der eigenen Belanglosigkeit bewusst zu werden? Wie kann Cosmic Horror das eigene Rollenspiel auffrischen? Cast: … Weiterlesen →
Episode: C01E052: Lardoona ( 54.93 MB / 60:00)
Everything changes.
Episode: Anarchology Episode 010 - Runner Dossiers - Faces ( 38.06 MB / 82:45)
Podcast: Radio Grognard
Episode: Episode 130 - Play The Hand You're Dealt ( 10.96 MB / 10:18)
I talk about playing the pre-gen you have at conventions. Become a supporter of this podcast:
Episode: Actual Play Episode 205 - J-Dawgs ( 27.12 MB / 59:06)

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