The Hotness
Tales from the Loop
Flip 6
The Quiet Year
Far Trek
Day of the Beast
Blades in the Dark
Player's Handbook (D&D 5e)
Doctor Who Roleplaying Game
The Two-Headed Serpent
Freeport Companion: A Sourcebook for Shadow of the Demon Lord
Barbarians of the Aftermath
Mermaid Adventures
Islands of Purple-Haunted Putrescence
Terrible Beauty
Star Trek Adventures Core Book
Sentinel Comics: The Roleplaying Game – Starter Kit
Ruins of Zhentil Keep
50 Fathoms
Citybook I: Butcher, Baker, Candlestick Maker
A1-4: Scourge of the Slavelords
Forgotten Realms Campaign Set
Rolemaster Fantasy Role Playing (RMFRP, 4th Edition)
Tegel Manor
Traveller: Deluxe Edition
Eidolon: City in the Sky
Parsely #1: Action Castle
Misspent Youth
Swords & Wizardry Complete Rulebook
The Burning Wheel Fantasy Roleplaying System (Gold)
Horror on the Orient Express (2nd Edition)
Fate Core System
Cat's Eye
The One Ring Roleplaying Game
Legacy: Life Among the Ruins
Mouse Guard (2nd Edition)
Alarums & Excursions (Issue 43 - Mar 1979)
Alarums & Excursions (Issue 44 - Apr 1979)
Cthulhu Dark 0
SOLO: Solo RPG Campaigns for the Cepheus Engine
The Sprawl: November Metric
Pip System QuickStart
Mini-dungeon Module G9: The Fallen Abbey
Treasure Hunter
Monster Manual (AD&D 1e)
Player's Handbook (D&D 4e)
Death on the Reik
Dogs in the Vineyard
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Episode: DM's Deep Dive - Episode 7 ( 0 MB / 64:13)
Mike Shea - aka Sly Flourish - is joined by Matthew Mercer, noted voice actor and Dungeon Master for the Dungeons & Dragons series Critical Role and Force Grey: Giant Hunters!
Episode: Shadows of the Rebellion Episode One ( 60.46 MB / 66:01)
I just wanted to share episode one of our newest gaing group! more Staar Wars fun at July 24th, 2017 Shadows of the Rebellion! Galactic center, or Coruscant as it was call in the age of the Republic, has always been a hot bed of of political and economic struggle but now held tightly in the grasp of the Imperial power block those who dwell in the Shadow of the Empire must become….Shadows of the Rebellion! Just like our Sunday night Scoundrels we’ll be podcasting this game at Tucson Games and Gadgets Tucson mall store on Sundays, work might be making this a Biweekly game though!   Join the Rebellion now! Session Zero can be heard here:
Episode: D&D Journey of the fifth edition: Season 2 Chapter 51 Retreat and regroup…We have two options ( 65.31 MB / 71:19)
Join Kellie (Sister Solace), Kerrie (Tallyn), Brittany (Stranger #1- the Pirate Barbarian Half Orc), Jess (Hugh Mann) Jaaz (Kriv) and myself as we play through D&D Princes of the Apocalypse adventure module: Abolish an Ancient Evil Threatening Devastation in this Adventure for the World s Greatest Roleplaying Game Called by the Elder Elemental Eye to serve, four corrupt prophets have risen from the depths of anonymity to claim mighty weapons with direct links to the power of the elemental princes   The group gets really tactical and pulls some stealthy black ops and breaking down some doors “Seek theropy?!?!”“BURN IT, BURN IT!”“Look its a nuclear Rat!”“It’s a dwarven thing.”“Dungeonering…its when you roll a history”“…Skinny…” {Skinny stands for ‘I tell the group evrything i know’}̶ [...]
Episode: Deadlands: Noir - The Dark Heart of the City session 6 part 1 ( 84.89 MB / 0:00)
A Savage Worlds Noir Adventure!
Episode: MMP#268 – Designing for Kids ( 45.98 MB / 100:27)
Hey Folks. We’re sitting down with Eloy Lasanta, the Sage of the 3rd Eye, to talk about designing games for kids. We hope you enjoy and thanks for listening. Sponsors Bagthulhu & Wayward Masquerade Time Stamps  1:35 – What’s Going On Pip System Corebook 34:10 – The Garage: Designing Games for Kids Mermaid Adventures
Episode: Express 28: Ask Steve Anything! ( 107.72 MB / 38:21)
Steve takes your questions from Twitter, Facebook and Board Game Geek!
Podcast: GWJ RPGs
Episode: Orbital Decay - Episode 13 ( 63.89 MB / 0:00)

Welcome to Orbital Decay, an episodic collaborative storytelling RPG made possible by our Patreon subscribers! Join Game Master Michael Zenke as he takes Sean Sands, Shawn Andrich, Karla Andrich and Rob Daviau into a mysterious sci-fi adventure where our heroes don't know who they are, where they are or why they've emerged from their damaged cryo pods in the first place.

Episode: Wis, July 2017: Alternate Campaign Openings ( 32.12 MB / 35:05)

This week's hosts: Liam, Ian, Eoin and Sean

This week the party discuss alternate ways top open a campaign.

Show Notes:

  • 01:00 Oh Sean, when will you stop trying to bring in your sophisticated humour!
  • 01:34 Yet another reason the Eighties were the best.
  • 01:47 Ah classic....
  • 01:47b: List of "clasic" gamestarters-
    • Meet at a tavern (probably love adventuring)
    • Answer and advert (probably love investigating)
    • All show up at a Will reading (probably love funerals)
    • All thrown together by Fate (probably love the Fate System TM)
  • 04:12 In Media Res  
  • 06:12 DnD 5e Starter Box  
  • 07:01 Lost Mines of Phandelver, the starter adventure from the above Starter Box
  • 08:12 Storm Kings Thunder  
  • 09:04 Discworld
  • 09:16 One man one vote
  • 11:03 Don't worry sportsfans thats the "End of the World" series, not the "end of the World Series"
  • 13:01 Traveller   
  • 13:14 Spirit of the Century  
  • 15:34 Masks of Nyarlathotep which we played a bit of a while back  
  • 15:44 Darkstryder Campaign for the Star Wars Roleplaying Game  
  • 16:17 TORG  
  • 17:18 "Taking the Mick out of..."  - an Irish phrase meaning to ridicule or make jest of.
  • 24:27 SPOILERS SEAN!!! Some of us are still catching up on Marvel Unlimited!
  • 24:11 Necessary Evil  
  • 29:06 Out of the Abyss
  • 33:47 SunK Cost Fallacy  
Podcast: Skype of Cthulhu
Episode: 400 - Masks of Nyarlathotep 16 ( 0 MB / 0:00)
Special thanks to our amazing listener Sean for producing a remarkable introduction for our 400th episode!

Skype of Cthulhu presents a Call of Cthulhu campaign: Masks of Nyarlathotep, by Larry DiTillio and Lynn Willis. Published by Chaosium.

Port Said, Egypt
Friday, 13 February, 1925

The team studies some ritual magic and decides to make a visit to the Bent Pyramid.

Dramatis Persone:
  • Edwin as Michael “Miles High” Archer;
  • Gail as Iris Blurduch;
  • Gary as The Keeper of Arcane Lore;
  • Jim as Akiiki al-Braheem;
  • Jonathan as Miss Ophelia Morgan;
  • Max as Alan Stokes;
  • Randall as Tito Ginno.
  • Steve as Betsy Swanson;
Episode: Actual Play Episode 148 – Lost to the Woods ( 52.07 MB / 56:51)
Episode: Bonus Episode - Punted in the Bonce: A Cockney Adventure ( 72.74 MB / 52:55)

This actual-play episode has special meaning to Eric, but especially to Harrison.

A few months ago, Harrison and Nikk came up with this idea after reading Fuhgeddaboudit! by Just Insert Imagination. It took place in London and involved pub-going Brits getting in trouble with the local gangsters. Morne and Eric really liked the idea, and thought it had a lot of potential.

Eric then invited Harrison to write Aliens vs Redneck with him so he could get familiar with the Plug & Play format. Working with Harrison was fantastic and he took Aliens vs Rednecks to another level. Just Insert Imagination immediately commissioned Punted in the Bonce from him.

Just Insert Imagination is still producing Punted in the Bonce but they have a cover. Look for its release soon!

That said, Harrison got together with Peter Beckett, Sean Hunt and James Clarke to play this adventure. This is what happened…

Episode: Licensed Games with Mat Hart ( 5 MB / 0:00)
Episode 55 – Licensed Games with Mat Hart If you’ve heard about Guild Ball and the Dark Souls board game, you’ll have heard of record-breaking Kickstarters from Steamforged Games. The lads have an extensive chat with the loquacious Mat Hart about RPGs, licensed games, kickstarters and what he’s having for tea. We don’t do Kickstarters […]

Licensed Games with Mat Hart was originally published on UK Role Players

Podcast: The Smart Party
Episode: Licensed Games with Mat Hart ( 75.95 MB / 0:00)
Episode 55 – Licensed Games with Mat Hart If you’ve heard about Guild Ball and the Dark Souls board game, you’ll have heard of record-breaking Kickstarters from Steamforged Games. The lads have an extensive chat with the loquacious Mat Hart about RPGs, licensed games, kickstarters and what he’s having for tea. We don’t do Kickstarters…
Podcast: Gaming and BS
Episode: 150 Mega Dungeons ( 51.74 MB / 66:36)

Mega dungeons, you know, the big ones. There’s Undermountain, Castle Greyhawk, Barrowmaze and many more. We talk about ’em. Announcements 28 games being run by friends of ours at Gamehole Con. Board and card games are also welcome. More talk about Brett’s Avalon setting. Random Encounter All comments this week are about episode 149 – Time...

The post 150 Mega Dungeons appeared first on Gaming and BS RPG Podcast.

Podcast: Going Last
Episode: Episode 210 ( 49.15 MB / 53:41)
Episode: DwD&D#109 – Gaming with Kids ( 23.07 MB / 50:24)
Let’s get down with kids and teens playing some D&D with special guest Rory Merwin. It’s the experience, the do’s and don’ts, and as much help as we can cram into 50 minutes for running D&D games for kids.
Podcast: Fandible
Episode: Longshot: Numenera Ep 66 ( 17.66 MB / 37:24)

Free from the threat of assassination, at least for now, the travelers return to the purpose of their entire journey. Entering the library of Charmonde.  Longshot Episodes

The post Longshot: Numenera Ep 66 appeared first on Fandible Actual Play Podcast.

Episode: Apocalypse World: Sanctuary - Part 4 ( 123.94 MB / 135:41)
The final episode of this campaign will be recorded live at ConBravo! 1:30pm Saturday July 29th in The Lair (Room 314) in the Hamilton Convention Centre. Happening on the last weekend of July, the 28th - 30th, in Hamilton, Ontario at the Hamilton Convention Centre, you can buy your tickets now at In the Apocalypse World there is a rumour of a place, or an item, or a source where all this began. The story changes person to person but the name is always the same. THE HAMMER. Somewhere out there is a place where all the water is clean and you're always safe, The Hammer. Or it's a weapon of untold power and potential. Or it's a vault that holds the source of the whatever it is that ended our world and left behind a maelstrom of psychic fuckery. Step into the confines of Sanctuary. Anxiety runs high after half their guards left the hardhold to form Old Gang in the ruined city. Deliveries are running late and the people are running out of patience. In an attempt to shut down the Old Gang, the entire team is now captured or on the run. All hope rests on the Mother Superior of Sanctuary and his troublesome interrogator, Pity. And support us today through Patreon: Terrible Warriors: Bre Poisonne, Cassie Chui, Conal MacBeth, Justin Ecock, Steve Saylor, and Tom White
Episode: Episode 29 - Olympus inc. ( 70.22 MB / 70:12)

Olympus inc. is an exciting new setting from Fabled Environments that mixes cyberpunk with Greek mythology, To talk about it, we invited Charles White, main honcho over at the FE and one of the writers. It also happens that good friend Manuel Sambs from Veiled Fury Entertainment knows Olympus inc. quite well so he joined us to help with the interview.

Find out what their favorite ice cream is, what Gary would like to dream about and witness Harrison’s rise to professional journalism. All that in this informative and entertaining episode!

Be sure to stay in contact with us-, twitter @thewilddie [...]
Episode: s2e65 Mayaheine Must Die Part 9 – The Hunt Begins ( 42.7 MB / 74:10)

Having gathered information from their informant The Evil Doers decided it is time to start the hunt for the Regalia!

The post s2e65 Mayaheine Must Die Part 9 – The Hunt Begins appeared first on Geekspective.

Episode: 58–RBVM: Chrome, Crushes, & Consequences ( 63.24 MB / 55:15)
Our crew has made it into Club Metroid’s Battle of the Bands with a firm plan in hand. But will things be as easy as they think they will? Senda GMs the ENnie-nominated Rockerboys and Vending Machines, a cyberpunk hack of Lasers and Feelings written by Senda’s other co-host Phil Vecchione, starring: SASG’s Emily as street samurai Bit Switch. Redemption Podcast’s Kendall…

Continue reading →

Podcast: The RPG Academy
Episode: The Campaigns : Wrought Iron Episode 22 : Fade to Black ( 31.81 MB / 46:19)
Hello and welcome to The Campaigns, the Actual Play podcasts from The Rpg Academy. This is episode 20 of our newest DnD 5E actual play podcast. Wrought Iron In this episode, the party's individual adventures wrap up as the Captain returns. Arhamie Mot played by Michael  (@TheRpgAcademy) Deign Seaborne played by Scott Brown (@geowtf) Cassander Ziegengeist played by Matt Parody (@MattParody) Please enjoy Wrought Iron Episode 22: Fade to Black. This adventure was written by and is being run by Caleb (@TheCalebG) This actual play is supported by BattleBards and Easy Roller Dice.     As always, thanks for listening. We hope you enjoy. Comments and Feedback are always welcome. Michael E-mail us at Podcast@TheRpgAcademy Follow us on twitter @TheRpgAcademy Visit our Facebook Page Join our new Google+ Community page: The Rpg Academy Become a backer: and get episodes early and other great rewards  
Episode: Game Master's Journey 166: West Marches Campaigns ( 0 MB / 103:21)
Lex and Christopher discuss West Marches campaigns--a style of campaign that features wilderness exploration and player-directed action. Everything from scheduling, to party makeup, to game session objectives is up to the players!
Episode: Episode 39: Space Themed Games ( 101.04 MB / 93:02)

In this episode Cathy welcomes her husband, Mark Ford, and Jesse Metcalf to the show to talk about our favorite Space Themed Games; and she also has an interview with Eerko & Suzan Vissering about their Board Game Stats app, and Jesse talks about spac

Episode: Shadows of the Rebellion Episode One ( 60.46 MB / 66:01)

Shadows of the Rebellion!
Galactic center, or Coruscant as it was call in the age of the Republic, has always been a hot bed of of political and economic struggle but now held tightly in the grasp of the Imperial power block those who dwell in the Shadow of the Empire must become….Shadows of the Rebellion!

Just like our Sunday night Scoundrels we’ll be podcasting this game at Tucson Games and Gadgets Tucson mall store on Sundays, work might be making this a Biweekly game though!


Join the Rebellion now!

Session Zero can be heard here:


Please support our show at  

Episode: Yoda'wg (Episode VI, Scene XI) - Podcast ( 0 MB / 0:00)

Episode 6, Scene 11 of NTMTO! - "Yoda'wg"

The Despair Saga draws to a close with Episode VI - The Voice in the Abyss! The crew arrives on the forest moon of Endor. What awaits them in the depth of the forest, so many years after the fall of the Empire?

Never Tell Me The Odds is a Star Wars RPG live play podcast, where four professional comedians / improvisers doing their best to stay alive on the edge of the Empire. New episodes every Friday!

Follow our site, check out new episodes every Friday, and stay posted for our regular prizes and giveaways!

Yoda'wg - (Episode 6; Scene 11)

Download Podcast Here | Listen on iTunes
Episode: Drink Spin Run S3 E3.1: Bob and Andrew ( 0 MB / 0:00)

 Our Guests
+Bob Brinkman
+Andrew Shields

Show Notes after the jump

Guest NotesBob Brinkman

Andrew Shields
Show NotesDrinkGlenlivet Archive 21-Year-Old Scotch
MacWizard, Brewery Vivant, Grand Rapids, MI
Negra Modelo, Mexico
SpinThe Necks
Deru, 1979
21 Pilots
ReadGaston Leroux, Phantom of the Opera
Robin W. Bailey, Swords Against the Shadowlands
Doc Savage
Poul Anderson, Three Hearts and Three Lions
L. Sprague DeCamp, Fallible Fiend
Jack Kirby, Kamandi the Last Boy On Earth
Popcorn Sutton, My and My Likker
Andre Norton, Eye of the Monster
Jethro Wall, Threat-N-Ink #7: Kreature Kompendium (with Mario Torrez & Chris Stieha)
L. Frank Baum, Oz: The Complete Collection
Fritz Leiber, Swords of Lankhmar
Robert Bloch, Mysteries of the Worm
RunLasers & Feelings becomes Ghostbusters in Andrew's hands
Yoon-Suin + Mad Monks of Kwantoom + Maze Rats (I totally misunderstood this as "Amaze Rats" at first. Oops.)
Cyborg Commando. Turns out, it's playable!
Call of Cthulhu via Mountain Monsters
1e AD&D
Donn wants to run The Emerald Enchanter for his DCC group
Adam explains DWIMMERMARS (OD&D-ified Barsoomian Dwimmermount via Warriors of the Red Planet)
At GaryCon, Adam ran The Revenge of CHUD Strikes Back Again, The Musical, The RPG

Thanks for joining us for this episode of Drink Spin Run. If you like what you've heard, share us with your friends, leave us an iTunes review or send us an email at You can also support us at Our theme music was generously provided by the band Blue Snaggletooth ( Once again, thanks for listening, you gorgeous listeners.

Podcast: Saving the Game
Episode: Episode 113 - The Fourth Commandment ( 71.57 MB / 62:32)

Our Ten Commandments series returns with the Fourth Commandment: “Remember the Sabbath and keep it holy.” Before we get to that, however, we have a bit of business to go over and a bit of catching up to do. We spend a little time discussing our Patreon support, since we haven’t updated listeners on that in a while. Grant’s learning Korean, and blogged about that a bit; and Jenny needs to issue a correction regarding the Battletech game she described in the previous episode. After all that’s out of the way, though, we tackle a big question from Patreon supporter Richard, who asks us about our favorite RPG characters.

All that taken care of, we dive headfirst int [...]

Podcast: Strange Assembly
Episode: Strange Assembly 219 - Risen from the Flames ( 18.78 MB / 40:41)
Chris and Jay discuss the the Phoenix Clan fiction, Risen from the Flames, marking the return of Robert "Spooky" Denton to L5R writing. Plus recent previews.
Podcast: System Mastery
Episode: Expounded Universe 4 – Stupid Sexy Xizor ( 63.25 MB / 0:00)
These chapters are in a bit of a holding pattern, but not us, damn it!  We discuss the value of Xizor’s workout regimen, Dash Rendar’s continued value as an employee, […]
Episode: 322 TftL - The Squirrel Has to Die ( 55.46 MB / 80:23)

Welcome to the 80s that never was. Kids on bike, solving mysteries - what can be more fun that that?

Other possible titles for this episode.

Japan or New Jersey or Something
It's Called Jousting
Bury Him with Ranger Rick
A Marvel "What If"
She's Seth Hot
New Bones for the Clubhouse

Episode: D6G Ep 217: Getting into Voice Work & Clank Detailed Review ( 178.49 MB / 192:33)
Ray Greenley, voice over guy and passonate gamer, joins us in the 3rd chair! Up first Ray gives us insight into how he got into voice over and narrating audio books! Later we take a good look at the game Clank!  Can this deck building card game appeal to someone like Craig? All that plus:    - Total Fan Girl - Do You Ever Notice - App of the Ep  -  & More If you'd like to discuss the show with us and others in our forum thread: click here.   The following fine organizations help make this show possible:   ==Quick Reference== App of the Ep: 1hr 19 min - Dice Hunter Recording with Ray: 1 hr 23 min Total Fan Girl: 2 hr 6 min Clank! Review:  2 hr 10 min      Links Discussed in the show: Craig's Blog: Russ's Blog: Total Fan Girl Blog: Link Dice Tower Network: Link              
Episode: The World According to LARP — DGS Episode #50 ( 84.83 MB / 92:39)

If you have ever wanted to take your gaming immersion level one step further then…

The post The World According to LARP — DGS Episode #50 appeared first on Dead Games Society.

Episode: Cypher Speak Episode 15: No Thank You, Evil! ( 45.24 MB / 32:49)
It’s time to talk Kids Games!  This week we cover Monte Cook Games RPG for Kids, No Thank You, Evil! by Shanna Germain.  Gaming with kids is really great, and if you are looking for a good introduction to play an RPG with kids, look no further than No Thank You, Evil!   Links: I …

Continue reading »

Episode: Episode 223 - The Fighting Falcons ( 69.17 MB / 84:32)

In order to save our good bud Yazdir from the Nareevians, our brave heroes must face a huge and powerful enemy. An enemy with big ol' spikes! Luckily, the gang has a few tricks up their sleeves and this prickly foe is about to enter pain city USA.

The adventure continues with Steve Melloncamp (Mike Bachmann), Aludra Wyrmsbane (Jennifer Cheek), Jaela (Nika Howard), Toby Treacletart (Tim Lanning) and your Dungeon Master (Michael DiMauro). Don’t forget to follow our editors Steph Kingston (@stephokingston) and David Stewart (@spudcam)!

Podcast art by @Coalbee84! Want the world to see your fan art? Tweet it with #DrunksAndDoodles or head on over to the forum.

Music: "Epic" by"

Episode: Episode 185 – Laundry Day ( 0 MB / 0:00)
When Robespierre wakes, what will he have to say? Will he divulge his secrets willingly, or will he require some of Shira Snow’s gentle “encouragement”?
Podcast: One Shot
Episode: 210. World Wide Westling Part 3 ( 38.56 MB / 67:21)
A simple contract in a box match at The Brown Center for the Performing arts has turned into the battle of the century. God the creator of the universe and their tag team partner Mike Jones will take on Satan and Men Latifa, and Cool Dad and his kids in a three-way buried alive tag […]
Episode: Botched Season 2 Episode 32: Weasel Holes And How To Make Easy Money ( 104.44 MB / 96:01)
In this session of 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons, our party continues to investigate the incident in Maple Hills, but finds some people are easier to interrogate than others
Episode: Signaler från Zonen #32 – Sommarflum och rollspelsvardag ( 139.6 MB / 101:39)
Så var det dags att damma av den gamla sändaren ännu en gång. Den här gången är det bara tre ligister som lyckats skrapa ihop sig själva för att snacka...
Episode: 131: Rule of Cool (feat. Kim Hidalgo) ( 57.63 MB / 41:57)

We chat with Kim Hidalgo of Girls Guts Glory about the Rule of Cool.

Kim Hidalgo: Twitter

Girls Guts Glory: Twitter Website

Patreon @DMs_Block
Episode: #28.1 - The Lovecraft Tales ( 9.07 MB / 9:49)

Welcome to The Lovecraft Tales 28.1, a brief fictional interlude to tide you over until the next episode of The Lovecraft Tapes. Enjoy…

Episode: Episode 109 - Facilitating Horror Gaming ( 28.82 MB / 60:28)

Kate and Jason welcome Michelle Lyons-McFarland from Growling Door Games!

Giving Me Bleed
Gerrit (00:55)
Becoming human in Promethean (03:10)
Genocide in Fall of Magic (05:06)

Facilitating Horror in RPGs
Introduction (08:40)
Invoking fear (09:36)
Maintaining hope (17:24)
Holding space (28:38)
Our favorite horror sub-genres (38:07)
Pitfalls (47:04)
Miscellaneous tips (51:12)

Giving Me Life
Gauntlet Con announcement and +1 Forward ENnie nomination (56:08)
Horizon: Zero Dawn (57:49)
All of the Mass Effect (58:39)

Our website

Our Patreon

Follow us on Twitter @GauntletRPG

Episode: Panda’s Talking Games – 68: Kidding Around ( 45.99 MB / 50:14)
Show us how you handle kids at your table in one shots and campaigns! Phil and Senda use their first hand child rearing experience to talk about the challenges and bonuses of having kids at your table, learning opportunities, and tips for getting them gaming young! Also, Senda apparently only drinks weird things, dazzle/FIZZY, we …

Continue reading »

Episode: Episode 387: Best new magic system 5 part 2 ( 63.92 MB / 69:49)

This week we finish part 5 of our design of the best new Magic system.

Podcast: Order 66 Podcast
Episode: The Order 66 Podcast Episode 103 - Counseling for Consulars ( 88.54 MB / 186:30)
The Order 66 Podcast returns for an incredibly meaty and quite long episode with FFG special guests Sam Stewart and James Spahn. With their help, we deep dive into Disciples of Harmony, the Consular Sourcebook for Force and Destiny. We ask your questions about the book and its amazing content, with special discussions of the Ebb and Flow Force Power and the insane awesomeness of the IFD. Sam and James spend over 3 hours mentoring us all on this amazing title. Big thanks goes out to Mr. Stewart and Mr. Spahn, for taking their time for all of us.
Episode: Actual Play - Aether Sea (FATE rules) Part 22 ( 52.35 MB / 57:11)

This is part twenty two of an actual play from the table that VP Quinn and Assistant to the Assistant to the Regional Manager Joel play at. The game is run by Andrew, and the players are Quinn playing a murderous goblin, Joel playing an elven plant magician, Ryan playing a human bureaucrat and Anthony playing a human ex prince of the Hegemony and the ships captain. 

In this episode the players discuss making small changes to their characters to start out the session, then start to decide how they want to handle the battle that they are caught up in. Will they fire on the poorly armed peasants? How will Archibald and Halluethiar get back on the ship so that they can all get out of harms way? Will Gril even wait for them or will he just fly away when the captain turns his back? Tune in and find out!

After the Homeworld was ruined by magical warfare, dwarves, elves, goblins, humans and trolls have left it to seek their fortune among the stars.  We play a small crew of misfits just trying to keep their ship running and their mouths fed in the vast Aether Sea.  Our crew inhabits a rich, high-fantasy universe of magic-powered sailing ships, steampunk gadgets, interstellar travel, intrigue, and good old piracy.  Aether Sea - A World of Adventure for Fate Core was written by Ed Turner.
Episode: Episode 151 – The Characteristic Tale ( 35.34 MB / 38:36)
We talk about how characteristics need to be thought of for your characters as your creating, knowing where your character is now in the timeline of their growth, and how you can shape your character off of abilities that aren’t common. Things talked about in the show: Purrgil Pelta class Lucky sevens Ogg Dudes character … Continue reading "Episode 151 – The Characteristic Tale"
Episode: DFB S06 Special Episode – Table Chat: Character Creation ( 71.23 MB / 0:00)

For a first look into Season 6, we dive into the character creation process. We will be exploring how our brand new player builds her character Dasha, as well as some high-level experience expenditure with Bher and Gree. Please take our very short survey:  

The post DFB S06 Special Episode – Table Chat: Character Creation appeared first on Dice For Brains.

Podcast: Zero Fortitude
Episode: Movie Night Hangout : Fanboys ( 25.74 MB / 28:07)

Michael brings back Movie Night Hangout!  On this episode Bernie and Michael talk about Fanboys.

The post Movie Night Hangout : Fanboys appeared first on ZERO FORTITUDE.

Episode: Episode 22 (Part 2) – The Rolistes Go To The UK Games Expo ( 45.81 MB / 0:00)
Here's the second part of our episode recorded at the UK Games Expo! Thanks again to the fans supporting the show via Patreon for unlocking that $30 goal. For this part here's some additional...

The Rolistes Podcast is your London based tabletop RPG podcast, discussing everything: games, life in London, best spots and events, life as immigrants, food, music and other geek stuff.

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