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Episode: Episode 101 - Into the Void ( 113.32 MB / 99:01)
Episode 101 - "Into the Void" - In our latest show we're back to analysing the various systems of Wrath and Glory, and this time around we take a look at the rules for Voidships. We also talk about the Rogue Trader archetype, review Warhammer Quest Blackstone Fortress, and we end of with a discussion on the considerations of running sandbox style games.
Episode: Masks: A New Generation - 2 of 4 ( 61.57 MB / 67:03)
Return to Halcyon City the city of superheroes. This city has a tradition of superheroics and a history of metahuman events that stretches back across three distinct generations. The Gold, Silver, and Bronze generations have all had their moment and now the moment is ours. We are the New Generation, everyone has an opinion on what kind of heroes we should become but we're the only ones who will have the final say.  Masks is published by Magpie Games This campaign was chosen my our Patreon supporters poll. If you'd like to help choose the next game we record consider supporting us on Patreon at Terrible Warriors: Justin Ecock, Cassie Chui, Neil Tavares, and Leon Weinstein
Episode: Episode 27 - Daggers Out for Julia Moongold ( 0 MB / 81:41)
There are like so many daggers in this episode cause Sara just thinks daggers are neat. Join the crew as they infiltrate a duergar city and meet up with an old acquaintance and finally learn about Emma’s daddy issues.Credits:Art by: Kat VerhoevenYou can see more of Kat's art at verwho.comMusic: Intro: Village Consort Kevin MacLeod ( under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 more information about 4 Friends & Some Dice visit:
Episode: Ep. 28 - Novella: Wights, Camera, Action - Part 3 of 3 ( 0 MB / 67:08)
Our heroes get ready for their close up and then have a sincere talk about their feelings.
Episode: Ep. 27 - Novella: Wights, Camera, Action - Part 2 of 3 ( 0 MB / 64:12)
Our heroes must deal with Giergard’s most dangerous foe, rich wights.
Podcast: Serendipity City
Episode: How Could This Possibly Fail? ( 54.39 MB / 72:39)
In the season one finale, Iro, Fancy, and Fox follow the last lead they have, in hopes of getting answers about Rachel's disappearance...and lingering mysteries from their past. CW: gun violence and vehicle violence (timestamps at end of show notes) Players: Jennifer Alexander (Instagram, Twitter) Brendan McLeod (Twitch, Twitter), and Orion GM: Michelle Nickolaisen (Twitter, Instagram) Audio editor: Brendan Hutchins You can support Serendipity City on Patreon, and find us around the web at, Discord, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, or Facebook. Make sure to send in your questions for a post-season-one Q&A episode! Here's a few notes on things discussed in the outro: I'm working on my own PBTA hack to use in future seasons - if you're interested in playtesting, let me know! Due to that + an upcoming move + PodCon, full episodes will probably not return until February/March 2019 (but there will be bonus episodes and content in the meantime, so stay subscribed and keep an eye on the feed) If you're going to be at PodCon, feel free to reach out and/or say hi if you see me! I'm gonna try and get some stickers and such to hand out. Thanks again for being here for season one! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed making it. Music tracks used: Grey Alley by Blue Dot Sessions, Grand Hotel by Dee Yan Key, and of course our custom theme created by Brendan Hutchins Sound effects via Battlebards and Creative Commons CW timestamps: "up close" gun violence and violence in general (no sound effects) from 20-30m, 52-55m, 1h05m-06m, automobile violence at 44-45m in and 46-47m
Episode: Ep. 26 - Novella: Wights, Camera, Action - Part 1 of 3 ( 0 MB / 68:42)
Our heroes get a new mission and get an inside look at "the biz"
Podcast: I Am Hear
Episode: S03 E04: Deven Rue - Rue Ink ( 45.02 MB / 49:06)
Deven Rue, Cartographer Extraordinaire from Rue Ink, sits down to talk about Deven's artistic processes, inspirations, what visual impairment means for her profession, how she started mapmaking for a living, the beauty of a community that gives, and how much she loves the RPG Community.
Episode: Episode 145 – The Good Friends charm The Two-Headed Serpent ( 72.32 MB / 52:38)
The Two-Headed Serpent We’re back and we’re cocking our hats, lighting some torches and wondering where the hell all these snakes came from. Why did it have to be snakes? This is our look at...The post Episode 145 – The Good Friends charm The Two-Headed Serpent appeared first on Blasphemous Tomes.
Episode: 97 – After the War 2 ( 78.6 MB / 68:41)
We’re back with the second episode of After the War–on Kickstarter now! You can pick up the quick start here. Check out our GM Cat at & @aviatrixgames on Twitter Alex Roberts at & @muscularpikachu on Twitter Sam Saltiel Sarah Saltiel on Facebook & @s_saltiel Instagram  
Podcast: The Dungeon Rats
Episode: S3E2: Special Delivery ( 52.81 MB / 57:33)
Split the party? Why not!? What could possibly go wrong.
Episode: Episode 10 || Bait & Switch - Part 10 ( 78.85 MB / 72:06)
After the revelation that the Race has dumped them in the Plaguewrought Lands, the party stumbled unwittingly into a giant, which was partially composed of this weird reoccurring purple crystal. Mia left a crater in the shard giant, and Barash punched it to smithereens, but Lin will soon find something she decides to keep secret before Kaylark makes a series of unfortunate decisions. Intro/Outro composed for Sacrosanct by humanaturefiverrAdditional music: Pipe Choir || OKAM vs ps || Ketsa || Sound of Picture
Podcast: Hyper RPG
Episode: RPG Playtest | Kids On Bikes - Episode 4 ( 114.83 MB / 159:45)
Subscribe on YouTube ► Join the Thumper Army ► HYPER RPG Discord - Facebook - Instagram - Merchandise - and Twitter - GM: Zac Lim Eubank - Players: Malika Lim Eubank - Milynn Sarley - Bert Jennings - Lucas Eubank - PODCAST iTunes - Simplecast - P.O. BOX Attn: Hyper RPG PMB 412 8309 Laurel Canyon Blvd. Sun Valley, CA 91352 -- Hyper RPG is a gathering place for friends, centered around video and tabletop gaming, comic books, movies and more. We push the boundaries of collaborative storytelling and shared gaming experiences across the web and around the world!
Episode: 169: RAAHH Real Monsters; Goblins (feat. The GM Tim) ( 57.9 MB / 42:09)
DM Neal talks with The GM Tim joins us at the DMB to talk about the classic monstrous race. Goblins! Twitter: @thegmtim Patreon @DMs_Block Facebook Stitcher iTunes   Intro/Outro Music: Music provided by Argofox: Inova - Forgotten This episode edited by: Neal Powell
Episode: 064: Pleased to Meet Kaiju ( 66.2 MB / 0:00)
The RFC crew head out into the blasted lands of Eox where horrors abound … and they manage to stumble upon one of the largest horrors imaginable. Let’s get ready to rumble! Also for this week’s GM/PC Tip, Stephen explores the benefits of using visual aids during your gaming sessions. And don’t forget to become a … Continue reading "064: Pleased to Meet Kaiju" The post 064: Pleased to Meet Kaiju appeared first on Roll For Combat: Your Friendly Neighborhood Actual Play Podcast.
Podcast: Chaotic Adequate
Episode: CHAOTIC ADEQUATE S02E07 - On The High Seas Pt. 7 ( 70.06 MB / 66:45)
Our heroes are hunting a MIND FLAYER, a totally inappropriate challenge for beings as simple as them, to return the soul to a sea captain who seems to be functioning perfectly well without it. Join three professional comedians and a real-life scholar of horror for adventures in an incredible world of goblins, elves, magic and bickering. Chaotic Adequate is a comedy fantasy roleplay podcast from the people behind Science Showoff, Jack Left Town, Bright Club, Masterpiece Bookshelf and more. This episode of Chaotic Adequate was written by Gregory Akerman and produced by Gregory Akerman and Angus Dunican. This episode stars Gregory, Angus Dunican, Amanda DiGioia and Steve Cross. It was recorded by Steve Cross. Chaotic Adequate theme by Ian Bowkett. Incidental music by Angus Dunican. Chaotic Adequate logo drawing and artwork by Kimberley Freeman. We play Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition, dnd5e and the podcast features actual play. We’re part of the Smart Material Collective,
Episode: Dungeons and Drongos Episode 67: Mark Hall, the ChrisTmas Prince, Part 1! ( 0 MB / 0:00)
Ho! Ho! Ho! It's that time again when the party celebrates that poorly defined annual celebration of the birth of Chris T. - the baby who famously had half his face bitten off by a donkey. This year they've been put to task by an enigmatic new visitor from a far away land who wants to have the most authentic ChrisTmas yet. But can they get him to Sandy Corker on time? It's Dungeons and Dragons except it's set in Fantasy Australia, you snappers!Download here! (click to stream, right-click to save)SUBSCRIBE to us on iTunes - because we do this every week!Please support our new show by rating/reviewing and sharing our content. And why not join the discussion in ourfriendly Facebook group!? Or even go hog wild by subscribing/supporting us on Patreon!
Podcast: Thursday Knights
Episode: Season 4 Episode 48: On the Road to Mithril Hall ( 176.72 MB / 163:59)
Our heroes make their final preparations on the way to Mithril Hall. Season 4 is played using Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition.
Podcast: MegaDumbCast
Episode: [Pg 271] Area Man Doesn't Understand Volume Measurements [Week 46] ( 11.3 MB / 9:09)
Wherein we discuss the dumbest thing about the Create Force Field superpower in the Major Super Abilities section of Palladium's Heroes Unlimited RPG.
Episode: #63 BLOODLINES: Stranded ( 55.49 MB / 59:53)
In This Episode: Having made landfall on Bloodsworth Island just after dark, our investigators of the unknown are about to enter the Winoka Point Research Center when they hear a distant explosion across the bay. Shaken, they decide to press on and explore the unlit interior, which was clearly abandoned decades ago and is in pretty bad shape. In fact, the decrepitude is dangerous. A quick exploration of the ground level reveals that certain experiments were being carried out here, once upon a time. Perhaps the answer lies beneath the crumbling edifice...   This Week’s Sponsor: Exot-O-Mat Auction Block   Recommendos: THE NIGHT COMES FOR US Garth Marenghi's Darkplace Darkwood Octodad: Dadliest Catch   The Lovecraft Tapes is a real-play Call of Cthulhu 7th edition RPG campaign podcast recorded using OBS, YouTube, Roll20, Audacity and Adobe Creative Cloud. Episodes are available on iTunes, Google Play Music, Stitcher and Podbean. For more information and advertising/sponsorship opportunities please contact  
Episode: Episode 159: Waterdeep - Dungeon of the Mad Mage, the Review ( 25.9 MB / 20:46)

SYNOPSIS: It's time again to jump down the hole in the Yawning Portal and spend some quality time in Halaster's playground! How does the 5th Ed. trip to Undermountain fare when compared to the 2e, 3.5 and 4e delves? Let's find out!

Podcast: Saving the Game
Episode: STG 142 - Biblical Figures: Samson ( 49.49 MB / 36:02)

Jenny and Peter oversee the promotion of our ongoing series on gamifying Biblical figures with one of the most difficult yet: Samson! Though his story is found in the Book of Judges, Samson is a notorious and often actively awful outlier among Biblical figures. He's a drunken, womanizing barbarian who only occasionally interacts with God, and often seems more like Heracles or other mythic figures. What, then, can we learn from Samson and his story? And what can we take back to the gaming table?

Scripture: Judges 13:2-5, Judges 16:28-30

Podcast: gg no re
Podcast: gg no re
Episode: 142 - The Death of Google Plus ( 13.39 MB / 17:22)
We talk about where the OSR and DIY scene should migrate after Google Plus fails to save vs death. Show notes:
Episode: Parallax Converging, Act One ( 65.27 MB / 47:32)

Parallax Converging, Act One of Five.

A strange spatial anomaly could hold the key to the crew's mission. But what else could its appearance mean?

Starring Ellie, David, Vikki and Alex

Created and hosted by Matt Boothman (@MerelyMJ)

In association with Blackshaw Theatre Company (

Playing Impulse Drive by Adrian Thoen

Promo: The Space Jam Continuum (

Podcast: Tavern Chat
Episode: E208 - 52.5 Million G+ Accounts Exposed to Private Data Breach Bug, Shutdown Moved Up to April 2019 ( 10.5 MB / 11:20)
Google has proven to be an unreliable custodian of personal data, with 52.5 million accounts' personal data exposed. Become a supporter of this podcast:
Episode: 61 - I Dream of Jerron ( 92.35 MB / 100:46)
Jerry runs back his previous New York cases as his brain to picked by Michael's crew. The group starts homing in on his location and try to break him out before everything falls to pieces.
Episode: Episode 12: More and more questions ( 34.31 MB / 49:53)
The girls take care of little things in town while they decide to figure out where to next. It shouldn't be that entertaining, should it? It is....
Episode: Episode 98: Hill Giants Attack! ( 85.48 MB / 84:41)

Our adventurers face the consequences of Kavra's actions, but are quickly distracted by a giant force that has appeared to attack the Orc Village. 


Episode: Episode 38 - Irri and Baba Femi's High School Reunion ( 197.51 MB / 86:17)

Our heroes face off against the Gooddough wraith for the last time. Will they make it back to town in one piece for their date with Lily?

Episode: Episode 168 - GM:201 - Weathering the Weather - The Digital and Dice Podcast ( 82.31 MB / 59:55)

The Digital and Dice Podcast Episode 168 - GM:201 - Weathering the Weather

Show notes recorded below:

Show #168 of the podcast series for The Digital & Dice Podcast

Show Main Topic: GM:201 - Weathering the Weather - Using Environmental Hazards 

The Question: "Fill in the blank: 'Run! It's the _________-nado!'"


Discord Server:





YouTube: YouTube:



Donate via Streamlabs here:

Music in this episode: The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword "Sword of Storms" By MrHassanSan

Background/Bed Music provided by Zircon - Full Speed Ahead - (, SoundCloud (, Website (, and Bandcamp (

Episode: Delve 201 – BattleTech Talk ( 26.8 MB / 0:00)
After an extended conversation with Ryan Schapals about everything he has worked on, we finally got around to discussing BattleTech and the writing he did for Events in the Flashpoint expansion. We also got into an interesting conversation comparing and contrasting video games with tabletop games and asked “What can they learn from each other?” […]
Episode: S02E45 - Magic Vandalism ( 61.63 MB / 84:52)
Our heroes duck into the shadows. Email us at Donate at Twit us at Face us at Editing by James G. Additional editing by Mark C. Music: Opening - "Ryno's Theme" by Kevin MacLeod Outro - "The Lift" by Kevin MacLeod www
Podcast: The Amber Clave
Episode: The Amber Clave Season 1 Episode 17 ( 28.83 MB / 51:57)
A plan in mind, the knot joins up with a horrifying catfish pig and heads to Nibelich, the location of a line node gate.
Episode: S2E2 - Dewdrop At Yer Service ( 60.8 MB / 75:55)

Welcome to For Whom The Dice Roll!


A challenger approaches! Or maybe an ally? Join the gang as they meet Dewdrop, a faerie guide sent from McGuffin to help the party along.


Rok’Toh Bar wins a race. Cyburn lashes out. Xanaphia does the wave. Xephania loots. Dewdrop sees double.


Like what you heard? Please consider rating us! Also, subscribe! Steal a friend’s phone and rate us from there too! (The DM does not condone this course of action; however, the twins heartily approve.)


You can follow us on Twitter and email us at We also have a Facebook group!


Our art was created by Emily Kardamis. Find more of her art, such as her slice of life webcomic Steamed Veggies, by visiting her website at

Join us on our Discord

Thank you for listening!

Episode: Tiding 05: Entanglements ( 39.69 MB / 44:30)
C/W: Horror "High above, split from the knowing, the body walked in circles around the world thread, and from its being and its witnessing the world was born. Everywhere it passed, the thought of things solidified, and wound another thread around the world’s string." - Belka The world reveals dark omens. The scouting party finds something worrying growing under Carn Veskl - the mountain the caravan approaches. On the surface, a storm's name is revealed, and its intent. Belka swaps stories, Challa fights a storm, Venz eases doubts and Bris draws her sword. Hosted by Adam Dixon (@adtidixon). Featuring Ryan Evans (@brainxray), Steve Martin (@purple_steve), Thryn Henderson (@thairyn) and Ziz Simoens (@seasylphgames). Produced by Thryn Henderson (@thairyn). Cover art by Allissa Chan (@formyths). Sound clips from and julius_galla on
Episode: Season’s Beatings Episode 4 – A Yuletide Terror Actual Play Podcast ( 55.03 MB / 0:00)
Our adventurers secure the twisted version of the mansion and prepare for an even greater threat. Listen Now! (mp3)
Episode: AoO: Bonus Content "We Shot First!" Naming The Ship ( 8.55 MB / 3:44)
Here an on the spot pause in game where GM Jeff asks the players to name their first Space faring Purchase....humor insues Music "Sunken Temple" by Tabletop Audio "Busy Space port" by Tabletop Audio
Podcast: Head to Table
Episode: Episode 17 - The Great British Bake Off: Armabreadon ( 43.3 MB / 63:03)

The year is 2021 and Great Britain is a wasteland. A year earlier, faced with the series’ first ever fall in ratings, Great British Bake Off star, Paul Hollywood, did the unthinkable. He set a technical challenge like none that came before – he asked his contestants to create life from bakery – to commit the terrible sin of Bakenomancy. Those contestants were successful. The destruction was swift. In this new post-apocalypse, titanic cronenberg-esque battenburgs and dread-breads roam the lands, mercilessly hunting what few survivors remain. You, however, are a knight of Hovis – last hope of the British Isles. Join us, bread knife in hand, and fight the good fight!

Head to Table is Thom Rawson and Tom Snowden. Check us out on Twitter at @headtotable or at

Episode: Episode 51 - Kalmatta Madness ( 11.34 MB / 12:15)
In this episode I talk about my recent experiences in Jason Hobb's excellent Kalmatta game.
Episode: Episode 294 - Much Ado About Beans ( 70.67 MB / 77:11)

Now that Skud has low friends in high places things continue to get dicey. Especially since we can't really trust all these damn low friends. Not surprising but still so dang disappointing! Anyways, we are closing in on several of our small time goals in the big house so I got a feeling we are going to breaking out of this damn place soon! Hell yea!

The adventure continues with Skud Derringer (Mike Bachmann), Rowan Grey(Jennifer Cheek), Lahnik "Lahni" Caplain (Nika Howard), Toby Treacletart (Tim Lanning) and your Dungeon Master (Michael DiMauro). Don’t forget to follow our regular editor David Stewart (@spudcam), and also our junior editor Alan Mathews (@JAlanMathewsJr)!  

Podcast art by @emily_ee_draws! Want the world to see your fan art? Tweet it with #DrunksAndDoodles or head on over to the forum.


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Crowd Cow takes the mystery and fear out of buying delicious and high quality meats! Head on over to for $25 off your first order.

Podcast: Big Gay Nerds
Episode: Big Gay News: Termination Shock ( 1.26 MB / 0:54)
We're doing another Kickstarter tie-in! But this time, our episodes are being hosted on the designer's channel. You can listen to me, Saturn, Snapper, and two new Big Gay Nerds here and help get the full game published here . Hope you enjoy!
Episode: Episode 101: Interregnum Part III ( 97.39 MB / 59:05)

It's bedlam at the big top, as Freya and Seamus get on the wrong side of a crew of gangsters.

Colourful characters make introductions, schemes are afoot, and our heroes at last pick up the trail of Excalibur. 

Music Credits:
Fragrance99 - Lunatic
Three Chain Links - Magic Hour
Naoya Sakamata - Senkou
Naoya Sakamata - Reincarnation
Natus - Cure
Myuu - The Pianist (Piano Version)
Myuu - Carnival Freaks
David Szesztay - Eve
Darren Curtis - Quirkasaurus
Yubatake - Roll Up
Musicbot - Night at the Carnival
Tri-Tachyon - Tannhauser Gate
Fragrance99 - Misconception

Opening and Closing Themes by Nathan Kross and Rob Stith

Director's Note:

The ORPHEUS Protocol is supported by our generous backers on Patreon:
Visit for details.

If you enjoy The ORPHEUS Protocol, please consider dropping us a review on iTunes. This is the best way for us to reach a broader audience.

The ORPHEUS Protocol attempts to release every Monday, and is almost always successful.

Episode: Status Quote Part 6 ( 82.98 MB / 55:09)

The gang utilizes the power of lying A LOT. And they definitely, DEFINITELY don't waste any time doing anything useless.

Episode: Big Gay Nerds presents Termination Shock, Part 1 ( 64.44 MB / 55:29)
The Big Gay Nerds are boldly going where only playtesters have gone before: the universe of Termination Shock! Join Owen, Saturn, Snapper, Nick, and Vanessa as they brush up on timelines, get acquainted with multicolored dice, and set their sights on a new home for humanity. Includes discussion of Space Australia, amicable exes, Elan Sleazebaggano, reverse-Les Miserables, and personalized Death Stars.
Episode: Episode 9.1 - Stealing Is Such a Dirty Word ( 34.77 MB / 77:27)

Join Jade, Mab, Kales, Han, and Dora as we play Fiasco by Jason Morningstar. High school is rough and prom season is rougher. Will our girls make it through, or will their ambitions get the better of them?

Max is played by Jade.

Kerri is played by Mab.

Merril is played by Kales.

Kuiper is played by Han.

Sol is played by Dora.

Produced by @mercutioes and @harpydora.

Episode summaries available here:

Cover image by @sacalow and original music by @mercutioes

Podcast: The Download
Episode: Episode 170: City of Termites ( 0 MB / 49:58)
This week the word is bugs. Among other things, the nerds discuss the trailer for the Bumblebee movie, and Andy talks about vintage sci-fi he’s been watching lately, specifically Space: 1999, the original Battlestar Galactica, and Babylon 5. Lastly, they discuss the Good Place. SPOILER WARNING: CONTAINS SPOILERS
Episode: The one where I talk about adding a touch of class to 5e Light ( 15.45 MB / 16:26)
In today's microburst I continue with my 5e Light experiment by adding a touch of class. Find me: MeWe: Facebook: YouTube: Patreon: RPGNow: Become a supporter of this podcast:
Episode: Episode 36 - The Headcanon Episode ( 76.63 MB / 83:23)
We've got a super-sized episode for you this week full of that hot goss, new headcanons, more ships, and the wildest speculation. It's another thrilling conclusion to a Kepler menace so pour yourself a glass of breakfast wine and let's get into it!
Podcast: 10de10
Episode: Semana dos 10 #144 | Gringo patriota chuta encanador italiano ( 75.47 MB / 52:47)

Christian, Dabul e Esperon comentam os novos trailers da Marvel, espancam personagens da Nintendo e divergem sobre a série do Jack Ryan.

O Semana dos 10 é o nosso podcast semanal no qual toda segunda nos juntamos para falar sobre o que assistimos e jogamos nos últimos 7 dias, contar histórias e comentar as últimas notícias.

Torne-se uma PATROA ou PATRÃO do 10de10!

Acesse o site pra a lista completa de assuntos comentados:

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03:05 > DLC das semanas passadas

06:59 > Filmes

11:28 > Séries

18:23 > Jogos

23:59 > Diversos

36:29 > Música da semana

DESCUBRA > Notícias

Episode: Aacia-011a-[DCC]-Duck ( 53.58 MB / 155:56)


The Survivors of the original Guild Fun-nel, Portal Under the Stars, go adventuring! The crazy band of misfits has heard tell of a large fortress, full of opportunities for the foolish. So they signed up! Join Gersh, Medicine Man, Dr. G, Rocket Man, and Sexy Rexy, guided gently by DM Duck, as they OSR the shit out of Aacia.

In this, the third Whiterock episode, we join the action in the middle of the battle with the Necromancer. Cracks appear in the party, as we dare to ask - is Necromancy really wrong? What if the zombies WANT to be raised? PvP mode .. engaged.


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