The Hotness
Legacy of Dragonholt
The Solo Investigator's Handbook
Liminal (2019)
The Armitage Files
Call of Cthulhu Keeper Decks
Hogwarts: A Role-Playing Game
The Zombie Hack
Everyone is John
Vornheim: The Complete City Kit
Maze of the Blue Medusa
Forbidden Lands Core Boxed Set
City of Brass (5E)
Minimalist Adventure Seed Engine
Agents of the Throne
Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Core Set
The One Ring: Adventures over the Edge of the Wild
Player's Handbook (D&D 5e)
Monster Manual (D&D 5e)
The GameMaster's Apprentice
Tales from the Loop
Slaves of the Machine God
Realms of Terrinoth
These Weird Breads Are Sad
Wollstonecraft The Role-Playing Game
River Fortress
Chill: Adventures Into The Unknown
Dungeons & Dragons Basic Set (First Edition)
Forgotten Realms Campaign Set
Knight Hawks
Player Essentials: Heroes of the Fallen Lands
Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Beginner Box
The Covetous Poet's Adventure Creator and Solo GM Guidebook
Harry Potter and the Tabletop RPG (2nd Ed.)
Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (4th Edition)
Overlight Rulebook
Frostbitten & Mutilated
Call of Cthulhu Starter Set
Bloodbath Bunnies
Android: Shadow of the Beanstalk
Advanced Labyrinth Lord
The Gravity of the Crime
The Emporium of Uncanny Magic - Notable Rods
The Denied Betrayal
The Cult of the Maw
TinyZine Compendium 2018
Facing the Titan
Classic Conversion: B4 The Lost City
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Podcast: Dear Dungeon
Episode: DD 64: The End is Near ( 35.93 MB / 35:37)

Howdy Dungies! In this great episode, Audrey and Brandon give some advice on a GM possibly changing plans majorly mid-campaign, talk about some of our favorite beasties, and discuss running a rotating-gm evil campaign! 

Game Creation with Spring of Hope, Winter of Despair!

Email us questions at

Follow us at

Dear Dungeon Presents is here on Youtube:

Check out for more stuff we do!

Thanks to Joe for the theme song! Follow him here:

Episode: #36 Sarah Newton and Mindjammer ( 57.47 MB / 83:42)

This week, Morrus and Peter are joined by game designer and author Sarah Newton to talk about her games Mindjammer, The Chronicles of Future Earth, and more! In the news, we’ve got more Endless Quests, Numenera teasing a new product, Stranger Things D&D boxed set, Roll20 hacked, and more! Plus our favorite game in all the world, a three-part sketch, and the premiere of our brand new theme song!

Our Guest This Week

Sarah Newton


What’s Caught Our Eye

Immersive Battlemats for Tabletop Roleplaying Games

Opportunity Rover D&D Stats

Mutant Crawl Classics



Numenera 5e Tease

Update: The announcement about this product came out just before the podcast was finished editing

Stranger Things D&D Starter Set

Roll20 Hacked

A New One Page Adventure from EN Publishing, Winterheart

The Witcher “Easy Mode” Quickstart on Free RPG Day

More information about Free RPG Day

D&D Beyond Stats for Multiclassing!

More Endless Quest Books

Dungeons & Dragons Endless Quest: Escape from Castle Ravenloft pre-order

Dungeons & Dragons Endless Quest: The Mad Mage’s Academy pre-order

Zak S. Update

Spirit Of Dice Set Kickstarter

Morrus Retires from the ENnie Awards



Reach of Titan

LexOccultum – Carta Monstrorum

The Lesser Key to the Celestial Legion

Zorro: The Roleplaying Game



Mindjammer Press

Mindjammer by Sarah Newton (novel)

Mindjammer – The Roleplaying Game (digital)

Mindjammer – The Roleplaying Game (hardcover)

Chronicles of Future Earth Quickstart (available for free!)

The Worm Within: The First Chronicle of Future Earth (Book 1)


Please support us on Patreon at

Don’t forget to join the Morrus’ Unofficial Tabletop RPG Talk Facebook group at and join us on Discord at

Theme tune by Steve Arnott

Podcast: Dungeon Musings
Episode: I'm Back, Baby!!! ( 67.31 MB / 71:13)
And I am here to talk about the marathon of gaming that has been my first six weeks of 2019!
Episode: Episode 246 – Good Job Janet ( 0 MB / 0:00)
Having direct conversations with a fairy is never easy, and adding the vague poetry of divinity on top of that means our heroes will probably kill the DM by the end of this conversation!
Podcast: Roll Out!
Episode: Sentinel Comics RPG: Stolen Legacy #4 (Finale) ( 104.93 MB / 132:20)

The Daybreak kids have found the Vandals responsible for the coma afflicting Legacy, but will the be able to prevent their atrocious art attacks?

Episode: Ep 24: Ludology and Narratology Part 1 ( 155.01 MB / 67:43)
If you have any questions, comments, or free-floating hostility, you can email us at: Or yell at us on Reddit: reddit/r/flailforward Or tweet us on Twitter: discord: Facebook & Instagram @flailforward Find us on the internet: Fred - Caraes Naur - Say something dumb on Catreece - Mark - Johnathan - Rob - Kavoir - Elusive, ask the young girl on the corner of 2nd and 34th for a red snapper, served warm. Listen closely to her instructions. Intro and Outro by The Sarto Klyn V. Links in for the papers. Read at your own peril. Cybertext: Perspectives on Ergodic Literature Aarseth, Espen 1997 Genre Trouble: Narrativism and the Art of Simulation Aarseth, Espen 2004 The Gaming Situation Eskelinen, Markku 2001 Game Design as Narrative Architecture Jenkins, Henry 2001/4 A Clash between Game and Narrative Juul, Jesper 1998
Episode: PWD Worldbuilding - Shalefast and The Fantastic Squeeze-Box ( 59.15 MB / 64:36)

PWD Worldbuilding - Shalefast and The Fantastic Squeeze-Box

In our second Worldbuilding episode, AJ and Amy build the Dwarven town of Shalefast, and take a look at the pub that Amy's character Meg owns.  

Find us at @PretendWithDice & @ajheretic666, and also on Facebook at

Podcast: Tavern Chat
Episode: E280 - Designers & Makers - Fireside Chat with DasMachine (Lost Relic Industries) ( 52.92 MB / 57:10)

In this episode in the series of Designers & Makers Fireside Chats I sit down with Brian / DasMachine of Lost Relic Industries, We talk about their current project - Swords & Shaman of Sonnegard (currently in a playtest beta), Kickstarters and more. (note - affiliate link)

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RPG Breakfast Club Coast to Coast Podcast

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Podcast: Monster Man
Episode: Special Episode: The Warhammer Connection? ( 24.37 MB / 21:16)
This bonus episode, requested by Patreon backer Brian, asks whether there's a connection between the 1981 AD&D supplement Fiend Folio and the 500-pound gorilla of British gaming, Warhammer! My answer: kind of!     In the podcast, I reference a few blogs and sites you can check out. For critical analysis of early Warhammer and lots of other stuff, check out the Realm of Zhu! Or just read Zhu's article at We Are the Mutants. There's a treasure trove of interviews with old GW and Citadel hands at Realm of Chaos 80s, although the blog updates infrequently these days. Just look for the interviews sidebar on the left-hand side. Plus, if you look at the video that's currently on the front page, you can see me standing at the Helsreach table at around 50 seconds in.  

If you're enjoying the show, why not consider supporting it on Patreon? You'll get access to lots of new bonus content, including my other podcast, Patron Deities!

Thanks to Ray Otus for our thumbnail image. The intro music is a clip from "Solve the Damn Mystery" by Jesse Spillane, used under a Creative Commons Attribution License.

Episode: Armor Goes Clank 001 February 20, 2019 (A Bunch of Yachts and Pirates) (1:03:31) ( 43.74 MB / 0:00)

Mark and Brian get their new show on the road with a review of Olympus Inc. (Fabled Environments), an investigation of the UPF from Star Frontiers, their top five fighting games, and a discussion about happenings at Evil Hat and John Wick Presents.
Download mp3 (43.7MB)

Show links

AGC's DriveThruRPG Picks for this episode!
Brian: Mirrorshades (Darkworm Colt)
Mark: Starfleet Battle Manual 3rd Edition (Gamescience)
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Twitter: @armorgoes

Episode: Legend of the Five Rings – Session 04 Side B ( 43.36 MB / 0:00)
Hello!Welcome to side B the Fourth game session of our Fantasy Flight Games Legend of the Five Rings (L5R) series!  Alex, Kaetlyn, Kolton, and Matt played in this series as Shinjo, Doji, Shiba, and Kakita, and Colin acted as GM. In this episode the Crane, and a wayward Phoenix, execute the preparation and presentation of […]
Episode: DM Workshop: Example Session Zero ( 117.69 MB / 128:27)
"Session Zero" takes place before the players or DM start their adventure. It is also the most important part of your game.
Podcast: Dungeon Junkies
Episode: Real Talk Episode 11: Delirious Business ( 133.8 MB / 58:28)

Ya I'm keeping ALL of that hot garbage in this episode. THIS IS AS REAL AS IT GETS YO
Twitter: @dungeonjunkie

Episode: DM Workshop: Building a One-Shot ( 92.35 MB / 100:46)
Tad and Dan from Revival: A Dungeons and Dragons Realplay Podcast are back for some DM Tips and Tricks in another DM Workshop. This time we're building a One-Shot adventure from a the ground up. We're starting with some vague ideas and a half baked plot to show how to create the framework for a great session.
Podcast: Thought Eater
Episode: Frothcast #17: Humpday Blog-O-Rama 2.20.19 ( 39.89 MB / 42:13)
In which I discuss cool stuff spotted on the blogosphere over the last week. All links mentioned are listed at Become a supporter of this podcast: This podcast is sponsored by Anchor
Podcast: Dungeon Punks
Episode: Episode 41: Guerre de Lune - Part 5 ( 0 MB / 61:41)
RUST MONSTER brings anarchy to the moon! Along the way they meet some Moon Men who they DEFINITELY won't forget about and encounter their most danger enemy yet: the dreaded ladder! Will they destroy Lord Ledd's castle? If they don't, someone will! And don't forget: all proceeds from this episode and purchases from Brent's Butt Rockets will go to support Space Babies. Featured Music: Manchild by Landmark 20 and Tomorrow May Never Come by The Creepshow
Episode: RNR Pilot Season – Big Eyes Small Mouth – “New Addition” ( 64.08 MB / 142:15)
It’s another game in our Pilot Season! This time, Erik is up! There’s a special high school in a special land, where kids of all ages, races and martial prowess come together. And some of them have giant robots. In this anime land, anything can happen. But when four students are pulled into a mysterious [...]
Episode: Skyjacks: Episode 11 ( 53 MB / 65:57)

Dref has to deal with Wendel’s reaction to the procedure he performed while Wendel was unconscious. Tavis and Jonnit show Gable the feather they found and discover something nobody was expecting. CONTENT WARNINGSMain Show: description of wound treatment, 46:30 extremely brief reference to underage drinking. MUSICArne Parrott“Division” Kevin MacLeod ( under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 ...

The post Skyjacks: Episode 11 appeared first on The One Shot Podcast.

Podcast: Gaming and BS
Episode: 230 Playtesting RPG’s ( 56.44 MB / 58:27)

Inspired by Aaron C., we talk about playtesting. Announcements Sign up for our newsletter, be entered to win dice from or place an order using promo code in the show to get 15% off your order of $10 or more We are still headed to GaryCon. Random Encounter Dan G. emails us to cover ... Read more230 Playtesting RPG’s

The post 230 Playtesting RPG’s appeared first on Gaming and BS RPG Podcast.

Episode: 015 - Two Headed Serpent - North Borneo - Happy Landings ( 48.67 MB / 52:54)
The Two-Headed Serpent is an action-packed, globe-spanning, and high-octane campaign set in the 1930s for Pulp Cthulhu. The heroes face the sinister conspiracies of an ancient race of monsters hell-bent on taking back a world that was once theirs. Join the players Joe, Liisa, Kuran, Arron and Dave and our Keeper and writer of the campaign Scott Dorward, and we play through this exciting adventure!
Podcast: Total Party Kill
Episode: 175: All Orc Poetry is Slam Poetry ( 47.85 MB / 69:15)
The Dog and Pony gang investigate the forge, and learn some important lessons: Do not trust furniture, but do trust literal warning signs.

Host Dan Moren with Mikah Sargent, Erika Ensign, Aleen Simms, Brian Hamilton and Tony Sindelar.

Podcast: RPG Logic
Episode: Episode 134: Conan: A Rumor of Treasure, session discussion ( 22.82 MB / 49:51)

We discuss the previous session. We talk about integrating new PCs, treasure, languages, and more.
The God in the Bowl by Robert E. Howard.
Conan, Adventures in an Age Undreamed of is by Modiphius.
Music: “Baba Yaga” by Kevin MacLeod licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

Episode: Episode 110: Greasemonkey's Handbook ( 74.22 MB / 80:35)

Dungeons and Dragons is filled with fantastical machines, magical constructs, and everything in between. What if you could create one of these constructs for yourself?

The Greasemonkey’s Handbook is for you! It’s been designed from the ground up to be just that. In this supplement you will find rules for building, maintaining, outfitting and fighting with or alongside your very own All Terrain Utility Machine - or A.T.U.M for short.

Get your Greasemonkey's Handbook!

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Podcast: Spikepit
Episode: 103 Basic Fantasy Role-Playing Reportage ( 22.18 MB / 23:29)
School Run debrief with Luca, Session 1 Western Lands Basic Fantasy Campaign
Episode: Roll Dice and Kingdom Hearts ( 12.97 MB / 14:09)
This week on Roll Dice and Cry, a freak recording accident gives birth to a lovely bit of conversation. Tune in next week, February 27, for the return of Third Eye Investigations!
Episode: RQG 118 - Pop ( 59.53 MB / 43:48)

Join Alex, Lydia, Ben, Bryn and Helen as Alex continues his merciless campaign.

This week, Grizzop and Bronc head to Damascus city, Azu rushes to get dressed, Sasha is in a seriously bad way and Hamid, well...

Thanks to this week's Patrons; Zach Jenkins, Dunstan Thorn, David Simons, Kayla B., Roman Sevchenko, Meche Morier, Andrew Wadsworth, E Jalenak, Brie Hutcheon, Sara Homan

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Editing this week by Lowri Ann Davies & Alexander J Newall

SFX this week by Walter_Odington, InspectorJ, daveincamas, RutgerMuller, TobiasKosmos, Cyberkineticfilms, gpag1, bottles, CamoMano & previously credited artists.

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Rusty Quill Gaming is a podcast distributed by Rusty Quill Ltd. and Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Sharealike 4.0 International Licence.

Podcast: Down in a Heap
Episode: Tinkering 2, Electric Bugaloo ( 38.97 MB / 42:03)
Calls, and more thoughts on tinkering and house rules; including more for B/X.
Podcast: Shuffle Quest
Episode: Episode 39: Such Great Heights pt. 1 (feat. Ray Goldberg) ( 47.34 MB / 79:25)

The sharp winds of the British north blow our heroes into a storm of obsession, rage, and despair as they travel to the world of WUTHERING HEIGHTS! Ruddy, Phia, and Omie find their way to Kestrel Court, ancestral home of the Hildebrand family, a once prosperous clan known for their prized madeira. But this is Wuthering Heights, so it goes without saying that the family is now a hot fucking mess constantly wailing against the cruelty of fate. With our heroes unable to keep the emotional maelstrom at the core of this universe from affecting them, will they be able to keep their rage and despair in check long enough to save the day in their latest adventure? Listen and see!! Featuring the delightful Ray Goldberg from Tabletop Potluck as Luella Hildebrand.

Listen to Tabletop Potluck here:

Try out the Wuthering Heights RPG yourself here:



Podcast: Hyper RPG
Episode: Bloodcurdling Tales From the Loop | Volume 4 | Episode 9 ( 117.97 MB / 173:43)

The world has been changed, strange things happen and weird creatures roam about, teenagers try to solve the mysteries in our Bloodcurdling Tales From The Loop RPG Show!

Background and all art for the RPG by: Simon Stålenhag - RPG System - Tales From The Loop (Free League Publishing / Modiphius) -

Subscribe on YouTube ► Watch Live Wednesdays at 5pm PT ► Join the Thumper Army ►

HYPER RPG Twitter - Facebook - Instagram - Merchandise -

GM Cameron Rice -

PLAYERS Emily Rose (Ellie) - Janel SantaCruz (Leanne) - Jessica Verdi (Chrissy) - Scott Rubin (Ricky) -

Listen to the Podcast or Search 'Hyper Rabbit Power Go - TTRPGs' on Your Favorite App

iTunes: Simplecast: Spotify:

P.O. BOX Attn: Bloodcurdling Tales From The Loop PMB 412 8309 Laurel Canyon Blvd. Sun Valley, CA 91352

-- Hyper RPG is a gathering place for friends, centered around video and tabletop gaming, comic books, movies and more. We push the boundaries of collaborative storytelling and shared gaming experiences across the web and around the world!

Episode: IWVT – From the Vault – Chemistry Session ( 270.13 MB / 196:41)
Enjoy some pure, unfiltered D&D! Before Lindsey officially joined the cast, we ran a chemistry session to see how everyone gelled. This is that session without any pomp or circumstance. No cuts, no music, no sound effects; just the raw game. Let’s hit it and crit it. Follow us on all the things: @IWVTcast Email … Continue reading IWVT – From the Vault – Chemistry Session
Podcast: Cast About
Episode: Cast About: School of Prophecy, 8 ( 0 MB / 57:54)

Further down we go into the Bureau of Prophecy, as the traps and safeguards wear us down. Finally, we near the end- but it seems we're not alone.

Cast About is an actual-play tabletop roleplaying game podcast featuring a series of short campaigns in different systems. School of Prophecy is our second campaign, run in D&D 5th Edition.

Cast About is hosted on


Additional music by Kevin MacLeod of

Podcast: Party Advantage!
Episode: Far Wind Saga, Chapter 15: Endings and Beginnings ( 204.41 MB / 148:50)

Welcome to Party Advantage, a D&D play podcast! Caeldrim has escaped and the party has found themselves in hot water once again!  How will they manage the nothics returned to collect what it owed to them after the taxing battle with Caeldrim?  Only one way to find out!

Visit our website to read player bio's & character sheets, check out each campaign's world & lore, and additional content!

Follow us on Twitter! @PartyAdvantage

Find us on Facebook:

You can also join our Discord Server & chat with the entire Party Advantage crew!:

Campaign and Audio by Rob Currer 

Music by Cassie Derby

Episode: The Feywild West | District 1 | Episode 37 | Day of the Mother | Part 6 ( 193.86 MB / 105:44)

| Episode 37 | Day of the Mother | Part 6


The battle is over. The villains are dead. The weapon is found. A child is welcomed.




Our website and social media:

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Episode: Star Wars Saga. ed."We SHOT FIRST!" S2 Ep.13 "Closet Coma" ( 138.43 MB / 60:29)
HERE IS S2 EP.13 OF OUR STAR WARS DAWN OF DEFIANCE SAGA ED, PODCAST Hoodies/Tees?mugs available at teespring/ Music: Star Wars - The Force Theme (Far Out Remix) @faroutofficial... Warzone by Starshipmedical by Tabletop audio .com Starfrieghter by Outro Imperial march remix by Goblins from mars
Podcast: The Mortal Path
Episode: 28) Welcome to Tenbren ( 81.77 MB / 77:17)

Welcome one and all to the city of Tenbren! Join our three plucky "heroes" as we strike out from the crumbled Fallen City and head into not only our dear Findex's home turf, but the heart of absolute law. That's not going to be a problem for our protagonists, right? With a whole city to explore and countless new NPCs to befuddle, all Taro, Nerium, and Natalia need to do is follow the rules...

See also: Hexagonical, the Iron Tang, this is a low point for your world building, ISKRA!, flips him two birds, it's all going to plan, and endless name mockery.

Podcast: Dum Dum Die
Episode: 3:10 - You saved my life ( 64.36 MB / 35:09)
Back in Port Auroch, things get a lil hot under the collar with a ray of frost. An home-brew actual-play Dungeons and Dragons 5e podcast. All female. All awesome! Music by @vid-gobac Tweet us @dumdumdie or email us at Download your own Dum Dum Die RPG Paper Minis for free here, thanks to our awesome friend at Papercraft Dungeon: And what's this? Another great podcast, How We Roll:
Episode: The Sprawl - Fire in the Sky ( 0 MB / 119:56)

We continue to try some new systems as we take in Sprawl! Join Ben, Ethan, and Noah as they go through a daring heist...

Podcast: The Amber Clave
Episode: The Amber Clave Season 1 Episode 22 ( 27.75 MB / 48:42)

A mysterious black tide is polluting the Nullified Harbor, and the knot is sent to figure out what is happening. Please enjoy our Season One finale!

GM: Megan

Players: Aser as Korshen Lambro, Landan as Mako, and Shaunna as Jessamy Gray

If you want to hear the latest news about the show and keep up with what's going on in the world of Numenera, check us out on Twitter @amberclave or go to our website. You can now join us on the Redacted Files discord!

Special thanks to our Agent+ patrons: Ben, Bernie, Chris, Denise, Eric, Fandible, Jonn, LordTentacle, Nyssa, Patrick, Stuart, Terryann, and Tom.

Outro Music by Kevin MacLeod, "Ossuary 2 - Turn." ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

Episode: Episode 38 Escape from Hell ( 68.19 MB / 73:49)

Hello everyone, and welcome back to ExQueeriencePoints Starfinder your favorite all queer cast Starfinder podcast!
This week on EQP the crew escapes from the Hellknights as we head to Triaxus. We meet some of the friendly, and not so friendly inhabitants on our path to find Eve.

Using Stars Without Number from Sine Nomine Publishing.
Sound effects obtained from   "Twisting " Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License 

Episode: Actual Play Episode A006 – Adventuring for Nobles: Rope Clothes ( 81.76 MB / 88:43)

Actual Play (4th edition) This episode is our 6th installment of our Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 4th edition actual play. We join Konrad and Heinrich who discover intrigue and worse at the Baron’s manor. Links from the show: Connect with us:Web: Old World Podcast Contact PageTwitter: @OldWorldPodcastFacebook: Support us: 

The post Actual Play Episode A006 – Adventuring for Nobles: Rope Clothes appeared first on Old World Podcast.

Episode: Episode 86 [Volume 3] - Flower Necklace (feat. James Stiver from Loot & Dagger) ( 62.3 MB / 68:03)

The gang is momentarily holed up in Pascal’s private sanctum for a moment trying to figure out WTF to do next. While there, stuff gets….strange. Kolvar and Pascal have moments while Zil just disappears for no reason. Time for some real feels about crushing debt!


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Episode: Ep. 37 - McBKORPP, Part 3 ( 0 MB / 50:30)
some familiar faces return alongside some enormous warships as our heroes inch ever closer to the end of their journey in the flooded land of McWesterly Plains
Episode: Exalted - Gangs of New Gloam - Episode 05 ( 36.08 MB / 40:03)

Sponsored by Dark Souls 3


It is time for the exalted to go and face one of the divine prison gang leaders, defeating them will reveal a secret of the warden. The warden is the deadliest fighter in prison, of course.


We are running this game using a Powered by the Apocalypse system called Broken Worlds written by Tom Parkinson-Morgan, the creator of Kill Six Billion Demons. The game can be found on his Patreon here: Broken Worlds


Podcast: 20 Sided Stories
Episode: POKÉMON! Pen & Paper returns Wednesday, March 6th! ( 13.77 MB / 8:12)

Halfway there!

Catch up with The Dream Police and their adventure through Kanto so far in this hype recap!


Episode #9 - Old Team Rocket Hideout premieres Wednesday, March 6th at 12am PST.


In the meantime you can find us on Twitter @20SidedStories, Instagram, or Facebook.

Or visit our website at 

Hell, snag an Adventure Pass via Patreon while you're at it!


You can also follow The Dream Police on Twitter!



Candace Carter was played by Jessica Dahlgren 

Skip Svitak was played by Greg Reasoner 

And Xander Whitten was played by Travis Reaves 


Additional Voices  

Kate Pursely

David McEuen

Noah Sturtridge 

Mariah Ramblas 

Sage G.C. 


The original music from Pokemon Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow Versions was composed by Junichi Masuda

With Arrangements and Additional Scoring by Sage G.C. 

Additional Production and Audio Assistance by Travis Reaves

Game Master Assistance and Pokemon Battle Management by Grant Bouffard

Original Character Artwork by Arianna Cabebe

Credits Voice: Marlena Jean 


Podcast Directed, Edited and Sound Designed by Sage G.C. 


You can get the soundtrack to this series for free at 


This podcast and series has no affiliation with Nintendo, The Pokemon Company, Game Freak, Creatures Inc., or anything in the official Pokemon franchise whatsoever. It is a non-profit, fan made parody piece created in fair use and all product names, trademarks and copyrights are property of their respective owners. The bulk of what you are about to hear was recorded live by improvisors who simply love the franchise, and we thank you for joining us on our nostalgic adventure through Kanto.

Episode: Volume 23 Issue 3 Safe Cracking ( 47.37 MB / 51:43)
Episode Notes

Introduction voiced by Peter DeGiglio All music was composed by Jim Malloy Masks: A New Generation is a game by Brendan Conway and published by Magpie Games

This podcast is created thanks to the financial support of backers on Patreon Join us at in our Discord or follow us on twitter @ProteanCity Subscribe to Protean City Comics on iTunes or anywhere podcasts are found.

Join us next Wednesday to find out what thrilling adventures lie ahead!

Find out more on the Protean City Comics website.

Episode: PodCon 2 Bonus e02 - Piece Uh Food? ( 82.87 MB / 78:46)

Dumbgeons & Dragons is an Actual Play D&D 5e podcast released every Wednesday.

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- - - - - - - - - -

The #DumbDragonCast is still in Seattle at PodCon 2!

Flamikins sister has been Taken and the team has to make a trip to save Katikins! But to infiltrate an underground organization, they must use their wits an get inventive in an unlikely manner!

Flint is super encouraging. Thia shifts her appearance. Nulara is surpised about the corruption of the establishment.

- - - - - - - - - -

The quest carries on with Nulara Moonbrook (Carla Johnson), Thia Amastacia (Amy More), Flint Firebeard (Tom Laird) and your Dungeon Master (Russ More).  

- - - - - - - - - -

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"Nowhere Land", Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License.

Podcast: Nerd Poker
Episode: Episode 5 - Haushinka ( 68.1 MB / 59:31)

The party continues their bloody battle with the creatures at the icy bend in the path. They seem to be reaching the end of the dwarven city, but even then it is a long road ahead. And sooner or later they're bound to meet another underground traveler... right?

Podcast: Tavern Tales
Episode: Episode 46 – Forge of Fury – Love Shack ( 46.48 MB / 44:35)
Welcome to the twenty-fourth episode The Forge of Fury; the second adventure in Tales from the Yawning Portal, a Dungeons…
Podcast: MegaDumbCast
Episode: [Pg 332] Respect Hammerclit [Week 56] ( 13.58 MB / 18:24)

Wherein we discuss the dumbest thing about the Love Charm spell in the Magic Explained section of Palladium's Heroes Unlimited RPG.

Episode: Ep 62: Dungeons Deep and Caverns Bold! ( 53.93 MB / 72:37)

Let's talk about and create dungeons! Matt and Rob discuss the essentials of dungeon building: story, theme, ecology, and variation. Your DMs then build a one-page dungeon "live!" 

No abusers in our RPG community. 


Rough draft of the one-page dungeon

Final draft of the one-page dungeon

Link to Dyson Logos' table of random dungeon entrances  



Pac Div - Roll the Dice

Merle Travis - Dark as a Dungeon

Pete Seeger - Which Side are You On?


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