The Hotness
Legacy of Dragonholt
The Solo Investigator's Handbook
Liminal (2019)
The Armitage Files
Call of Cthulhu Keeper Decks
Hogwarts: A Role-Playing Game
The Zombie Hack
Everyone is John
Vornheim: The Complete City Kit
Maze of the Blue Medusa
Forbidden Lands Core Boxed Set
City of Brass (5E)
Minimalist Adventure Seed Engine
Agents of the Throne
Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Core Set
The One Ring: Adventures over the Edge of the Wild
Player's Handbook (D&D 5e)
Monster Manual (D&D 5e)
The GameMaster's Apprentice
Tales from the Loop
Slaves of the Machine God
Realms of Terrinoth
These Weird Breads Are Sad
Wollstonecraft The Role-Playing Game
River Fortress
Chill: Adventures Into The Unknown
Dungeons & Dragons Basic Set (First Edition)
Forgotten Realms Campaign Set
Knight Hawks
Player Essentials: Heroes of the Fallen Lands
Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Beginner Box
The Covetous Poet's Adventure Creator and Solo GM Guidebook
Harry Potter and the Tabletop RPG (2nd Ed.)
Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (4th Edition)
Overlight Rulebook
Frostbitten & Mutilated
Call of Cthulhu Starter Set
Bloodbath Bunnies
Android: Shadow of the Beanstalk
Advanced Labyrinth Lord
The Gravity of the Crime
The Emporium of Uncanny Magic - Notable Rods
The Denied Betrayal
The Cult of the Maw
TinyZine Compendium 2018
Facing the Titan
Classic Conversion: B4 The Lost City
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Podcast: Radio Grognard
Episode: Episode 234 - Campaign Arc-Welding ( 12.43 MB / 13:34)

I talk about how to blend in other sources to original story material in a campaign.

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Podcast: Bored Ghost
Episode: Ep149: The Fishy King, pt 1 ( 116.79 MB / 62:59)

“To condense fact from the vapor of nuance.” 
― Neal Stephenson

In a super-dense metropolis the dutiful locksmith opens a door that should remain closed.

Lovecraftesque is available at Black Armada games, online game retailers and your friendly local game store. Learn more at our primer.

The Setup:

•heroic horror

•Near Future Urban Environment

•Main location: A "Walled City" called Warren Station

•Additional Locations: an Abandoned Blood Bank/Clinic, "Wherehouse" a Mega-Club, and "Street Level" a series of subterranean nutrient farms.

•The Witness: Beat Theremin - A locksmith, they are assigned to maintaining Warren Station. They have deep family obligations and a large extended family all housed in the Warren. After some youthful indiscretion Beat has become very by-the-book in their work. 

The Clues:

•A spiked high heel that is dissolving in a green slime

•An antique door knob and lock in the shape of a fish head.

•A pipe grate that has been 'graffitied' to look like a fish's maw

•A giant pile of orange spoor or eggs


Find James Mendez Hodes on twitter @LulaVampiro, and check out his website and on mastodon @lula. Find his recently successful Kickstarter for Thousand Arrows here.

Find John on twitter @LordJoho

Find Ken on twitter @Berlingsbeard

Follow us on twitter @boredghostworld

Our Bored Ghost theme song is by the amazing Pat Cupples, see his band website Hotels and Highways.

Bored Ghosts we hope you found some distraction from your eternity in the void this week!

Podcast: Tales of Nowhere
Episode: S1E57 - The Man Called Midnight ( 65.92 MB / 56:46)

You ever wonder if you'll be lucky enough to have stories told about you after you're gone? I have. And it turns out sometimes it's not lucky at all. It's a curse. A constant reminder of the things I've done, and who I used to be...Why don't you take a seat by the fire. Make yourself comfortable, and I'll tell you a story about a man they called Midnight.

Podcast: Brute Force
Episode: Brute Force – Episode 71 – Who’s There? ( 85.48 MB / 61:23)
With their old friend Moon Kevin in tow, the Brute Force fly to the Cistern of Tears to meet with Agarion and Clashtiger. They are greeted with some answers and more questions. If you wish to support the show and get some goodies in the process, please check out the Patreon at Brute Force …
Podcast: Legends of Chel
Episode: Ep. 19 - Danse Macabre ( 29.19 MB / 43:44)
We enter the house of the hags, and what we find is not at all what we expected. Find us on Twitter @ the orczone, and visit our website at
Episode: Episode 29 – My Fair Abraxas ( 56.12 MB / 69:31)

You know those moments when something major and crazy and a little scary has happened and you’re not even sure what you’re supposed to feel but you’re just glad it’s over? Well, here we are! Join us this week for de-escalation, for closure, and for some gosh dang introspection. In the penultimate episode to the...

The post Episode 29 – My Fair Abraxas appeared first on Fantastic Worlds Podcast.

Podcast: System Mastery
Episode: Expounded Universe 72 – I’ve Got a Bad Dzym ( 48.69 MB / 0:00)
Here we go again.  It’s a tale of ancient history and way too much information as we orbit the mysterious Nam Chorios.  Who’s Seti Ashgad?  How is every Skywalker so […]
Episode: D&D 5E News Week 08 - Roll 20 Hacked and Information Stolen ( 17.96 MB / 27:25)

#DnD5E News - This week we tell you about a Tech Crunch story reported on Pop Culture Media’s that Roll 20 was Hacked and 4 million users information stolen and placed on dark web.  Also, Zack Smith’s abuse and D&D Teams statement are covered. In addition there is a new adventure Jen Vaughn wrote. Plus, if you are yearning to see the Sea Cat. We can tell you where +Christian Hoffer says you can next to see the monster. Plus we have the low down on the most popular races and classes and subclasses.  Listen to find out who and what is most popular. Finally, the time is about 27 ½ minutes




Comics Creator Jen Vaughn Creates Fantastic 'Dungeons & Dragons' Adventure

'Dungeons & Dragons' Appears to Be Bringing Back a Classic Monster

Popular RPG Site 'Roll20' Allegedly Had 4 Million Users' Information Stolen

Fighters and Life Clerics are D&D 5E’s Most Popular Classes, Humans Dominate Race



The Hags of Hades

Epic Stuff Library vol 4: D&D 5E/Pathfinder adaptable.

Rise of the Drow: Collector's Edition for D&D 5E and PFRPG


New Adventure League Adventures on DMs Guild

CCC-BMG-46 HILL 3-1 Shepherd the Weak

CCC-BMG-47 HILL 3-2 Suffer the ChildrenCCC-

CCC-BMG-48 HILL 3-3 Spare the Rod

CCC-BMG MOON 2-1 Defenders of Caer Moray

DDAL00-08 Layers Upon Layers


DwDnD#180 – Interview with Mike Shea at Winter Fantasy

The Story So Far | Tilted Roll Podcast 7

Episode: 167 - I Haven't Seen You Since... with Ash Cheshire ( 45.23 MB / 57:27)

Two ex-spies--one a field agent, one a mission control specialist--meet up in a crowded gala, years after leaving The Game behind. Can they cut through years of red tape and bureaucracy to find a sense of closure?









THEME SONG: Mega Ran feat. D&D Sluggers, "Infinite Lives," RandomBeats LLC,




Episode: Episode 84 - Tuesday Tales #17 - Taxidermy ( 10.68 MB / 11:30)

I discuss how players in my game wanted to display the trophies of their kills.

Two call ins from Jeremy at the Thought Eater podcast. He also writes the Thought Eater blog.

I nearly lost this whole episode. I mis-numbered it as 87, and while I was still in Audacity, tried re-naming the files and directories. Do NOT do that! I managed to recover this episode. It isn't cut well, but after multiple trains interrupting my flow and nearly losing the whole thing from my own stupidity, I'm calling it good enough.

Podcast: Thursday Knights
Episode: Season 4 Episode 58: Gem of my Heart ( 170.51 MB / 169:58)
Kevin serves as Dungeon Master in this very special episode about Baern’s past. Season 4 is played using Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition.
Episode: Podcast This Escape: Descent of the Cullodens Chapter 2 post show ( 42.06 MB / 45:56)

Let's talk about what happened in the Kitchen of Culloden Manor! This episode features a recap, why Bill was unsure about the chocolate, and a discuss of designing rooms for specific audiences. 

We're joined this episode by Dave Luza and Matthew Jude from the podcast This Game Is Broken. You can find their podcast online or on iTunes, and it may be a good idea to check out the Escape This Podcast inspired episode created by Dave.

TGiB Twitter || Dave's Twitter || Matt's Twitter


You can download the full notes for this Escape Room below to play along, or run a game yourself!
Full Room Write Up 
Supplemental: Window
Supplemental: Napkin

We have bonus episodes up on our Patreon! So if you have the ability to support the show, we would love to see you there. And in return we have blog posts, bonus murder-mystery episodes, badges, and more! Plus all our patrons have the chance to appear in our rooms, such as today's featured patrons: Lee DiGeorge, Mike Barskey, and Katriina Kivimaki.

Check out James Spaid's fantastic text-based adventure versions of our rooms!

Have questions, comments, puzzles, or anything else? Send us an email, and follow us on facebook and twitter.


Our theme music is Ghost Dance by Kevin MacLeod

Episode: Pathfinder ( 0 MB / 22:41)
All Coopered Up
Podcast: Cypher Speak
Episode: Cypher Speak Episode 47: Love, Sex, and Cyphers ( 45.13 MB / 48:58)
In this episode, Darcy and Troy talk about add a little love and romance to your game. Poddities: Troy – Reach of Titan Darcy – An Unexpected Wedding
Episode: Episode 34 – Fan Generated Content, Hacks, and Google Plus ( 62.43 MB / 64:46)

n a topic that originally started as raiding the sinking ship that is Google Plus for great fan content; Patrick, Noah, and Adam discuss fan generated content and hacks for tabletop rpgs.   Areas of Discussion: · Masks Google Plus· A Nocturne (Blades Transhuman Sci-fi)· Our Lonely Words (Blades Persona-esque mental exploration)· Wardens In The Iron Garden … Continue reading "Episode 34 – Fan Generated Content, Hacks, and Google Plus"

The post Episode 34 – Fan Generated Content, Hacks, and Google Plus appeared first on The Roleplaying Exchange.

Podcast: Tavern Chat
Episode: E279 - Removing Day - Zak S Removed from 5e Consultant credits & Frank Mentzer Removed as Guest of Honor at Gary Con ( 12.58 MB / 13:35)
Episode: Ep. 41 - Cheating in Video Games ( 39.65 MB / 57:44)

Pixel Scandal Nerdcast Episode 41 | “Cheating” in Video games In this episode Oreztes, End of Line, Handor, and Nightson discuss what we are excited about, what you’ve played recently, and our spotlight topic “Cheating” in Video games.

Want more Pixel Scandal Web:

Watch Live:

Podcast feed:




-- Watch live at

Podcast: Big Gay Nerds
Episode: Big Gay Nerds: Episode 108 (Fate 1.3) ( 76.69 MB / 67:26)
It's time to tilt! We've got a real strong bracket for this jousting tournament, folks, with Ser Zeno the handsome foreign heir starting on one side and Ser Geoffery the handsome horse-whisperer on the other! Who will overcome some unexpected opposition and earn the Big Prize? And while that's happening, what will Agrippa and Prim do to prepare for their upcoming competitions? Most importantly, do any of us fully understand the rules yet?
Podcast: Tabletop Twats
Episode: Ravenlord Finale - Toccata and Fugue (DCC RPG Actual Play) ( 130.02 MB / 94:20)
Support the show:
Episode: S2E5: A Night to Remember ( 44.14 MB / 48:03)
After leaving their newfound friend "Friend" the Kinda Group now venture towards the quarry to find answers about the titan that is rumored to be summoned. But first things first, Toby drinks some of the weird liquid he found at the "lasses of the fey" - One could argue this night is about to be remembered (by everyone except Toby).
Podcast: Gothridge Manor
Episode: Keys ( 24.46 MB / 25:55)
Being more aware of keys in your game. Become a supporter of this podcast:
Episode: S2E4 - Yogurt It Up! ( 72.33 MB / 77:14)

Welcome to For Whom The Dice Roll!


This episode has some audio issues that are explained in the disclaimer at the start. Sorry about that folks! It’s clunky, but it gets through.


The gang continues through the Citadel, and gain an ally along the way. But is the ally really all they are cracked up to be?


Rok’Toh Bar scares up some assistance. Cyburn augments a trap. Xanaphia said knock you out. Zephania (apparently I’ve been spelling it wrong all this time) is the voice of reason. Dewdrop is a key figure.


Like what you heard? Please consider rating us! Also, subscribe! Steal a friend’s phone and rate us from there too! (The DM does not condone this course of action; however, the twins heartily approve.)


You can follow us on Twitter and email us at We also have aFacebook group!


Our art was created by Emily Kardamis. Find more of her art, such as her slice of life webcomic Steamed Veggies, by visiting her website at


Join us on our Discord!


Thank you for listening!

Episode: Season 2, Episode 8: The Langdon Imports Score, Part 1 ( 34.04 MB / 54:33)
An old friend reaches out to the Magpies, looking for help dealing with an oppressive factory owner. Minx reconnects with her past, while the rest of the Magpies start planning a con.
Podcast: Prism Pals
Episode: Unauthorized Event [Ep. 18] ( 64.68 MB / 70:31)
You asked for it, and we gave it to you...a BEACH EPISODE! Well, sort of. Almost. But this is the closest we're gonna get for a while, okay? Our party takes a well-deserved break from all this mess and gets to some maxin' relaxin'. Enjoy! Contact us at: Follow us on social media: Twitter + Instagram - @prismpals Our personal twitters: Russ - @PrismPalsDM Sam - @SamRoMiller Ollie - @certifiedbard Kyle - @KyleAllenDevich Thanks to Neil Martin (@bardicmartin) for our theme music! All official artwork is done by our very own Sam Miller! This week's artist spotlight is the amazing Anko, whose work can be found on Instagram/Tumblr/Deviantart/etc @ankoart and Twitter/Facebook @ankosart
Episode: Dungeons & Dragons 2-9-2019 Part2 ( 214.94 MB / 156:31)
Dungeons & Dragons 2-9-2019 Part2 by Plan B. RPG's Podcast
Episode: Dungeons & Dragons 2-9-2019 Part1 ( 166.26 MB / 121:04)
Dungeons & Dragons 2-9-2019 Part1 by Plan B. RPG's Podcast
Podcast: +1 Forward
Episode: Bite Me! ( 63.49 MB / 56:14)

Time codes
01:28 - Read a Sitch about running PbtA as a One Shot
09:17 - Open Your Brain to Bite Me!
26:24 - Act Under Fire with pack creation



Bite Me! Kickstarter


Our website


Our Patreon


Follow us on Twitter @GauntletRPG

Episode: Chapter 67: Tactical Withdrawl ( 32.15 MB / 0:00)
Summary: The Nuperaii have cornered the Tribe. With Bardar laid low and Nora's back against the wall, what hope remains any longer?

Of Special Note: The Iron Realm: Solitaire Roleplaying & Maze Master's Guide is announced.

Download Chapter 67: Tactical Withdrawl

The following recording for The Iron Realm Podcast by Ashley was used during Tribal Matters:
Custom Audio created for The Iron Realm by Ashley Eddy

I edited tracks for volume, length, pitch, and mood.
(find Ashley Eddy at
Click here to visit her page

Ashley Eddy's aforementioned audio is included in accordance with Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

The following recording for The Iron Realm Podcast by Alexandra Drotz Ruhn was used during Tribal Matters:
Custom Audio created for The Iron Realm by Alexandra Drotz Ruhn

I edited tracks for volume, length, pitch, and mood.
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Alexandra Drotz Ruhn's aforementioned audio is included in accordance with Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

The following recording for The Iron Realm Podcast by SLCBagpiper was used during the Tribal Matters:

I edited tracks for volume, length, pitch, and mood.
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My thanks as well for all audio featured under the cc0 license on tonight's podcast.

The Iron Realm is intended for adult audiences. Listener Discretion is advised. The Iron Realm album art/website art was created from a public domain image from PixaBay. Audio on the podcast, unless otherwise noted, has either been created by the author or has been used in accordance with the Creative Commons Zero license. The Iron Realm Podcast is released 1d4 times per month and is a labor of love. Enjoy and support the show. And fare ye well, traveler of the maze, in the light and in the dark. Thank you.

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Episode: Q&A Special: Return of the Pickle Jar ( 24.22 MB / 0:00)
This is the part of the adventure where we return to our beloved pickle jar, talk about developmental stages, and get interrupted by our dogs. The cast of Fate and the Fablemaidens turn one!
Episode: Return to Paranoia (3 of 4) ( 65.79 MB / 71:26)

Welcome back citizen! Let us return to your bonus mandatory Reintegration Alpha-Complex Integration Seminar Experience! How fun! 

And what a day to return! Today is the day for your FIRST MISSION! We're off on a very important (and fun!) journey into the sectors sewage system where NOTHING WILL GO WRONG AND EVERYTHING WILL GO ACCORDING TO PLAN.

A return to a classic, re-imagined for today's challenges, Paranoia from Mongoose Publishing

Consider supporting us today through Patreon:

Terrible Warriors: Joshua Barbeau, Bre Poisonne, Justin Ecock, Jo Drummond, and Cassie Chui!

Episode: MMP#344 – Layout in RPGs with Tim Jones ( 49.95 MB / 109:07)
Hey folks. This episode we converse with Tim Jones, Encoded Designs graphic designer, about layout and graphic design and how he applies his skills and eye to layout in RPGs. […]
Episode: Ep. 61 - Hell or High Slaughter - Episode Two ( 0 MB / 53:36)
Our heroes do REAL bad at a job interview and then fight a big ol monster.
Episode: Ep. 60 - Hell or High Slaughter - Episode One ( 0 MB / 57:12)
Our heroes get ready to go to hell. It’s pretty dang metal.
Episode: Marc Allie on D&D and Transformers ( 23.08 MB / 62:31)

Marc Allie joins me to talk about his history of "being geeky when geeky wasn't cool." He talks about his early memories of playing Dungeons & Dragons and how he jumped into the online community with his blog, The Learning DM, during the 4th Edition era. We spend some time remembering fondly elements of 4e D&D and talk about the transition to 5th Edition. Marc and I spend a good portion of the show talking about our shared enjoyment of Transformers, which hit us both in our formative year in the mid-80s. We talk about why Transformers persists while other franchises from that era have fallen in terms of greater public consciousness. He details his efforts to write a haiku for each episode of the original animated series, and we discuss our enjoyment (or lack thereof) of the Transformer films in recent years. We both agree that Bumblebee is wonderful, and hope the future is bright for additional films that will come from Bumblebee's creative team. Enjoy our stroll down the space bridge memory lane! 

Episode: Sector 49 s1e16: Bargain for Your Life ( 147.3 MB / 161:14)

Lil' Jambles' father meets Irish and makes him and offer he can't refuse while Tucker, Lil' Jambles, TASKBAR and Johnny discuss their current predicament. The Judge Dredd & The Worlds of 2000 AD campaign continues!

Episode: Episode 15 || Bad Religion - Part 2 ( 67.51 MB / 64:30)

Guard Captain Arizima has tasked them with investigating the scene of the crime, as well as to seek whatever clues they might find through the city. All they have to do is sneak through the sewers, navigate the expansive city of Ankhapur under cover, and be back before dusk. No problem, right? First stop: the tavern where it all started.

Intro/Outro composed for Sacrosanct by humanaturefiverr
Additional music: Meydansound || Ketsa || Brevyn || Loyalty Freak Music

Episode: S4 E5: Two Wrongs Make A War ( 91.16 MB / 119:06)

More answers, more problems. Rylkah attempts negotiations with the Drow, Skritch Skratch is no where to be found, and Daryl attempts his version of a "solution". What could possibly go wrong?


Kra’ag the Bugbear Druid - David - @ZenGaijin

Skrit Skratch, the Kobold Sorcerer - Trav- @tigurias87

Daryl, the vampire bard- Murphy @boozeonforstdnd

Diamat, the Dungeon Master - Mat - @Witty_Mat

and special guests:
Lord Captain Rhylkah the Drow - Kelly - @MightBeKelly 

This episode is sponsored by Die Hard Dice. Be sure to use the offer code STRANGERLANDS to receive 15% off your checkout price. 

A special thank you goes to The Cog is Dead (@TheCogIsDeaD) for our theme song “People Are Strange” and to Jenny (@Floyd_jpg) for our cover art! 

Follow our twitter @strangerlands and check out our website at

Episode: 102 – Market Magic ( 57.09 MB / 49:53)
Our co-hosts are joined by game designer Camdon Wright to play Market Magic– one of the 2018 200 word RPG entries. We changed the game a bit to fit our audio format, but we’re sure you’re going to love it!…
Episode: Dungeons and Drongos Episode 75: Sandpiercer, part 1 ( 0 MB / 0:00)

This week the Tatermen of Tatertown, and the tackers of Didgey Ridge have combined their mad skills to make a new path across the Hellaboring Desert. Our party is about to board the maiden voyage of the Sandpiercer but is everything as it seems? It's Dungeons and Dragons set in Fantasy Australia me old nugget!

Download here! (click to stream, right-click to save)

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Please support our new show by rating/reviewing and sharing our content. And why not join the discussion in ourfriendly Facebook group!? Or even go hog wild by subscribing/supporting us on Patreon!
Episode: 072: We’re Not in The Drift Anymore ( 80.12 MB / 0:00)

After a tumultuous few weeks of space combat, the RFC crew are finally out of the Drift and onto Nejeor, where the RFC crew expect to make friends with the natives … after a few dozen senseless combats of course. Also, we’re giving away a free trip to PaizoCon 2019! Listen to the episode for full details …

Continue reading "072: We’re Not in The Drift Anymore"

The post 072: We’re Not in The Drift Anymore appeared first on Roll For Combat: A Starfinder & Pathfinder Actual Play Podcast.

Episode: 150: The Dunwich Horror part 4 ( 93.19 MB / 67:50)

The Good Friends wrap up their investigation of The Dunwich Horror We’re back and we’re preparing for the apocalypse. To be fair, this seems to be a pretty understated apocalypse. It mostly involves an invisible...

The post 150: The Dunwich Horror part 4 appeared first on Blasphemous Tomes.

Podcast: MegaDumbCast
Episode: [Pg 331] Nerd Wolf 2 – Big Wolf On Campus [Week 56] ( 11.83 MB / 15:48)

Wherein we discuss the dumbest thing about the Eyes of the Wolf spell in the Magic Explained section of Palladium's Heroes Unlimited RPG.

Episode: Blades in the Dark Pt. 5 "The Heat is On" - The Dirtbags of Holding #124 ( 0 MB / 0:00)
Sponsored by Easy Roller Dice! The gang feels the pressure as they reel from their last caper. Also who’s this new guy?
Podcast: Radio Grognard
Episode: Episode 233 - Well Isn't That Special or Mini Decisions ( 11.27 MB / 12:18)

I talk about making convention games special and what to use in place of minis.

Become a supporter of this podcast:
Podcast: Hyper RPG
Episode: RPG Playtest | Kids On Bikes - Episode 10 (Finale) ( 113.81 MB / 166:04)

Subscribe on YouTube ► Join the Thumper Army ►

HYPER RPG Discord - Facebook - Instagram - Merchandise - and Twitter -

GM: Zac Lim Eubank -

Players: Malika Lim Eubank - Milynn Sarley - Alyssa "Lucy" Onofreo - Lucas Eubank -

Listen to the Podcast or Search 'Hyper Rabbit Power Go - TTRPGs' on Your Favorite App

iTunes: Simplecast: Spotify:

P.O. BOX Attn: Hyper RPG PMB 412 8309 Laurel Canyon Blvd. Sun Valley, CA 91352

-- Hyper RPG is a gathering place for friends, centered around video and tabletop gaming, comic books, movies and more. We push the boundaries of collaborative storytelling and shared gaming experiences across the web and around the world!

Podcast: The RPG Academy
Episode: Faculty Meeting # 128 – Incorporating Backgrounds ( 58.95 MB / 64:24)
Hello and welcome to Faculty Meetings - The general advice and discussion podcasts from The Rpg Academy. This is Faculty Meeting # 128 - Backgrounds.  In this episode I am joined by Tanner Clausen of and Christopher Beck to discuss how/why a DM can incorporate a PCs background into their existing campaign plot. Comments and Feedback are always welcome. Thanks!! ~Michael E-mail us at Podcast@TheRpgAcademy Follow us on twitter @TheRpgAcademy Visit our Facebook Page Join our Google+ Community Page at: The RPG Academy Support our show by becoming a Patron at www.Patreon.Com/TheRpgAcademy
Episode: WMoT Session 22 pt 1 - Don't Remove the Support Stick! ( 38.32 MB / 55:26)

Hey everyone!

Thank you for listening to Session 22 part 1!

We get to do something a little different and really exciting for Session 22! Our DM bought a game called Do Not Let Us Die In The Dark Night In This Cold Winter by Cecil Howl. Give it a look yourself if you want to get your game through a tough Winter or just want to play it as a stand alone adventure! It was pretty easy to slip this in to our established world and fun to play! You can purchase it over on for just $10. Let’s dive on in to the episode and find out how the Winter is going for the colony of Willowdale.

Stay safe out there and happy gaming!

Theme music is "The Company" by Breck McGough and our incidental music is from Tabletop Audio.

Podcast: Hyper RPG
Episode: D&D 5E | Troll Hunters | Episode 12 ( 106.39 MB / 152:33)

Subscribe on YouTube ► Watch Live Fridays at 7pm PT ► Join the Thumper Army ►

HYPER RPG Discord - Facebook - Instagram - Merchandise - and Twitter -

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Players Emily Rose Jacobson - Lucas Eubank - Naeem Stewart - Malika Lim Eubank -

Music Branson NeJame -

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-- Hyper RPG is a gathering place for friends, centered around video and tabletop gaming, comic books, movies and more. We push the boundaries of collaborative storytelling and shared gaming experiences across the web and around the world!

Episode: Episode 45: The One With the Bloody Pillow Fight ( 111.48 MB / 76:18)
WARNING: This episode contains descriptions of eye removal! Listener discretion is advised. Welcome Pathfinders! Having split the party (again) our heroes are forced to face down two separate threats! Sudi and Sagira go searching for their missing friends, while Sitra and Onuris are forced to entertain an old acquaintance… Cast Rick Sandidge is our Gamemaster and Host Heather Allen plays Onuris, the aasimar Cleric of Horus Jessica Peters plays Sagira Maibe, the suli Ranger Jordan Jenkins plays Sudi Kontar, the catfolk monk of Pharasma Rachel Sandidge plays Sitra Naham-ra, the human Rogue In game music provided by Syrinscape! Check them out at Opening and closing music provided by Ryan Mumford
Episode: 184 - Into the Dark ( 53.51 MB / 55:10)
This episode is presented without comment.

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