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All Us Gamers Inner Core Rules:: AUG Action and Save Dice Roller By: DanDare2050 (3 KB)
This is also available for free at DriveThruRPG now.

This is an html page with java script that runs the entire dice roll system for you. Put in your aptitude, the difficulty and click "Roll". You get one chance to then click "Focus" if your character spends a focus point.

V4 tidies up the click mechanisms, and allows the drop down menus to be dismissed by clicking off the menu. It also now works on iPhones.
Jan 14, 2021 (2 KB)
This is version 2. Fixes a visual bug with displaying the dice values after a focus roll, and tidies up the click behaviour for the drop menus.
! problems with iPhones, button taps not working. Some difficulty on some iPhones with unzip. Working on solutions. Anyone out there with an iPhone and a fix, please let us know.
Sep 25, 2020 (2 KB)
A single html page you can load to your browser that automates the inner core dice rolling mechanics. Just select aptitude, difficulty and click "Roll". If you want to spend a focus on the result then click "Focus".
The file is self contained with CSS, javascript and html elements. This is open source provided by Cup of Tea pty ltd. Edit and share.

RPG Item: All Us Gamers Inner Core Rules
Aug 25, 2020