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Maid: The Role-Playing Game:: Maid: Exalted Edition By: Teleute
Maid RPG Exalted Edition Ver 2.10.2012.pdf (969 KB)
Latest version of the Maid: Exalted Edition rules for using the Maid RPG in White Wolf's Exalted setting.
Feb 19, 2012


Maid: The Role-Playing Game:: Extra scenarios 1.0 By: Teleute
Extra scenarios 1.0.pdf (1.59 MB)
Scenarios cut from the English edition to keep the book size manageable and released from the publisher for free online.
Feb 7, 2011


Maid: The Role-Playing Game:: Nun Approved Rules By: Teleute
Nun approved rules.pdf (109 KB)
Rules changed or cut from the English edition game. Released as a free download from the publisher.
Feb 7, 2011


Maid: The Role-Playing Game:: Character Notes 1.01 By: Teleute
Character Notes 1.01.pdf (582 KB)
The original Character Notes reformatted to match they style of the game book.
Feb 7, 2011


Maid: The Role-Playing Game:: Basic Maid Character Sheet By: Quizoid
basic.pdf (605 KB)
The character sheet you'd use for a basic game of Maid. Permission granted by Andy.
Apr 24, 2010


Maid: The Role-Playing Game:: Romance Maid Character Sheet By: Quizoid
romance.pdf (627 KB)
The Romance Maid Character Sheet. This is the sheet you'd use if you're using the optional Seduction Rules. Also has a spot for Trauma.
Apr 24, 2010


Maid: The Role-Playing Game:: Butler Character Sheet By: Quizoid
butler.pdf (616 KB)
The Butler Character Sheet. Permission granted by Andy.
Apr 24, 2010


Maid: The Role-Playing Game:: Master Character Sheet By: Quizoid
master.pdf (738 KB)
The Master Character Sheet. Permission granted by Andy.
Apr 24, 2010


Maid: The Role-Playing Game:: Maid Notes By: Quizoid
Maid Notes 1.00.pdf (66 KB)
Play aides for Maid. Has aides for both the Basic and Expanded version of the game. By Anthony Martins. If you find errors or have ideas for improvement, feel free to contact him here on the geek, handle: quizoid. Permission granted by Andy.
Apr 24, 2010

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