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Home Made / Homebrew Creatures:: Moonsheep By: sos1
Moonsheep.pdf (50 KB)
Description: Moonsheep look like ordinary sheep – there really are no distinguishing features. While we are not aware of Moonsheep found on modern Earth, the German poet Christian Morgenstern had visions of them – he called them not only Moonsheep but also Heathsheep. It is not clear whether these visions were from the future, the past, or other dimensions – or perhaps all of the above.

Note: this is the winning entry in the 2011 RPGGeek Critter Creation contest. Not system-specific - can be used with any game mechanics.
Jun 16, 2012

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Home Made / Homebrew Creatures:: Sample Critter Creation Contest entry By: wavemotion
Critter Creation Contest.pdf (30 KB)
Sample Critter Creation Contest entry
Oct 16, 2011