A Toolkit for Solo Role-Playing
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Role-playing games offer a gaming environment unconstrained by the fetters of limited choice that are typical in board games, computer games, or gamebooks. However that same freedom to choose your characters' actions typically requires a corresponding intelligent facilitator who will narrate the results of your actions (computer AIs jut don't have the necessary sophistication for this). Without that foil independent of your own mind, surely there can be no surprises for you?

Well, not so. This is a list of items that form my indispensable toolkit when I'm running a role-playing game solo (for myself as the player, with no additional gamesmaster). The toolkit below gives a framework that can be placed around any RPG that allows you to play rich games with interesting plot and characters that will surprise and excite you. The tools provide sources of randomness and ways to interpret that randomness in a rational manner.

Of course you will also require the rules for whichever RPG you want to play; that's a given.
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