RPGs meant to be played with five players
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Some RPGs are mechanically meant to be played with a specific group size. The designers usually mention this in the rules, although they sometimes offer a workaround for different group sizes.

This list is for such games. Note that this is not about your personal preference regarding number of players, but mechanical designs. "Five players" includes the GM, if the game rules have a GM.

This list is sorted alphabetically, by title.

Geeklists for RPGs with a certain number of players:
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RPGs meant to be played with five players - this list
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1. RPG: Drama on the Lawn added by jasri on 2013-06-08 03:04:21
2. Series: Full Course of Love and Death added by jasri on 2013-08-05 10:58:48
3. RPG: Love in the Time of Seið added by jasri on 2013-06-07 01:45:04