2014 RPG Challenge: Play Five RPGs You Have Never Played Before (Each At Least Once)
Rishi A.
United States
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I was inspired by this Geeklist: 2014 Challenge: Play 10 Games 10 Times Each.


So RPGs are just simply a different animal than board games. Fewer people play them and it's more difficult to get a group together. Plus, finding a 3-4 hour block to play a game is difficult, not to mention the significant time investment to learn rules. The 10x10 wouldn't work for RPGs, because I think most people are lucky to get 100 plays total in a given year.

So, what is a challenge for RPG players? Playing a couple games many times is trivial for any RPG player who plays in a campaign or two. But, many RPG players often play one or two games and are satisfied with that. Yes, there are players who flit from game to game, but I think they might be an exception.

So here's the challenge. In 2014, play five RPGs you've never played before each at least once.


1) You can join this GeekList any time, but plays only count after you say you are participating in the challenge. If you join in mid-January and want to count a game from a week before, that's no big deal. But I want to avoid the situation of someone joining the list much later in the year and backlogging all their plays since January.

2) A "play" is defined as either playing or GMing or participating in a GMless (or GMfull) game.

3) VoIP games count.

4) PBF games count as long as the game starts AFTER you post on the GeekList. The game must actually get off the ground for it to count (i.e. Not dying after a month.) I will trust your judgment on this one. It does not necessarily have to "complete" in 2014, though.

5) Playtests count.

For other corner cases, use your best judgment. If something is coming up a lot, let me know and I can make a clarification.


What? Prizes? Shouldn't playing all these great new games be prize enough? But prizes are also fun!

1) Anyone who completes the challenge will divide the pot evenly. I will throw in 100 Geekgold and anything tipped to this GeekList will also be part of the pot.

2) BONUS: 50 Geekgold to the person who plays the MOST games that are new to them. If more than one person ties, they split this pot.

I will be participating but am ineligible for all prizes.


Add an item to this list to indicate your intent to participate.

Whenever you play a new game, edit the item and give the name of the game, the date (or dates for a PBF) you played. If you want to talk a little bit about the circumstances and what you thought, great! But it's not necessary.

You DO NOT have you say which five games you intend to play ahead of time. But if you want to indicate a couple games you're hoping to get in, great!
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