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This GeekList will be used for the CHAMPIONSHIP and Bronze Match voting for the Best of the RPGs Tournament. To be informed of subsequent voting rounds in this year's tournament and subsequent years' tournaments, please subscribe to the subscription thread: Best of the RPGs Tournament Subscription Thread

The Final Four round of the tournament is over. Here are some interesting facts from the Final Four:

Biggest blowout: Dungeon World (170 votes) over Mouse Guard (77 votes)
Closest Match: Fate Core (140 votes) over Lady Blackbird (92 votes)
Neither of the matchups were upsets in the Final Four.
Matchup with the most votes: family=11105][/family] over Mouse Guard (247 total votes)
Matchup with the least votes: Fate Core over Lady Blackbird (232 total votes)
Of the top 2 seeded teams none still remain.
The lowest seeded team that made it to the Championship is Fate Core(seeded 11)

To see the earlier voting results, go to these GeekLists:
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Below is the CHAMPIONSHIP and Bronze Match! To see them in a tournament-style bracket, you can go to this website: (You don't have to create an account to view the bracket.)

Each RPG's seed number is listed in parentheses after its name in the polls.

Okay, let's vote on our favorite RPGs. Most of us have not played all of these, but you can still vote based on genre, mechanics, description in the database, etc., or even whichever one looks the coolest. The criteria for "best RPG" is totally up to you, but make sure your vote gets heard on all of these!

Color commentary, reasons for voting one way or the other, and good-natured smack talk are strongly encouraged in the comments beneath the GeekList items.

Good luck to all the RPGs competing in the Championship and Broze Match, and may the best RPG win!

Voting ends Midnight, Geek Time, tonight!
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