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Publisher Description:

Sixcess Core is a universal, D6-based, dice-pool roleplaying game. Easy to learn. Versatile. Powerful. As lite or crunchy as you want.

Sixcess Core at a Glance:

Everyone has a pile of six sided dice. If you have Monopoly, Yahtzee, or any number of age-old board games, you're bound to be loaded down with six siders. If not, Walmart has them for $2 for a 5 pack. No need to find specialized dice. If you're an avid gamer, you probably have bricks and bricks of dice with a myriad of D6 available.

Since Sixcess is a dice-pool system, you'll need to toss a few of them at a time. The average toss uses 4 dice. If you have a very specialized character, you might toss as many as 10. If you need more than that, then you are the uber-geek and there's probably some min-maxing going on… In that event, you know exactly what you're doing and you want to throw that many dice into the action!

It is easy to learn for all ages, for new and experienced role-players alike.

Sixcess plays quickly to allow for maximum role-playing story elements, and yet is nuanced enough to satisfy the crunchiest of dice crunchers out there. In our playtesting experience, the dice mechanics and rules can be explained within 15 minutes and within a matter of a few tosses the players are explaining the dice mechanics back to you! This was our experience with completely inexperienced roleplayers (first timers) as well as experienced gamers at GenCon.

If you're unfamiliar with a dice-pool system, it only takes a bit of time to pick up on the fact that each die value is treated individually. You're looking for a total number of dice that reached the target, not adding them up to compare them collectively. Although other dice mechanic systems allow for degrees of success, we find that a dice-pool system is more readily adapted to this type of play.

Sixcess is based around a pairing of Attribute and Skill ranks to provide the dice-pool. Each die that meets or beats a defined Target Number is considered a "Sixcess". Sixcesses are broken into two types: Ticks and Marks. Marks are the best results and provide an extra (or "exploding") die to be added to the test. This allows for even the lowest skills and weakest attributes to have a chance for glorious success. It also means that pushover opponents can become lethal assailants with the toss of a die!

For example: Your character is running from the big, bad cave-troll and encounters a chasm that needs to be jumped. He pairs his Reflexes attribute (3) and Athletics skill (2) to build a dice-pool of 5 dice (3+2). The GM determines that it's an average effort so the Target Number (TN) is a 4. Each die that equals or beats the TN is either a Tick or a Mark. The player rolls 5 dice with the results of 3,3,4,5,6. This is not a 21. Each die is compared to the TN. The two results of 3 are failures. The 4 and 5 are successful (called "Ticks") and the 6 (called a "Mark") garners another die for the player to roll. Taking one of the failed dice and rerolling it, the player gets another 4 - another Sixcess ("Tick"). The result is one Mark and 3 Ticks. This is a very successful action.
Another example: The second character rolls his Reflexes (2) and Athletics (1) to build a dice-pool of 3. He rolls and gets 2, 2, 4 – only one Tick. It's not enough to make the jump successfully, but has a small margin of success. The GM declares that the character makes it to the other side, but only by his fingertips. He is dangling from the edge, hanging over the deep, dark chasm.

Sixcess also incorporates a system for the players to take over the action from the GM to craft and mold the world in their own way. This is called "Dissonance" and every player has a "DISk" to activate this capability. Some of the Tiers provide official DISks for you and your players to use.

Example: The player has failed every one of his Willpower rolls to resist the influence of a vampire who is enticing him to get on her horse and ride away - presumably to his doom. The player tosses his DISk and says, "I fall off the horse and break my leg." He is now physically unable to follow the enticements of the vampire. The player has saved his character by taking over the action and modifying the result.

Is it better for small or large groups?

Sixcess scales nicely to any size group. Smaller groups that stick together tend to play a little faster - but this is true of nearly any gaming experience. Larger groups can accomplish more and provide a larger, more "epic" feel, but they don't hamper gameplay at all, nor overbalance the mechanic.


One of the hallmarks of the Sixcess Core system is the flexibility. As a players you can use and manipulate the world (and the rules of the system) to give your characters bonuses. You are not constrained to a narrowly defined corridor of character development. You can grow and enhance your character in any way that you choose.

Characters can be made in any combination of abilities that are desired. There are no classes and no levels. Gameworld-specific details may provide Backgrounds, Edges, Flaws or Qualities that nuance your choices, but there are no system restrictions. If you want to play a Dwarf raised by Elves, you can. Exotic backgrounds are entirely feasible.

Sixcess provides a plethora of Backgrounds, Edges, Flaws and Qualities to breathe life into the character. Some have a system effect; some simply enhance the role-playing of the character. It's completely open-ended and up to the GM and players to use as they see fit.

Players can also use the system to change their Target Numbers or gain multiple actions by sacrificing dice from their dice-pool. High levels of skill make it possible to sacrifice dice in order to reduce the Target, making actions easier.

In a similar fashion, dice can be sacrificed to gain extra actions. This allows for a more heroic, cinematic feel to the gameplay.

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