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Universe: The Role-Playing Game of the Future (1st & 2nd Editions)
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Description Edit | History

Universe is a science fiction role-playing game published by legendary board wargaming company Simulations Publications, Inc. The game system followed SPI's successful fantasy role-playing game, DragonQuest.

Universe, unlike most other science fiction role-playing games, was set in a future in which humans were in the early stages of exploring and colonizing the star systems near Earth.

More Information Edit | History

The following boardgames are part of the Universe system:

DeltaVee -- A 3D space combat system.
Star Trader -- A gaming of shipping goods in space.

SETTING: Universe is set in a 24th Cent where the nations of Earth have peacefully explored and settled many star systems within 30 LYs of Earth without discovering intelligent alien civilization. Some of the star systems closest to Earth are quite populous and prosperous, but the settlements further out amount to tenuous, speculative colonies or even mere research facilities . Many systems beyond 20 or so light-years from Earth are unexplored altogether . The inhabited planets are governed loosely by the "Federation of Planets" (primarily through its overwhelming military might and its monopoly control of starports), while maintaining most of the nationalities and languages extant in the 20th century.

CHARACTERISTIC RATINGS: Universe does not feature character races or classes that delineate exclusive access to particular capabilities. All characters are humans, and are represented by nine innate Characteristics (values 1-12) and a varying mix of several different Skills. The nine Characteristics are described below. Note that the descriptions are not merely loose guidelines on "how to roleplay" the character; they refer to specific game mechanics (invariably requiring a die roll) whose outcome is directly affected by the Characteristic in question.

Strength: Affects how much a character can lift and carry, how far he can throw objects, and the damage he deals in close combat
Endurance: Affects how long a character can maintain physical activity (eg running ), how much physical punishment he can take and how quickly he heals
Dexterity: Affects character's shooting accuracy and other tasks that require hand-eye coordination
Agility: Abitiy to run quickly, climb, dodge in combat, etc
Intelligence: Intellectual capacity as well as general ability to "notice things". Augments (or limits) scientific skills (eg Astronomy, Chenistry)
Mental Power: Willpower and self-control (especially during combat or similar duress). Very high MP ratings allow the cultivation of psionic powers (eg mind control, telekinesis, hyperjump navigation).
Leadership: Affects the designated team leader's situational awareness and ability to keep his/her comrades level-headed during firefights. Also affects the Space Tactics skill
Empathy: Basically "people skills"; the ability to "read" and successfully interact with fellow humans and semi-intelligent aliens
Aggression: Affects character's involuntary reaction to being shot at (ie either cower on the ground or charge and attack his assailant - though note that such rash actions can be obviated by combat experience or a high Mental Power). Aggression ratings of NPCs and creatures affect their initial approach during an encounter (eg, flee, interact peaceably, or attack).

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