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Leif Ekelund
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From website:

As of March 2013, Leif has recently finished a month long commercial project as a digital matte painter at Spypost in downtown San Francisco. His tasks primarily included digital painting in Photoshop and 3D projection in Maya. Prior to that, he worked as a Concept Artist / 3D Generalist at SiXiTs Studios in Novato, CA. ( ) SiXiTs is a gaming company focusing on iOS / Android apps, as well as Facebook, and Mobile games. His tasks included sketching basic ideas to finalizing full colored renders under the direction of the Concept Art team. Upon approval, Leif, along with the 3D Modeling team, will begin building and texturing the hard surface geometry using the 3D software, Maya and Mudbox. (Nov 2011 - December 2012)

Originally from Cape Elizabeth, Maine, Leif is a 2010 graduate of the Academy of Art University in San Francisco with a Master's Degree in Visual Effects with a focus in Digital Matte painting and environments. At the Academy, he has spent the past few years studying the pipelines to creating industry standard visual effects as well as the essentials to film pre-visualization and post production.

Leif is a 2004 graduate from the University of Vermont with a bachelor's degree in Fine Art and a minor in Art History. Before coming to San Francisco, Leif focused on traditional art and working on commissioned paintings and illustrations in the New England area. Before transferring to Vermont, Leif started college at Northeastern University in Boston where he studied Animation and also contributed to the school newspaper with political cartoons. While at the University of Vermont he worked in the Athletics Department designing all of the sports brochures, program guides, and other athletic based graphic design work. Since moving to San Francisco in 2004, more design opportunities developed while at the Academy of Art University.

In 2007, the school announced the launch of a new intercollegiate athletics program. The first time in the school's 80 year history. The Urban Knights was named the official mascot for the school, but they did not have a logo yet. Leif's design of the 'Lion Shield' was selected as the top design, and is now the school's athletics logo. While pursuing his artistic career, there has always been the equal passion for athletics.


In addition to his artistic resume, Leif also has an extensive athletics resume. Leif was the 1st Head Baseball Coach for the Academy of Art University in 2008. He is a former Professional Minor League Baseball Player with the Golden Baseball League's (NOW North American League) Surprise (AZ) Fightin' Falcons(2005), and a short stint with the Chico (CA) Outlaws. (2008) He was a member of The University of Vermont Baseball team who received America East conference Player of the Week honors in April of 2002. A 1999 graduate of Cape Elizabeth High School (ME), Leif was named Maine's High School Baseball Gatorade Player of the Year in 1999. He Also lettered for the school's soccer and Ice Hockey teams that each won a State Championship respectively.

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