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Creator of "The Mythos Delvers" an email discussion group that can be found archived somewhere on the web.

Co-game mastered Call of Cthulhu campaign based on Sax Rohmer's Doctor Fu Manchu books at Con of the North gaming convention, 1990.

Former moderator for a series of panels called "Lovecraft Was Right!" 2001-2003 at CONvergence scifi/fantasy convention in Bloomington, MN. Discussed the probable location of the island mentioned in "Dagon" and gave a dramatic reading of the story at the Cthulhu Coffee room party hosted by Melissa Kaercher.

Contributor to The Unspeakable Oath 16/17 of two articles.

- "Technology in the 1920s" which described obsolete technology no longer used as well as prototypes of modern tech as they existed during the early 20th century.

- "Boston" which provided extensive background on using the city as a setting for Call of Cthulhu role playing adventures. Including a lengthy section giving the basic statistics of the colleges and universities to aid players who want realistic academic background for their characters or aid game masters who need to know what kind of information characters researching in Boston's libraries might reasonably find.

Author of unpublished book "Mythos Timelines." The extensive 150 page manuscript is divided into three sections: History, Documents and Secrets. In order to avoid the usual hodge-podge structure of most time lines and either over or under explain the wide ranging topics covered in the range of Lovecraft's fiction.

- The History Timeline covers real world events that can be read about in reference books--HPL made up far less of his stories than is generally assumed and tied them into the real world more tightly than is imagined.

- The Documents Timeline covers items mentioned in the HPL stories as if a game master was going through the stories and making note of any written document that could be a player handout.

- The Secrets Timeline covers all the occult and cultist lore that would be dismissed as superstition by the sane and sober historians who constructed the first two Timelines.

The "Mythos Timelines" manuscript has been sitting with Pagan Publishing for well over a decade now and seem unlikely to ever see the light of day.

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