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From the Game Chef page:

Game Chef is an annual design competition for "analog" (non-electronic) games, challenging participants to write a playable draft of an original game in just over one week, based on a theme and a set of "ingredients."

As our 2006 nomination for the Diana Jones Award said: Each year the competition has spawned a number of powerful, widely diverse RPGs and semi-RPGs and is now one of the best break-in points for new game designers and small press publishers. One of its strongest features is its development of a community of review and interest in one anothers’ projects.

Game Chef has been a proud tradition for more than ten years now, dating back to primordial contests on the Gaming Outpost before being revived in 2002 by Mike Holmes on the Forge.

Admin Comment:

This Family entry is used to link all of the various Game Chef annual series together. We will not add the individual game entries to this family.

More Information Edit | History

2002 - Iron Game Chef
Theme: Iron Game Chef
Ingredients: Africa, Art, Court, Numerology

2003 - Simulationist
Theme: Simulationist
Ingredients: Blood, Song, Sphere, Volcano

2004 - Son of Iron Game Chef
Theme: Fantasy
Ingredients: Assault, Dawn, Ice, Island

Theme: Historical
Ingredients: Accuser, Companion, Entomology, Invincible, Wine

Theme: Time
Ingredients: a) Ancient Committee, Emotion, Glass; or b) Actor, Law, Steel, Team

Theme: FunGameCorp
Ingredients: a) Currency, Drug, Memory, Palace; or b) Inconsistency, Rose, Sacred, Thread

2008 - Artists First!
Theme: Artists First
Ingredients: Variety of art

2009 - Icon Intrigue
Theme: Intrigue
Ingredients: Four icons (fleur-de-lis, dividers, seabird, star)

2009 - Little Game Chef
Theme: Immersion
Ingredients: Burn, Horse, Midnight, Sea

2010 - Sojourner
Theme: Journey
Ingredients: City, Desert, Edge, Skin

2010 - Little Game Chef
Theme: Comedy
Ingredients: Bond, Holiday, Starfish, Recall

Theme: William Shakespeare
Ingredients: Daughter, Exile, Forsworn, Nature

Theme: Last Chance
Ingredients: Coyote, Doctor, Lantern, Mimic

2013 - Icons
Theme: An icon
Ingredients: Four icons

2014 - Unbound Edition
Theme: There is no Book
Ingredients: Absorb, Wild, Glitter, Sickle

Theme: A Different Audience
Ingredients: Abandon, Dragonfly, Stillness, Dream

Theme: Technology
Ingredients: Alarm, Dance, Sketch, Sunlight

Theme: Borders
Ingredients: Yarn, Echo, Smoke, Cut

Theme: Lost Stories
Ingredients: Blunt, Sheepskin, Speedwalking, Weigh

This family contains the series that link all the Game Chef games together. To view the series included in this family, use the "Linked Items" blue box, immediately below. Select "RPG Series" from the "Relationship" drop-down.

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