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Living Greyhawk Adventure Series
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User summary:

This family is used to link together all of the series of Living Greyhawk RPGA convention/tournament play (an early implementation of "organized play") scenarios. We will not link individual products to this family.

The RPGA Living Greyhawk events occurred in eight play seasons, from 2001 through 2008, and used the D&D 3/3.5 Edition rules. The scenarios were presented primarily at game conventions, though a few were intended to be played "at home" by RPGA members. These adventures transpire during CY 591 - 598 of the Greyhawk calendar.

Adventures fell into broad categories, typically denoted by their module series product code.

COR - Living Greyhawk Core Adventures - Scenarios usually were set in the Flanaess and were generally available to play anywhere in the world. Core scenarios were created for every play season.
Regional Scenarios were set in an identified geographical region of the Geyhawk setting (for example, Onnwal). Numerous regional series exist. Some regions did not have scenarios for every play season.
Metaregional Scenarios were introduced in year three and were intended to replace Adaptable scenarios. The Metaregional adventures were set in specific Greyhawk regions and were offered for play only in the actual ("real world") geographic regions associated with the Greyhawk region. Because of their limited distribution, metaregional scenarios are the least known adventures in the program.
ADP - Living Greyhawk Adaptable Adventures Adaptable Scenarios featured a rather generic setting and were intended to be "adapted" for play in differing regions (this adaptation was intended to be performed by the regional organizers). Adaptable Scenarios primarily were created during play seasons one and two.
ADP - Living Greyhawk Adaptable Adventures Adapted Scenarios, in concept similar to Adaptable Scenarios, were suggestions on how to implement commercial adventure products to RPGA play. These primarily were created during play season six and later.
INT - Living Greyhawk Introductory Adventures Scenarios were intended for low-level (generally, 1st level, and often restricted to new players) characters only. Many regions also produced Introductory scenarios, often denoted by an "I" suffix to the regional series code. Most Introductory scenarios did not allow any treasure or experience to be formalized into a Living Greyhawk character participant.
Special Scenarios, often denoted by an "S" suffix in the series code, were either especially dangerous ("epic") or were short scenarios that were used to, essentially, develop the Living Greyhawk overarching narrative plot (these latter types sometimes were referred to as "Interactive Scenarios"). Most Special scenarios offered sparse treasure and allowed only half experience to be formalized into a Living Greyhawk character participant. For example, see AHLS5-01: In Deepest Oerth

Note that for each given series or type of module, there was no real intent for the scenarios to form any sort of continuous "scene-by-scene" narrative (e.g., the series are not analogous to "adventure paths"). However, many modules in the entire group were intended to form small narrative arcs. These typically are identified only on the cover page of the module, as descriptive text. Many of these series are noted for individual scenario entries, but they were not given any formal series code.

Characters who participated in any Living Greyhawk scenario (except the Introductory series) earned an "AR", or Adventure Record. This physical certificate noted specific treasure, items, and experience gained by the participant character during play. After years of play, a specific character might accumulate dozens of ARs. Each scenario also included a "TU", or Time Unit cost. Each character could expend only a certain number of TU points per play season. Taken together, the AR and TU processes were intended to allow for a (more or less) fair playing experience.

More Information Edit | History

Note - in the "Linked Items" box under the "Relationship:" drop-down, select "RPG Series" to review the regional, meta-regional, core, etc., series associated with this family.

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