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Inkluz (Numer 5 - Września 1999)
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English translation (courtesy of Google):


  • Breakthrough - I encourage you to visit the Information Centre on the home page of the magazine.
  • Polcon '99 - Guest editors.

Corner Tolkien

  • Biography Master, Fri. 2 - Continued biography of JRR Tolkien
  • Official Frodo B. - discovered by Cirdana
  • Many have different names in many different countries ... - Who were the Istari?
  • Movie News - our secret agent received information about the likely cast of "Lord of the Rings"
  • Tolkien Network - a collection of sites devoted to Tolkien and Middle-earth

To make it before dawn (World of Darkness)

  • Welcome to the Dark Being! - "In the next episode of my reflections on topics related to the world of the game Vampire: The Masquerade I will continue to create a new saga. but I will focus on character issues and the ways in which they should be played. "
  • Highlander: The Gathering - "Convention of the World of Darkness is very roomy, prompting many people to create copyright additions to the system. One of the most interesting is the Highlander: The Gathering (in Polish version of Highlander: The Assembly)."
  • You live in me the light Stars - "In my veins flows the blood and I niego.Wieczna river flows through, unbreakable thread created by the destination of our mouth."
  • break ties - "I, was the night for the night. I, bound not to break the thread of this, Who created me and what I took the liberty of being. "
  • about him ... with me - "He went nieoglądając back. I sat huddled on the windowsill, not knowing what to think about all this. A glance chased snowflakes dancing outside the window." .
  • The blood of the innocent - "He went to the window. slowly pushed aside the curtain and looked straight ahead. The sun was almost behind the horizon. He sighed deeply. If they once again look at that beautiful star ..."

Werewolf: The Apocalypse

  • editorial - "I would like to welcome all the" corner "Werewolf in a newspaper website Plots."
  • Where is your hand? - that is the essence of Werewolf: the Apocalypse.
  • If you want to ... - "Richard Morris, as usual, smoked a from their cigars. The smoke obscured the entire room, in which it is located. "

AD & D

  • an editorial - "AD & D (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons), I deal with for 13 years, and from 10 am Game Master ..."
  • Sir Giusz Land - "As you every one of you knows" in the beginning was Chaos, "then began to emerge in different worlds and, among others emerged from the darkness of nothingness Sir Giusz Land. Many fans of the AD & D game in the original worlds of this system, I only support myself on them and my players will take their adventures in my world. "
  • Chalk - Links to pages of the AD & D or derivatives.

Play By E-Mail

  • Play By E-Mail - how to bite - the essence of PBEM s

Patch edge

  • The next stage of the game - Today, my stick has two ends: one to play, and the other is playing.

Noise Information (Cyberpunk 2020)

  • Yun Tanabe alias "Doctor cringe" - "cringe a sample copy ripdoca serving customers from the combat zone, and generally from the margins of society."
  • Product Kiroshi Opticals 2020 cz. 2 - Interesting solutions in the field of optics.

Deep Ocean (author's addition to the CP 2020)

  • editorial - "Dark future climate, underwater cities, where people live with the same problems as in the classic CP2020 and some quite new, heavy, deep diving suits, rocket propellants small, smart topredy having only one task: to find and destroy the target, racing underwater scooters and neo-pounding. "
  • The realities of Deep Ocean - "Places like New York or Los Angeles do not exist ... The world in which you live has shrunk dramatically: more than a dozen submarines Cities reliant on self-sufficiency. "
  • Old Man - Short opowiadanko.

Magic: the Gathering

  • Maybe a little bit about the rules ... - Article for początkiujących.
  • Pox - one of the best deck in Extended format - "The idea is to deck as soon as possible to deprive the opponent's hand ..."

Leaks government - technology (Cyberpunk 2020)

  • Germ - "GERM - firearms used at the turn of 1998-1999 only a few anti-terrorist units in the world, was also used in hunting professional (though very few hunters were rich can afford it)."
  • EMmAG - EMmAG is "colorless, gel emulsion with a thick and sticky texture, which causes the flow of an electrical pulse along the shortest line of resistance and thereby prevent direct contact between the skin of the electric charge, which leads to eliminate the risk of electric shock, unfortunately, the emulsion does not work permanently. "

Articles Relationship: Articles
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Zachęcam do odwiedzenia Centrum Informacyjnego na stronie głównej magazynu.

Pg. 0
Polcon '99

Opinie redaktorów.

Pg. 0
Życiorys Mistrza, cz. 2

ciąg dalszy biografii J.R.R. Tolkiena

Pg. 0
Dziennik Froda B.

odkryte przez Cirdana

Pg. 0
Wiele mam różnych imion w wielu różnych krajach...

kim byli Istari?

Pg. 0
Nowinki filmowe

nasz tajny agent zdobył informacje na temat prawdopodobnej obsady \"Władcy Pierścieni\"

Pg. 0
Tolkienowska Sieć

zbiór stron poświęconych Tolkienowi i Śródziemiu

Pg. 0
Witajcie Mroczne Istoty!

W poniższym odcinku moich rozważań na tematy związane ze światem gry Wampir: Maskarada będę kontynuował

Pg. 0
Highlander: The Gathering

Konwencja Świata Mroku jest bardzo pojemna, co skłoniło wielu ludzi do tworzenia autorskich dodatków do

Pg. 0
Zamieszkasz we mnie swiatłem gwiazdy

W moich zyłach płynie jego krew a ja przepływam przez niego.Wieczna rzeka, nierozerwalna nić przeznaczenia

Pg. 0
Zerwanie więzi

Ja, powstałam w nocy dla nocy. Ja, związana nicią nie do przerwania z tym, kto mnie stworzył i z tym, co mi

Pg. 0
O nim...przy mnie

Odszedł nieoglądając się za siebie. Siedziałam skulona na parapecie nie wiedząc co o tym wszystkim myśleć.

Pg. 0
Za krew niewinnych

Podszedł do okna. Powoli odgarnął zasłonę i spojrzał przed siebie. Słońce było już prawie za horyzontem.

Pg. 0

Chciałbym powitać wszystkich w \"kąciku\" Wilkołaka w gazecie internetowej Inkluz.

Pg. 0
Gdzie jest pana ręka?

czyli istota Wilkołaka: Apokalipsy.

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