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From the publisher's site:

From Gear to Eternity!
Tomorrow is sooner than you think; it's time to augment your reality! This month's Pyramid -- the PDF magazine for roleplayers -- turns its laser-like focus on futuristic technology and gear. The packing list for this issue includes:
•"Starmaker, Starbreaker," a planet-molding marvel that's perfectly helpful and benign, with just a teensy chance that it might prove to be an uncontrollable, star-destroying super-weapon. This systemless article presents information on the device, its secrets, and place in the campaign.
•"Blaster and Laser Design," this month's Eidetic Memory offering from GURPS Fourth Edition co-author David Pulver. Make your own GURPS Ultra-Tech-style weapons with just a pencil, paper, and perhaps some light-focusing harmonic crystals.
•"Thinking Machines," a set of variant rules that add more details, choices, and possibilities to computers in GURPS. It's the greatest optional computer upgrade since lowercase letters!
•"More Ultra-Tech Guns and Heavy Weapons," an assortment of more than two dozen additional futuristic weapons to beef up your GURPS Ultra-Tech arsenal.
•"Mr. Fixit," an expansion of the GURPS Basic Set rules for impromptu repairs. Written by Matt Riggsby (author of GURPS Fantasy-Tech 1: The Edge of Reality), these rules will have you scrounging for duct tape and pulling out your pen knife -- in triumph!
•"Future Home Tech," a collection of additional GURPS Ultra-Tech devices useful around your sci-fi domicile. The future is here; make yourself comfy.
•"The Killer Cleanbot," a useful bit of technology -- complete with GURPS stats -- written by Michele Armellini (author of GURPS WWII: Their Finest Hour). Sure, this device might prove too efficient . . . but at least you'll never worry about housework again!

This Pyramid also presents Steven Marsh's Random Thought Table, a Murphy's Rules that drives to distraction, and more. Get Pyramid and gear up!

Articles Relationship: Articles
Pg. 1
Pg. 3
From the Editor

Hey, all! Pyramid Editor Steven Marsh here. Whenever I’m acting as a GM, I take my cue from God: Once you

Pg. 4
Starmaker, Starbreaker: the Most Dangerous Machine in Existence

This wondrous device could be put into any far-future, space-opera campaign where an overpopulated humanity

Pg. 11
Eidetic Memory: Blaster and Laser Design

My brother inspired my first attempt at blaster and laser design. He wanted to build a personalized fully

Pg. 16
Thinking Machines

In many campaigns, computers are set decorations rather than integral equipment in a campaign. But what if you

Pg. 22
More Ultra-Tech Guns and Heavy Weapons

While GURPS Ultra-Tech and other sourcebooks cover most of the weaponry that adventurers might need for a

Pg. 28
Mr. Fixit

In many science-fiction adventures, scientists and technicians are called on to repair complex devices.

Pg. 31
Future Home Tech

Many of the tools and devices found in a home are based on the latest technologies – home lighting by

Pg. 34
The Killer Cleanbot

Number 73, as you’ll have guessed, that stinging in your back means this harmless-looking office is the

Pg. 37
Random Thought Table: Echos and Repercussions

The other day I was poking the near-future science-fiction supers roleplaying game Aberrant with a stick, looking

Pg. 39
Odds and Ends

Additional or optional material from previous articles.

Pg. 39
Murphy's Rules

Comic entertainment.

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PDF Version
Year: 2011
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