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The World Is Yours to Shape

Lots of people have fixer-uppers. But for some folks, these projects are entire worlds. This month's Pyramid -- the PDF magazine for roleplayers -- offers tools and resources to help build a fantasy world:

  • "The Turning Points of History" offers a set of random tables to generate fantastic histories suitable for the smallest towns, the most epic worlds, and everything in between. Written by Matt Riggsby (author of GURPS Dungeon Fantasy 8: Treasure Tables), this article will have you devising today's action using yesterday's lore.
  • "Shadowland Runners," an add-on about how information brings rule to a widespread kingdom. GURPS author Michele Armellini describes (with GURPS rules) the ephemeral world that makes this communication possible.
  • "God Is Dead," this month's Eidetic Memory offering from GURPS Fourth Edition co-author David Pulver, includes both systemless and GURPS insight. How does the world react when one of its deities dies?
  • "In the Jungle," which takes your fantasy gaming in a new direction -- straight up! Discover what the canopied world of trees has in common with dungeon-delving action.
  • "The Gnomish Mafia," a generic organization suitable for anywhere that can welcome small criminals with big plans.
  • "The Children of the Coming Darkness," a dire development for your GURPS Banestorm campaign. Can the world survive the plans of this insane cult?
  • "The Duodecennial Deviations," a developed look at how a calendar might bestow or remove GURPS abilities . . . and what that means for the world at large.
  • "Spirits in Everyday Life," an examination of how the spirits of a fantasy world might be appeased . . . and what can happen if they aren't.

This issue also contains a Random Thought Table that considers world-building from a rule standpoint, plus Odds and Ends we didn't have room for elsewhere . . . including a Murphy's Rules that's gone to the dogs.

They say the world keeps on turning regardless of our actions. However, it won't be as cool if you're not involved -- and Pyramid is here to help!

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From the Editor

Fantasy worlds are voracious pits, demanding constant tribute in the form of fiddly bits and options.

Pg. 4
The Turning Points of History

One of the important things about history, like the rest of real life, is that it’s messy.

Pg. 9
Shadowland Runners: Where News Travels East

Travelers from all over the world tell fantastic tales about the faraway Empire of Thebor, beyond the Great

Pg. 14
Eidetic Memory: God Is Dead

In some fantasy worlds a god is by definition an immortal and eternal power. In other settings, it is possible for

Pg. 18
In the Jungle

Dungeons are a core part of the fantasy genre, from a sapper’s tunnels to a cavern complex to the Mines of

Pg. 21
The Gnomish Mafia

Twenty years ago, Montague Crane walked into town and started building his “family business.”

Pg. 24
The Children of the Coming Darkness

“In the name of our God, most merciless, most cruel . . .” the pale monster raged, low in the pit,

Pg. 27
The Duodecennial Deviations

Most efforts at changing fantasy worlds are done so on the physical level, with the addition of new lands, new

Pg. 32
Spirits in Everyday Life

To the people of a fantasy world with magic, it is only natural to seek protection from or control over undead and

Pg. 35
Random Thought Table: The World-Building of Rules

The earliest roleplaying game title I can remember that made me really think about fantasy world-building is Fate

Pg. 37
Odds and Ends

Any campaign can take a side trek into the upper reaches of a canopy forest.

Pg. 37
Murphy's Rules

Comic entertainment.

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