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The Magic Is Back!

Are you looking for more magic at the gaming table? This month's Pyramid -- the PDF magazine for roleplayers -- is there for all your eye-of-newt needs. This month we visit the topic of Thaumatology for the third time, with more magical alternates and tweaks to add that spark back into your life. This issue's mana-marinated morsels include:

  • "Adelphos Dionysos," a school of magic that follows the form of GURPS Thaumatology: Magical Styles. Written by GURPS giant Sean Punch, this style draws on the power of wine to give its practitioners power sublime!
  • "Cultists of the Elder Gods," a look at the followers of everyone's favorite GURPS Dungeon Fantasy freaks. These clerics are quick to prove that madness is a state of mind!
  • "Bottled Magic," an expansion of the Ritual Path magic options from GURPS Monster Hunters. With rules for potions, salves, and more, you won't think over these new options; you'll drink over them!
  • "Ghoul Magic," this month's Eidetic Memory offering from GURPS Fourth Edition co-author David Pulver. Discover the GURPS Thaumatology rituals that will let you slake your appetite . . . by giving you a new appetite!
  • "The Missioners," a systemless group of mortal minds hoping to bring magic back into the world -- no matter the cost.
  • "Magic as Technological Progress," a different way of looking at the core GURPS Magic system. It's like tech levels . . . for spells!
  • "Real Weird Books," a primer on the perfect starting points for introducing actual arcane lore into any gaming situation.

This Pyramid also presents a mystifyingly mundane Murphy's Rules with Greg Hyland, plus Steven Marsh's crackling-fun Random Thought Table. When it comes to Pyramid issues devoted to magic, the third time's the charm!

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Pg. 3
From the Editor

Let’s envision a common occurrence: If ninjas were to crash in through the skylight and demand that you

Pg. 4
Adelphos Dionysos

Adelphos Dionysos – also known as “the Dionysian Brotherhood” and “the Dionysians”

Pg. 9
Cultists of the Elder Gods

Dungeon Fantasy 14: Psi proposes that psionics are what happens when Elder Things grant Power Investiture.

Pg. 13
Bottled Magic

Ritual Path magic is an amazingly flexible system, capable of nearly any feat that anyone could possibly

Pg. 17
Eidetic Memory: Ghoul Magic

Ghouls are a subterranean race of corpse-eating humanoids, often served and emulated by degenerate humans.

Pg. 19
The Missioners: Mysterious Magical Trailblazers

On worlds where magic is all but unknown – a thing of wishes, flummery, and fiction – there are often

Pg. 25
Magic as Technological Progress

The standard spell-based magic system as presented in GURPS Magic uses prerequisite chains that resemble

Pg. 32
Real Weird Books

You love magic. Your friends love magic. Everyone loves magic. That’s why you’re running a campaign

Pg. 34
Random Thought Table: A Box Labled "To Pandora"

During character creation, I explained the premise: There is “magic user”-style magic, but it’s

Pg. 36
Odds and Ends

Additional or optional material from previous articles.

Pg. 36
Murphy's Rules

Comic entertainment.

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