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Unnatural Selections

Fight or flight: the choice is yours! This month's issue of Pyramid -- the PDF magazine for roleplayers -- is devoted to monsters . . . as well as those who fight them. Our creature features are:

  • "Inhuman Options," an expansion for GURPS Monster Hunters that adds templates and possibilities for inhuman heroes. Written by that series' architect, Jason "PK" Levine, these four templates are well-suited for any campaign that would welcome PC ghosts, changelings, and more.
  • "The Sad Lost God," by GURPS Locations: Hellsgate author Matt Riggsby. Discover what a fallen deity will do to regain the followers he needs to rise once again. It includes GURPS stats for the titular titan.
  • "Zombie Predators," perhaps the most flavorful Eidetic Memory offering we've ever received, from GURPS Fourth Edition co-author David Pulver. What don't "they" want you to know about contrails, public-water fluoridation, and other secrets -- and how do those plans fit in with an attempt to stop a zombie apocalypse? It includes sinister GURPS stats for something innocuously named a "mutant necrophage."
  • "Half Alive," a look at one man's intersection of horror and tragedy. Written by Michele Armellini (author of GURPS WWII: Grim Legions), this GURPS creature is suitable for any fantastic setting where magic can go terribly wrong.
  • "The Formation," a systemless article that describes a most unusual breed of crystalline parasite from outer space. It includes ideas for using them in a modern horror, atomic horror, steampunk, or fantasy setting.
  • "The Wild Hunt," a look at the forces of the dark fae. Especially suitable for a Monster Hunters campaign (and building on the foundation of this issue's "Inhuman Options"), these timeless terrors are also suitable for any GURPS campaign where ogres, unseelie, and more can terrorize young and old alike.
  • "A Corrupt System," a most unusual threat that may cause the world to end without the heroes even being aware of it. This systemless threat is suitable for any modern setting -- especially those where the heroes need to find the truth.

This issue also includes Steven Marsh's look at how to tweak the quantity and quality of evil, plus some Odds and Ends that don't fit elsewhere. Knowledge is power; with this month's Pyramid you'll confront your fears like never before!

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From the Editor

From a certain point of view, there are two kinds of campaigns: those that have monsters in them and those that

Pg. 4
Inhuman Options

Fiction is full of monsters who’ve renounced their wicked ways to become some of the fiercest champions for

Pg. 8
The Sad Lost God

Before the world was created, there were the gods.

Pg. 11
Eidetic Memory: Zombie Predators

My last paranormal modern-day action-horror campaign involved gonzo journalists battling monsters and exposing the

Pg. 15
Half Alive

A half-ruined tower, whose owner was an enchantress. Tales about an undead presence haunting the charred ruins.

Pg. 18
The Formation: Crystalline Parasites from Outer Space!

Parasites seem an omnipresent part of life on Earth. Nature is rife with examples of how a tiny, little thing can

Pg. 23
The Wild Hunt

Humanity’s fear of the dark stretches back to the dawn of time.

Pg. 30
A Corrupt System

By any definition, Ella Sanger’s parents and grandparents were cruel.

Pg. 33
Random Thought Table: On Evil and Integers

While it’s possible for horrific inspiration to strike with a fully realized threat, most of the time, the

Pg. 35
Odds and Ends

Additional or optional material from previous articles.

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Issue: Pyramid (Volume 3, Issue 45 - Jul 2012)
PDF Version
Year: 2012
Electronic (PDF, DOC, eBook, HTML, etc.)
Product Code: 37-2645
36 pages
Size: Letter
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