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3 Fey Gone Wild by Christopher Perkins
There's more to the Feywild than meets the eye.

4 Fey of Wood and Wind by Steve Townshend
Introducing four monsters of fey origin -- the brownie, the grig, the pixie, and the sylph.

12 The Carrion King by Jeff LaSala
The dank middens of the Feydark provide a haunting backdrop for this monstrous myconid archfey and its madcap schemes.

18 Thrumbolg, First Lord of Mag Tureah by Jeff Dougan and Tim Eagon
Tread lightly through the subterranean kingdom of Mag Tureah, for the king is insane and his court filled with miscreants and malcontents.

25 Driven by Ambition by Doug Hyatt
Deception is the key to a beguiler's survival, while the occultist searches for signs of what the future holds in the stars, the cards, and other inspirations.

30 Unfinished Business
By Andrew Schneider and Robert J. Schwalb
The bad news is you're dead. The good news is your adventuring career isn't.

35 Alana Nruneree, Unraveler of Secrets by Ed Greenwood
Word is afoot among adventurers in the Heartlands of a beautiful female fey who buys and sells information about the more secretive wizards and mages’ cabals in the Realms. Is she an agent of the Zhentarim, the Red Wizards, or something else?

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Pg. 3
Editorial: Fey Gone Wild

The Feywild is a great setting for adventure because it spurs creativity rather than restraining it. Where the fey

Pg. 4
Bestiary: Fey of Wood and Wind

In old cupboards and walls, beneath the thick underbrush of Faerie forests, in enchanted crystal caves, wee fey

Pg. 12
Court of Stars: The Carrion King

The Carrion King, master of all myconids, strives tirelessly for the benefit of its subjects. Unfortunately, it is

Pg. 18
Court of Stars: Thrumbolg, First Lord of Mag Tureah

Tread lightly through the subterranean kingdom of Mag Tureah, for the king is a monstrous tyrant and his court is

Pg. 25
Character Themes: Driven By Ambition

Beguilers embrace the power of illusion, while occultists use magic as a tool to acquire knowledge and foretell

Pg. 30
Unearthed Arcana: Unfinished Business

Death need not be an end for your character; it can be a beginning. The potential to become a ghost lies in every

Pg. 35
Eye on the Realms: Alana Nruneree, Unraveler of Secrets

Word is afoot of a beautiful, female fey who buys and sells—but mainly sells—information about the

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