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From publisher blurb:

Ready, Game, Fire!

Lock and load, fearless readers! This month's Pyramid -- the PDF magazine for roleplayers -- looks at an arsenal of articles related to guns. We present a fully loaded six-shooter of features, with:

  • "Modern Warfighter: Gear," an assortment of new, modern-day equipment that builds on the GURPS High-Tech tradition, with new weapon accessories, survival gear, options, and more. Written by GURPS Ultra-Tech co-author Kenneth Peters, it includes dozens of new items that any gunslinger will find invaluable.
  • "The Devil's Chariot," an extensive look at the world's most famous helicopter gunship, written by GURPS Tactical Shooting sharpshooter Hans-Christian Vortisch. In addition to background info and expected roles for the Russian Mi-24 series (or "Hind," as it's code-named by NATO), it includes GURPS stats for the vessel plus nine of the weapons it's known to carry.
  • "Brock-Avery Guns," this month's Eidetic Memory by David L. Pulver (co-scribe of the GURPS Basic Set for Fourth Edition). A fictitious weapon manufacturer is presented in full, with six GURPS weapons that showcase this company's wares from the 18th century to today.
  • "Dodge This," an alternate way to think about dodging in GURPS -- including a few minor optional tweaks that will get you out of projectiles' way like never before.
  • "The Nock Volley Gun," describing the history and stats of this intimidating seven-barreled carbine, as detailed by GURPS Crusades co-historian Graeme Davis.
  • "Magic Bullets," showing you how to keep the darkness at bay when normal shots aren't the right "caliber." Now it's easier than ever to build exotic ammo for your favorite GURPS weapon!

This month's Random Thought Table looks at how to get the heroes to make every shot count, Odds and Ends includes stuff too good for the cutting room floor, and Murphy's Rules spells "heroism" with a bullet hole. Packing so much explosive excitement, Pyramid #3/57 just might be our "magnum" opus!

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Pg. 3
From the Editor

This issue revolves around all things gun-related – including intel of interest to those who sling firearms

Pg. 4
Modern Warfighter: Gear

The raison d’etre for warfighters is to bring deadly force to bear on his enemies.

Pg. 16
The Devil's Chariot

The world’s most famous helicopter gunship is the Russian i-24 series, or “Hind,” as it has been

Pg. 23
Eidetic Memory: Brock-Avery Guns

Brock-Avery Defense is a family-owned firearms manufacturer with ties to U.S. intelligence and special-operations

Pg. 27
Dodge This

GURPS does a great job providing plausible verisimilitude for firearm-style combat – especially for games

Pg. 31
The Nock Volley Gun

Fans of Bernard Cornwell’s Sharpe series and the 1960 movie The Alamo already know the Nock volley gun,

Pg. 34
Magic Bullets

Sometimes unusual materials are required to slay supernatural foes.

Pg. 36
Random Thought Table: Make Each Shot Count

In modern gaming (or beyond), guns can get heroes out of a lot of bad situations. However, sometimes the gun

Pg. 38
Odds and Ends

For additional exotic ammunition options

Pg. 38
Murphy's Rules

Comic entertainment.

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