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Pyramid (Volume 3, Issue 60 - Oct 2013)
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Dungeon Fantasy III

From the publisher:

The Cutting Edge of Dungeon Delving!

The omens of a hundred generations have been revealed. Evils lost to the ages shall soon swarm over the land. And -- yes -- there will be treasure involved. This month's Pyramid -- the PDF magazine for roleplayers -- returns to the realm of catacomb crawling, with an emphasis on support for GURPS Dungeon Fantasy. This issue's trove includes:

  • "Wizardry Refined" -- Sean Punch's meaty discussion about what Dungeon Fantasy wizards and bards can and can't do, including a comprehensive spell grimoire complete with prerequisites.
  • "High-Tech Dungeon Crawl" -- This month's Eidetic Memory offering from David L. Pulver, presenting an inversion of the usual tomb-raiding trope by pitting a group of modern-day heroes against typical fantasy fare. It even includes GURPS stats for the Dungeonmobile, which needs to be seen to be believed . . .
  • "It's a Trap!" -- An extensive look at adding random traps to Dungeon Fantasy, with over 20 tables to determine the type, quality, and effects. Now the heroes will regret going down that corridor you warned them about.
  • "Mystic Power-Ups," an expansion for the mystic knights who first appeared in Pyramid #3/13: Thaumatology. Get new Imbuements, skills, power-ups, and more.
  • "In All Series-ness," Sean Punch's look at the Dungeon Fantasy line as a whole, including what inspired him, how he came to create the series, and how he arrived at its tone. It also includes a new beastmaster template, for those looking to unleash the animal within them.

This month's Random Thought Table looks at variations on a deadly theme, while Odds and Ends has extra crunchy goodies we couldn't squeeze elsewhere in the issue. If you scramble the letters of "Dungeon Fantasy," you get "fun and nasty ego"; with this month's Pyramid, you'll be unleashing your fun and nasty ego on any dungeons you encounter -- regardless of which side of the GM's screen you're on!

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From the Editor

For tabletop gamers, one aspect of the “dungeon fantasy” genre is that it’s open not just to all

Pg. 4
Wizardry Refined

Wizards in GURPS Dungeon Fantasy can work almost any magic they like, provided that they don’t step on the

Pg. 15
Eidetic Memory: High-Tech Dungeon Crawl

I’d stocked a dungeon, and my players had spent a couple of months battling their way through it. But after

Pg. 17
It's a Trap!

From the classic pitfall trap to the magical runes that seem to haunt the ruins of forgotten cities, what dungeon

Pg. 26
Mystic Power-Ups

The mystic knight, which appeared in Pyramid #3/13: Thaumatology, predates GURPS Dungeon Fantasy 11: Power-Ups.

Pg. 33
In All Series-ness

These are designer’s notes for the GURPS Dungeon Fantasy series. As you’ll soon learn, years-long

Pg. 37
Random Thought Table: The Decagoblin Dungeon

I’ve argued before that many encounters are pretty similar to each other – if you’ve fought one

Pg. 39
Odds and Ends

In addition to the other surprises you can make with It’s a Trap (pp. 17-25), here’s a bonus

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