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The AnalogXP (Issue 3 - Jul 2014)
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From publisher blurb:

July was a really rushed month for me getting everything prep for GenCon and publishing two issues of The Analog XP. August really paid off and the trip to the US was amazing. But one thing didn't get out of my mind the whole time...

Well, the thing is that at my last day in Brazil some guys from the Larp scene here finally gave me their impressions on the final version. It's not that I got something wrong (actually they really liked it) but some things should be added. We have this great medieval larp called Kaldjorn that I totally forgot and there also were some little clarifications on the text. Nothing much, but I decided to reupload it since I actually didn't had the time to properly announce this edition prior to my trip. I just uploaded it to Patreon and that was it. Even our Facebook page and Wordpress still show the #2 as our latest one. Time to fix it.

I also took this opportunity to try a new feature: Interactive Table of Contents! Just click it on the introductory page and it should take you right to the article you want to read. This will be a regular feature on every new issue from now on.

In this issue:

  • The Brazilian LARP - Through foreign live action experience, how did the Brazilian Larp create its own identity
  • Full Game: Listen at Max Volume - Members of a band gather again fifteen years after its end. A Larp about nostalgia, sorrow and new starts

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Pg. 4
A note from the editor...

Two editions so soon? Well... this was a great month for me. As you might know I’m going to GenCon next

Pg. 5
The Brazilian LARP

I remember when I first played Vampire: The Masquerade some players saying that that was a game that could be

Pg. 6
Why Calling It LARP?

Here in Brazil, at least when I met LARP, it was called Live-Action.

Pg. 7
New Tastes in Brazilian LARP: From Dark Coke to Caipirinha to Nordic Ice

The first live action games in Brazil came at the 90s, together with the official launch for Vampire: The

Pg. 11
Frontiers of Akitan

Even in the medieval segment of live action role playing there is also room for new experiences.

Pg. 13
Beautiful Lies

After a few weeks or several months, the events of those days are now memories and the lies we tell about the

Pg. 14
The "Reality" in Brazil

The universe of LARPs in Brazil almost obeys the same pattern that is observed in most other countries.

Pg. 15
The Map: LARP in Brazil

If I was to point out where every live action role play group acts throughout Brazil this list would be

Pg. 17
Listen at the Maximum Volume

Listen at the Maximum Volume was one of the greatest bands of all time. You sold million of albums, filled up

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PDF version
Publisher: Capital dos Jogos
Year: 2014
Electronic (PDF, DOC, eBook, HTML, etc.)
34 pages
Size: A4
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