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From the publisher's blurb:

Tailslap is a new 4th edition magazine of articles detailing new characters, creatures, magic items, encounters, spells, powers, rituals, plot hooks, adventure seeds, playable classes, races, campaign settings and area descriptions for use in your games. We also like to mix in cool little details and intriguing features that will enrich your game world.

These features are intended to be ready for you, be you player or gamemaster, to drop into your games as you see fit. In addition, many of these articles will combine to form complete adventures and campaigns that you can play. We work hard to make this material as easy to use as it is fantastic, and we hope that you enjoy using it in your games. To this end Tailslap is formatted in landscape for easy online reading.

The inaugural issue of Tailslap contains the following articles:

Vault of the Clay Medusa - a trap-filled encounter by Save Versus Death's Scott A Murray
Player's Corner - new feats and a new playable race
Wizard Paths and Powers - two new paragon paths for arcane casters
The Lair of Jurgen the Learned - an encounter where solving puzzles gives access to a knowledgeable sage
The Lands of Soralia - geography and history of a large region for use in your campaigns
People of Soralia - NPCs with stats, backgrounds and suggestions for use in your games
Leviathans & Other Aquatic Terrors - new aquatic monsters for players to conquer
All That Glitters - powerful magical treasure for your hordes
Mundane Equipment - new equipment for players to wield against their foes

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Pg. 2

The editor introduces readers to the new magazine.

Pg. 3
Vault of the Clay Medusa

Recently, the winners of the Design a Dungeon Room contest were announced, and this entry – Vault of the

Pg. 6
Player's Corner

Introduction to Heritage Feats.

Pg. 9
Wizard Paths and Powers

Forgotten spells and Paragon paths of light and darkness.

Pg. 12
The Lair of Jurgen the Learned

An encounter to use in your games.

Pg. 13
The Lands of Soralia

This article is the first in an series of articles detailing Soralia, a continent you can use as part of your

Pg. 16
People of Soralia

From the Pirate Kingdoms, to the Dunheng Mountains, to the Free Cities of Lake Abernath, there are great figures,

Pg. 21
Leviathans & Other Aquatic Terrors

Several new creatures that make their homes in the waters: deadly and territorial river dragons and several

Pg. 25
All That Glitters

Discovered in ancient tombs or new-forged by the day's masters of magic, these magical weapons, rings and armor

Pg. 28
Mundane Equipment

In the lands surrounding the Soral Sea armorers and weapon-smiths craft a vast array of implements of death and

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