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The Dead Strike Back!

You thought it was safe to walk past a graveyard? The dead have other ideas! This installment of Pyramid - the PDF magazine for roleplayers - is dedicated to exploring a single versatile threat: zombies. This issue's pulse-pounding pages contain:

  • "Unlife Support," a discussion of various GURPS options for including playable free-willed zombies in a campaign, from GURPS Zombies author Sean Punch. Let the heroes use Partial Resurrection, a "restart" serum, or other options. The PCs may die, but the fun lives on!
  • "The Unknown Hunger," a systemless exploration of two new zombie types. Beware of the dark lest you become absorbed by it, or have your soul expelled by the restless spirits of Hell.
  • "The Viking Dead," an overview of Norse undead - complete with GURPS stats and intel - from GURPS Vikings author Graeme Davis.
  • "Battlesuit Zombies," a science-fiction analysis of what happens when combat suits become "zombified." The latest Eidetic Memory offering from David L. Pulver is suitable for any TL9 campaign, and it also comes with ideas for how to use it with GURPS After the End, Transhuman Space, GURPS Reign of Steel, and more.
  • "The Church of the New Focus," a look at a spiritual center whose core hides a dark secret, from Pyramid Editor Steven Marsh. Believers can gain new GURPS abilities . . . but at what cost?
  • "Not Your Average Grave Robbing," a GURPS adventure that pits the heroes against a grave robber and his sinister creations.
  • "Indian Ghouls," a brief Appendix Z survey of some of the restless dead of legend found across the Middle East and India.

This issue also includes another peek at the new Car Wars universe with a vignette by Matt Riggsby, and a Random Thought Table that considers how to keep the suspense even when the players see you reading an issue called "Zombies." The dead may be restless, but you'll be even more restless to use all these great new options in your game!

- Publisher's description

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Contents / In This Issue

Table of Contents, Credits, Editorial.

Pg. 3
From the Editor

Look Out! It’s a Horde of Zombies!

Pg. 4
Unlife Support

Zombification as "discount resurrection."

Pg. 10
The Unknown Hunger

Describes two new kinds of "zombies."

Pg. 14
The Viking Dead

Describes the norse aptrgangr. Includes template, variations, and notable specimens from the sagas.

Pg. 18
Eidetic Memory: Battlesuit Zombies

Malfunctioning semi-autonomous battlesuits. Includes stats as a vehicle as well as a monster and adventure

Pg. 25
Terra Incognita: The Church of the New Focus

A church that sees turning into quasi-zombies as a path to enlightenment. Includes templates.

Pg. 28
Not Your Average Grave Robbing

Paranormal investigative adventure set in the early 1900s.

Pg. 32
Random Thought Table: The Element of Surprise

On spicing up zombie campaigns.

Pg. 34
Short Bursts: Cicero

Short vignete for Car Wars.

Pg. 35
Appendix Z: Indian Ghouls

Zombies from indian folklore.

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PDF Version
Publisher: Steve Jackson Games
Year: 2016
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Product Code: SJG37-2692
36 pages
Size: 8.38 x 10.88 inches
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