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From publisher blurb:

The Rifter #70 is about magic, monsters, and strange people and places. There is the Frost Mage and 60+ cold-based spells (all official source material), the Splicers Technojacker explored in-depth revealing many new powers and abilities (official source material), the City of New Strawn, Kansas, on Rifts Earth, monsters from the Rifts in The Unbidden, watery depths to explore, and adventure to resolve in the ‘Burbs. Plus news, conventions and coming attractions.

The Rifter Number 70 includes:

  • Splicers – Blood and Iron – “official” source material by Brandon Aten. The Technojacker revisited and expanded. New powers and gear.
  • Rifts, Palladium Fantasy RPG, & Other Settings – “official” source material by Nate Bingham and Kevin Siembieda. The Frost Mage O.C.C., the Time of a Thousand Magicks, and 60+ “official” Frost spells.
  • Rifts, Minion War and Three Galaxies – “official” source material by Josh Sinsapaugh and Kevin Siembieda. Three new transdimensional terrors – The Unbidden™ – slip through the dimensional bleed to create havoc.
  • Rifts – New Strawn, by Travis Legge. An independent city-state in Rifts Kansas.
  • Rifts – Deep Frontier, by Mark Temple. Explore the unseen depths of the oceans and waterways of Rifts Earth.
  • Rifts – Clean, Part Two, a short story by Irvin Jackson. Adventure, betrayal and intrigue in the Chi-Town ‘Burbs reaches its conclusion.
  • Tips for Game Masters by Chris Isberg.
  • News, coming attractions, product descriptions and more.
  • 96 pages of fun and adventure in the Palladium Megaverse.

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Pg. 1
Pg. 6
Glitter Boy Concept Art

This issue’s Page Six Art is a Glitter Boy concept drawing created by the indomitable Kevin Long way back in

Pg. 7
From the Desk of Kevin Siembieda

With the Palladium Open House only four weeks away, publisher Kevin Siembieda talks about the excitement building

Pg. 9
Palladium News

Things are starting to heat up for both Rifts® and Robotech RPG Tactics. New game releases are coming,

Pg. 12
Coming Attractions

New books are on their way (Chaos Earth Resurrection, Robotech Expeditionary Force Marines, and more), plus there

Pg. 20
Splicers: Blood and Iron

Writer Brandon Aten gives us a sneak preview of an upcoming Splicers Sourcebook by sharing the much expanded

Pg. 39
10 Tips for Game Masters

Chris Isberg offers some excellent suggestions and advice that the Palladium crew (including game wizard, Kevin

Pg. 42
The Unbidden

Writer Josh Sinsapaugh presents a trio of transdimensional monsters that follow dimensional anomalies and

Pg. 51
The City of New Strawn

First-time Rifter contributor, Travis Legge, outlines the independent City-State of New Strawn located in Kansas,

Pg. 58
The Deep Frontier

First-time Rifter contributor, Mark Temple, writes about the potential for adventures under the sea, and includes

Pg. 68
Frost Magic

H. Nathan “Nate” Bingham and Kevin Siembieda team up to offer a Wizard who specializes in frost and

Pg. 81
Clean, Part Two – A story for Rifts®

Enjoy the conclusion of Irvin Jackson’s thrilling story of survival and adventure around the fortified city

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Pg. 1
PDF version
Publisher: Palladium Books
Year: 2017
Electronic (PDF, DOC, eBook, HTML, etc.)
Product Code: 170
ISBN-10: 1574572458
104 pages
Size: Letter
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Perfectbound version
Publisher: Palladium Books
Year: 2015
Soft Cover
Product Code: 170
ISBN-10: 1574572458
96 pages
Size: Letter
Link Image
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