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The first ever issue of Roolipelaaja magazine has a big variety in covered topics, trying to appeal to as many readers as possible from table top roleplaying games to LARP, board games, CCGs and miniatures gaming.

Index of issue #1:
- Tervetuloa Roolipelaaja-lehden lukijaksi ('Welcome to the reader of Roolipelaaja -magazine'): Editorial.
- Ajankohtaista ('Current'): Current news from rpg front around the world.
- Peililasit ennen ja nyt ('Mirror Shades Now and Then'): overview of cyberpunk phenomenon.
- Mies Cyberpunkin takana ('Man Behind the Cyberpunk'): Interview of Mike Pondsmoth the developer of Cyberpunk v3.0
- Tyyli ennen tarkoitusta ('Style before meaning'): Showcasing and review of Cyberpunk v3.0
- Varjoajo on voimissaan ('Shadowrun is in it's peak power'): Showcasing and review of Shadowrun fourth edition.
- Ulkoistamalla parempia pelejä ('Better games by outsourcing'): hints and tips for Game Masters.
- Leikistä tulee elokuva ('Game becomes a movie'): how rpg's have influenced television and movies.
- Lautapelien uusi renesanssi ('New renesance of board games'): how board games have penetrated to mass markets.
- Prosopopeia: report from Swedish Prosopopeia larp.
- Kauhean kivaa verkossa ('Terrible fun in internet'): column.
- Verkkoroolipelien vaikeilla mailla ('Difficult lands of MMORPGs'): overview of various MMORPGs.
- Moskovasta pohjoiseen ('To north from Moscow'): an adventure for cyberpunk setting.
- Mitä se on se indiepelaaminen? ('What's that indiegaming'): column.
- Lisää ja parempaa, kiitos ('More and better, please'): column.
- Jonkunhan se täytyy tehdä ('Someone has to do it'): introducing the editors, authors and artists of this magazine.
- Tunnetun maailman tunnelmia ('Moods of a known world'): showcasing and review of Artesia: Adventures in the Known World.
- Afrikkalaista verta pakkiin ('African blood'): Showcasing and review of Vampire The Eternal Struggle Legacies of Blood.
- Kukoksi kaupungin tunkiolle ('To King on the city's hill'): Showcasing and review of Vampire - Prince of the City.
- World of Warcraft valloittaa laudat ('Wow conquers the boards'): Showcasing and review of World of Warcraft the Boardgame.
- Näin syntyy oma pikku-ukkoturnaus ('how to make your own miniature tournament'): Hints and tips for creating a miniature tournament.

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Issue: Roolipelaaja (Issue 1 - 2006)
Paper cover
Publisher: H-Town Oy
Year: 2006
Soft Cover
64 pages
Size: 7.48 x 10.24 inches
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