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Apocalypse Theme Issue (July 1993)


Cover: Ron Cobb 1 page

Current Membership Roster 1 page
The All of the Above Constitution 1 page
Editor Adversaria 1 page

AOTA APA Subzines:

Mermicolion on Parade #1. By Spike Jones. 6 pages

Reviews of GURPS Atomic Horror, Imperial Rome, Arabian Nights, High-Tech, & Aztecs. Also review of Time Capsule 2 (Greg Porter BTRC). 'Stuff & Bother' about upcoming reviews appearing in 'The Gamer'. Comments on Issue #13.

Northern Lights 3/93. By Henrik Martensson. 20 pages

Theme: Apocalypse. Editorial: Off the Top of My Head. A New Breed of Vampires. Apocalyptic Movie Review: Army of Darkness. The Doomsday List. Extra: An excerpt from the novella 'Wordspell'. [n.b. author's name has an accent mark over the letter a).

Mind Like a Steele Trap. By Lisa Steele. 14 pages

"Don't Destroy the World, You'll Probably Need It Later": apocalypse theme essay. Apocalypse Literary Adaptations, with Afterward. Review of Jurassic Park. Essay reply to 'Witchcraft' from AOTA #11/12. Finally, mailing comments.

Hunter's World. By John Nowak. 33 pages

Long scenario of 'Hunter's World' with background of the non-human Chaivorn, Kotori, Timeline, and Scoring. Two pages of Player handouts (e.g. abbreviated background & equipment list). Mechanics, The Map, Infiltration, & Debriefing (or, The Tale of Ganji). Comments on Issue #13, followed by 14 pages of maps, NPCs described in GURPS terms, various creature combat values in abbreviated GURPS format.

Mutants of 2015. By Scott Maykrantz. 17 pages

'After Doomsday' essay on apocalypse theme. Brief review of Gamma World (4e). Comments (with illustrations!).

Technophile #1. By Dave Pulver. 17 pages

Localized post-apocalypse in the form of an alien invasion mini-setting, "Hellraker: The Invasion of New Mexico". Revised and expanded version of the first chapter of novel written by Dave Pulver & John Nowak, 'The Phoenix Nest', along with two more chapters. Comments on status of several GURPS projects. Announcement of self authored "GURPS Vehicles" finally out.

Postcards From The Edge. By Tim Carroll. 27 pages

News and natter about upcoming projects, AOTA GenCon get-together planning, and personal news. Comments of previous zine. 'Crossroads of Destiny', a GenCon background for AOTA players attending and playing in this author's one-shot game; basics, cinematic rules, cinematic advantages, and final caveats; includes reading list and useful GURPS reference book. Finally a long peek at rough notes co-written by Tim Keating on Computer Hardware, accessories, peripherals, and other ideas for a a planned expansion to GURPS Cyberpunk (GURPS Cyberspace?).

The Moonstone Ring #7. By Bob Traynor. 14 pages

Comments to AOTA #13.Dark Grimoire Department. Three NPCs. Back To the Future , Part IV, Dept: Scarlet Pimpernel spells (?).

For Daws to Peck At. By S. John Ross. 9 pages

News and Natter. Mailer comments. How to create creatures the Scott Maykrantz way. Whimsey Magic for GURPS Arduin campaigns. 'Chain', a 600 point super for any GURPS I.S.T. campaign. Sorcery on the Dark Side: Black Magic in GURPS. Lies, Damned Lies, And Frood'Zine Number Five.

Dimension X. By Dan Smith. 13 pages

Collage covering several pages of illustrations from the original director's cut of GURPS Cyberworld. 'Apokoliptic Hot Spot' brief write-up, NPC sheets, and map of Trader Vik's, a small trading post found on the edge of nowhere. More behind the scenes illostrations for GURPS Cyberworld.

No Exit. By Laurel Schippers. 10 pages

Themed article on "Apocalypse Culture", followed by an 'Adventure Seed' about a nasty and contagious virus code-named BEANE based on the article. Mailing comments from previous issues.

A Rock And A Hard Place V2#2. By David Carter 28 pages

My Two Cents (thoughts and comments). Mailing comments on AoTA #13. The Saga of the Group World Project' Eden (entry on issue's apocalypse theme). Reading Lists: fall '92 & winter '93. Character Corner: presenting Gaerth Lofar, a dwarf with a severe attitude and a mean left hook.

Bounder #14. By C. Lee Graham. 9 pages

News intro. Review of Atlanticon '93. Comments for (AOTA) #10, 11/12, & 13. Right side-bar mini reviews; Last Action Hero, Traveller: The New Era, Japanese version of GURPS basic and Kadokawa house organ RPG magazine. 'Emergent Supers' essay mulling on a campaign where the PCs are the some of the first (or very first) super-powered beings.

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