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Issue: Fenix (No. 2,  2016 - English only)
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Fenix (No. 2, 2016 - English only)
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From publisher blurb:

The Death Issue

Death, death never changes
Death should be savoured, like a fine wine, from the perspective of the players themselves. There are many more ways to die than just a sword in the guts, and the dread of impending death is often overlooked. In this article you find a couple of examples of how to instill that fear of ultimate demise, drawn from literary sources that begin at the very dawn of history...

Text: Pete Nash, Art: Axel Widén

RuneQuest – a retro gaming style of play
Clarence Redd (the Swedish game designer behind M-Space) interviews Michael O’Brian on retro gaming and the future of RuneQuest. The step from Drakar & Demoner 2 (Sweden’s most beloved rpg from back in the day) to RuneQuest 2 was quite natural back in 1984. Now, 30 years later, both games are being reprinted at the same time through successful Kickstarter campaigns. I asked Michael O’Brien, vice president at Chaosium, why people are so interested in early games - and why now.

Text: Clarence Redd (with Answers by Michael O’Brian)

La Llorona – a Legend of New Spain
Known in English as the Weeping Woman, La Llorona (pronounced “yo-RO-nah”) is a legend of Mexico and the Spanish Southwest. The Weeping Woman is a type of ghost or demon that can be encountered anywhere in New Spain. According to the TV series Sleepy Hollow, a sub-type is also found occasionally in the Thirteen Colonies. This article explores the legend of La Llorona, looks into a few variations, and suggests a range of ways to use this legend in Western adventures.

Text: Graeme Davis, Art: Lukas Thelin

Afterlife on Mars
The dead go to Mars. The Egyptians knew it, when they identified it with the Red Land to the West of the Nile – Mars is a red planet and as an evening star visible in the west. The last chamber of the Tuat, the Egyptian Underworld, is the “Place of Ascending to the Imperishable Star,” depicted as the Red Eye of Horus. The Egyptian god of the planet Mars was Anhur, whose name meant “the one who leads back the distant one” or “sky carrier,” which both imply the task of carrying the dead into the sky – to his world of Mars, as it happens. The Babylonians associated the planet Mars with Nergal, lord of the dead. And it doesn’t end with the ancients, as our own Martian myths reveal. For example, a close reading of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ mystical Barsoom series indicates that John Carter dies in that Arizona cave in 1866. In Gods of Mars, Burroughs states nearly outright that Carter dies for good in 1886, and Ulysses Paxton is blown in half by an artillery shell in 1918 before ascending to Barsoom in The Mystery Men of Mars.

So why can’t your heroes do the same?

Text: Kenneth Hite, Art: Lukas Thelin

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Issue: Fenix (No. 2,  2016 - English only)
PDF version
Publisher: Åskfågeln
Year: 2019
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12 pages
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