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From publisher blurb:

Inside Codex - Gold:

True Beauty Gold An expansion for True Beauty, originally published in Codex - Joy 2. True Beauty is a campaign framework for Monsterhearts 2 that sets the game in the ballroom scene of 1980s Harlem (think: the TV show Pose or the film Paris is Burning). This expansion takes your campaign of True Beauty to the next level with character creation ideas, tables for rival ball houses, ball themes, and more!

The True-Gold Forge This is a set of tools for Dungeon World designed to enhance the Undertake a Perilous Journey move and scenes at camp. From the text: The True-Gold Forge is an expansion of Jason Codova’s Perilous Journey procedure (reproduced below), as found in The Discern Realities Annual (2017). The procedure is concise and effective: however, over an extended campaign you might want more questions and prompts to draw on! The original procedure is intended for use with Dungeon World - but the prompts within this little expansion are system agnostic, and could easily slot into most fantasy genre games.”

Trophy Gold This is a brand-new game inspired by the Trophy RPG, originally published in Codex - Dark 2. From the text: Trophy Gold is a collaborative storytelling game about a group of treasure-hunters on an expedition to a haunted environment that doesn’t want them there. It requires one game master (gm) to moderate the game and portray the dangers of the world, and one or more players to portray the treasure-hunters. A session of Trophy Gold typically takes about 3–4 hours, though a full adventure could take more than one session to complete… If you’ve played Trophy—the game that Trophy Gold is based on—you’ll find much that’s familiar. However, unlike Trophy, your treasure-hunters aren’t necessarily doomed. They have a chance to succeed: they can retrieve priceless artifacts, face down dangerous creatures, and maybe even survive long enough to tell their tale and venture out another day… Trophy Gold takes the collaborative, push-your-luck rules and rolls of Trophy and blends them with the survive-by-your-wits mentality of old school fantasy games. Instead of the everincreasing power that comes with leveling up found in other games, treasure-hunters in Trophy Gold remain fragile, meaning death is always just one bad roll away.”

Three Dozen Notable People Over 50 A miscellany.

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True Beauty

Ideas and inspiration for creating True Beauty characters (see Codex: Joy 2)

Pg. 7
The True-Gold Forge

A Slow-Play tool for Dungeon World; Bonds of True-Gold can not be fully forged within the intense heat and

Pg. 11
Trophy Gold

Trophy Gold is a collaborative storytelling game about a group of treasure-hunters on an expedition to a haunted

Pg. 26
Incursion - Tomb of the Serpent Kings

A conversion of "Tomb of the Serpent Kings" to the Trophy Gold rules

Pg. 32
Incursion - The Ruined Abbey of St. Clewd

A conversion of "The Ruined Abbey of St. Clewd" (From Wormskin #3 and #4) to the Trophy Gold rules

Pg. 35
Three Dozen Notable People Over 50

A random table of older NPCs (system agnostic)

Pg. 39
Codex Keepers

Supporter/subscriber lists

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Codex Contributors

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Issue: Codex: Gold
Revised PDF version
Publisher: The Gauntlet
Year: 2019
Electronic (PDF, DOC, eBook, HTML, etc.)
46 pages
Size: Letter
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