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From publisher blurb:

A compendium of adventures, articles and fantasy fiction
Compatible with first edition and OSR gaming rules

A world of adventure awaits within this puissant tome!
This book holds treasures gleaned from Volume III of
Starry Night Press’ Old School RPG zine Cavalier Attitude!

Hello and welcome, adventurers and Game Masters!

This supplement was inspired by the venerable TSR “Best of Dragon” series. In this supplement you will find adventures, RPG articles, and fantasy fiction all gleaned from the third year (Volume III) of my Old School Gaming zine, CAVALIER ATTITUDE! This puissant tome contain sixty (60) pages of OSR goodness: comprising of FOUR adventures: FOUR articles of advice and tip for role-playing games topics GM and players; THREE fantasy fiction short stories; and FOUR appendices containing PRE-GENERATED PCs for use with all of the adventures in this book, Maps of all the adventure locales in the Old School style, New Monsters and New Magic Items!

The adventures presented herein are as follows:
  • THE BLOOD MOON:A lycan-themed adventure where your players are sent on a mission to investigate strange occurrences being reported at a local farm after a recent blood moon. (For player characters from levels 4 to 6)
  • THE COPPER HALL OF NAREN KAZ: Your players your players are local heroes who seek to explore the underground fortress of the mage Naren Kaz, presumed dead long ago. Unfortunately for your players, Naren Kaz still haunts his Copper Hall! (For player characters from levels 5 to 7)
  • TOWER INVERSO: Adventurers normally delve down into dungeons, but in this upside down adventure your players are trapped underground and must travers this sunken tower upwards, to the surface and freedom! (For player characters from levels 5 to 7)
  • SEERESS’ RESCUE: In this high-level adventure, your players will be called on to rescue a young seeress who has been kidnapped by a demonic cult! (For player characters from levels 8 to 10)
The RPG articles presented herein are as follows:
  • FELONY MURDER HOBOS: Law and Order in Medieval Campaigns –how to apply medieval rules on crime and punishment in your campaign, and teaching your players their actions have consequences!
  • LOOT DIVISION: Methods for Amicable Division of Loot - This article discuss various methods for the amicable division of treasure, to keep your player group running smoothly!
  • ASHES TO ASHES: Dealing with Player Character Death – What happens when your character dies? What happens to all of their possessions? We attempt to answer these queries and proffer various means of dealing with a player character’s death, including a sample player character last will and testament for use in your campaign!
  • CAVALIER ROUNDUP: : This article is aimed at helping my loyal readers by providing an index of every single issue of this zine, showing where you can find each and every monster, article, character class, magic items and adventure that has appeared in the pages of this zine over the last three years!
The fantasy fiction short stories we published that are included herein, are as follows:
  • PRUE’S FATE: In this story we journey along with a young thief named Prue as she engages in a bit of house burglary; but gets more danger than she bargained for when she break and enters into the demesne of a vile anti-paladin!
  • THE TROUBLE TWINS, PARTS 1 & 2: This two-party story was serialized in Cavalier Attitude Vol. III, Issues 2 and 3. This tale concerns two scions of the elven family Glamrenthal (a male elf and his half elven sister known as the Trouble Twins ) and the storied history of their ancient and powerful elven clan, marked by tragedy and renowned for their great heroism.
  • THE UNSTUCK SPY: This story follows the journey of a spymaster hot on the trail of his liege’s murder, a spell caster, who magically tossed the spymaster across several different realities, to leave him lying confused and lost in the land of Terrans.
Lastly, this supplement includes additional features, some of which were not present when these pieces were published in the original zine format, including the following:
  • SIX pre-generated characters: usable with every one of the adventures;
  • FOUR fully detailed hex maps: depicting the locales where these adventures take place;
  • EIGHT new monsters: with full OSR statistics, descriptions, and treasure information; and
  • THIRTEEN new magic items: with full OSR rules descriptions.
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Issue: SCA2: Best of Cavalier Attitude
Publisher: Starry Knight Press
Year: 2020
Electronic (PDF, DOC, eBook, HTML, etc.)
Product Code: SCA2 BoCA2
60 pages
Size: Letter
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